Find rent assistance in Connecticut.

The State of Connecticut is receiving over $10 million from the federal government to both create and improve an assistance program that is targeted at dealing with housing issues of residents, and the program will help people keep, or put, a roof over their heads. The housing and rent assistance programs is focused on people who are struggling to pay their rent or who may be homeless.

Connecticut Governor Rell says the federal grant money will be used in an existing housing assistance program to provide people help with paying their monthly rent, utility bills, security deposits, and relocation costs.

A program that is similar to this one helped hundreds of people last year, but the federal grant money is expected to increase that number by 500 percent, and thousands may be aided in their time of need.

The program is known as the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, and it is a wide-ranging assistance program that includes everything from help with utility bill deposits, to rental assistance and security deposits, as well as providing free legal services and even credit repair. More on credit repair.

Lead agencies in the Connecticut Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

The federal government funding is going to a total of six leading non-profit agencies across the state. Each will set program terms and distribute funds to the people in their local communities who need eligibility, and who are most in need. Some of these organizations may also partner with other charities across Connecticut, such as the Salvation Army or their local community action agency. The agencies to call to apply for housing assistance are.

Columbus House, Inc. is located in the New Haven Connecticut area. Funds are provided to individuals in the southern and central area. Dial (203) 401-4400





CTE, Inc. - This agency is based in Stamford and it covers the southwestern region of the state, and the phone number is (203) 327-3260.

Mercy Housing & Shelter Corp., Inc., (phone (860) 724-7988) is located in Hartford CT. They run the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program for the northern part of the south central region.

New Opportunities, Inc., which can be reached at (203) 236-9990, is based in Waterbury, and offers help for renters in the northwestern region.

Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc., (dial 860-889-1365) is based in Griswold, and they offer rent, security deposits assistance, and other housing aid in the eastern region.

Journey Home, Inc., also based in Hartford and can be called at 860-808-0336, provides resources in the north central region of Connecticut.

While the money used to created homeless prevention in Connecticut is from the federal government, the state and these non-profit agencies use the money to offer numerous services. Agencies can use the government funds for items such as utility deposits and utility bill payments, rental aid payments, security deposits, first months rent, moving cost assistance, offering homeless motel or hotel vouchers, and housing relocation payments in helping eligible families and individuals move to a new home or apartment. In addition, outreach, housing search, free or low cost legal services, debt reduction and credit repair assistance are among critical support services also administered.




By Jon McNamara

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