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Kansas City housing authority programs.

Individuals from across Kansas City who are having financial difficulty in paying their mortgage or their rent can call upon the housing authority. The agency can also provide support to the currently homeless or those facing exceptional circumstances, such as victims of domestic abuse.

Addressing housing challenges is always very difficult. The fact is that the amount of financial aid both in the state of Missouri and nationwide is very limited. There is also a waiting list in place for most voucher programs or even emergency shelters. Since the demand is so high, the number of people assisted is very low. In general, the goal is to help those who are striving to be self-sufficient and that are facing a short term crisis.

Housing Authority of Kansas City tenant programs

One option to consider is Rental Delinquency Counseling. Staff from the non-profit can discuss potential options to the individual to prevent an eviction from their home or apartment. As part of this process, Kansas City housing authority trained counselors may be able to advocate on behalf of the tenant or give advice. However this will depend upon individual circumstances and that exact cause of the hardship. People that are behind on their rent for issues that were beyond their control are more likely to get support.

This counseling will also assist renters with a variety of issues including how to conduct housing search assistance. The counselor will also help the person on understanding the responsibilities of tenants as well as landlords. Or legal support can be arranged as part of this process. This will offer information on the rules and regulations of eviction notices and statutes of limitations as well.

If qualified, counselors speak directly with a landlord or maybe property manager of an apartment complex on behalf of the client. They may also refer tenants to alternate agencies across the city of Kansas City or county of Jackson that may be able to provide emergency financial assistance to families in crisis.

When the waiting list is open, which is rare, the Kansas City authorities Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program can help pay for a portion of ongoing rent costs. This is a federally funded, locally administered service that assists low-income families. They do need to have some source of income.




Vouchers are also for the elderly and the disabled across Kansas City. Section 8 can also help people pay for decent, safe housing in the private market. It can even pay for a unit for the vulnerable in which other care services are available.

When it is operating, the program takes families that are currently on the waiting list. Based on many factors such as their income, Housing Authority of Kansas City will determine the amount of future rent payment assistance they will receive. Then, section 8 will make those payments directly to the landlord.

Homeless prevention is also arranged by the housing authority as well, in the form of referrals. One time rent help is available from the Emergency Solutions Grant – ESG. This federal program will offer funds to families that are behind on their rent. Or in some cases there may be money issued for a security deposit. In either case, the goal is to both prevent homelessness in Jackson County and also help rapidly re-house persons.

Temporary shelter assistance is available for the homeless or those facing other life challenges. Shelters across Kansas City Missouri or available for victims of domestic violence, veterans, or those that had a major crisis and lost their home to a foreclosure or were evicted.

Shelter guests may stay a limited number of days, based on capacity and steps they take to regain stability. Participants of a Kansas City housing authority affiliated shelter need to work with a case manager who will assist them in developing an action plan based on participants’ individual experiences.

There are other services combined with short term shelter. They will include motel vouchers for individuals and families that lost their home to a disaster, such as a fire. In addition to offer people direct basic needs such as medical attention, food and clothing, housing authorities case managers can refer clients to resources that assist with school enrollment. Or they direct clients to any needed treatment or counseling or help them in finding employment.

Programs for homeowners or buyers

Anyone from Kansas City considering the purchase of property can look into the Homebuyer Education Workshop. This are available for free at HUD counseling agencies and other locations across Jackson County. They will help families of all income levels address the home buying process.





The objective is to ensure that clients know how to utilize the resources available to them and that will be introduced during the workshop. The buyers will also hopefully fully understand the home-purchasing process. Topics covered include qualifying for a loan, Understanding Credit, Mortgage options, and even maintaining the property.

Post-Purchase as well as Foreclosure Counseling is for the general public. These services are targeted toward individuals who are behind on their mortgage. Or Kansas City housing authority will help people seek counsel regarding selling or refinancing their current home.

Trained counselors are available to help understand the challenge faced by the owner. They will then guide them so they can better determine financial readiness and also suggest the best possible solutions to meet the needs of the client. The session will cover many topics including the number of months it will take to recover closing cost, current interest rates, or how to apply more toward principal balance and amortization schedules. For those that are struggling with their current mortgage, then foreclosure help will be given to them.

Apply for assistance, vouchers, and support from Kansas City Housing Authority

Housing Authority of Kansas City administers some of these services themselves, such as section 8. But many other programs they will only have referrals too. The address is 920 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64105, dial 816-968-4100.


By Jon McNamara











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