Cash assistance in Missouri.

Cash assistance, work programs and other benefits are provided to struggling families as part of the Missouri Temporary Assistance (TA) program. The state provides financial support to families with children, including single moms or dads. Cash based aid is combined with job programs, employment and other support as part of the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program.

Find information on how to apply below, the average cash payment amounts in Missouri, as well as how information on how to calculate the benefits. TA is a short-term assistance program, and the cash can be used to pay for bills, buy food, cover housing or employment needs as well as other expenses.

Details of TA in Missouri

The Department of Social Services administers the Missouri Temporary Assistance (TA) program,which is also sometimes called TANF or welfare. It is available both locally and statewide. They run it from FSD centers which are located across the state. Social workers will determine the amount of cash assistance for the household, help with job training, go over the timing of when a check is mailed out and more.

The average monthly payment is about $205, but it can vary based on the number of people in the household. While that is not much cash per month, it can be combined with other government benefits, namely SNAP food stamps or section 8 housing choice HUD vouchers. All funds are other provided using an EBT card or they will be direct deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account.

In order to apply for TA, the applicant needs to have one or more kids under the age of 19. They also need to be very low income, often close to or under the federal government poverty guidelines. In addition, there are often limits to savings and assets, such as around $5000 in total account value.

Employment is combined with cash assistance in Missouri

Parents need to be either working, volunteering, or in a job training program in order to get help. Benefits are only given in combination with the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA), which is a jobs program. TA – Temporary Assistance is all about self-sufficiency and ending a cycle of poverty, and the way to do this is through employment. However, there can be some exemptions for a disability, if the parent has a newborn, and other factor.





TA is all about Personal Responsibility. The client needs to learn to budget their money, address employment and career needs, and the goal is to end cash assistance as soon as possible. In fact, the longest timeframe the aid will continue is 60 months; so it is a temporary program. There is also a lifetime limit of 60 months, so families can’t apply multiple times over the years.

Since the amount of money given is limited, and as noted it is calculated based on family size and household income, the state of Missouri will also provide other support services as well as part of TANF. As many cash assistance recipients also need additional support for their kids. This is where vouchers that pay for day care can be used, or the parent may be given work clothes, laptops, and use gasoline or free bus passes. Whatever is required to help address employment and job training needs.

How to apply for cash based Temporary Assistance in Missouri

All the applications are accepted by the Family Support Division Resource Center (FSD) and the program is run in partnership with the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS). Any family can call or stop by their local FSD office, and they are based in most counties and cities. Or the phone number is 855-373-4636, and a customer support member can tell the caller how much money they can get, review the application status, and more. As far as the mailing address, it is Family Support Division, put to the attention of TA Application, 615 E 13th St., Kansas City, MO 64106.




By Jon McNamara

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