Mercy Housing low income, senior, and disabled housing solutions.

A leading, national non-profit organization known as Mercy Housing provides solutions to families or individuals that are facing eviction, that are homeless, or are struggling with their rent. They are involved in the operations of tens of thousands of low income apartments and housing units across the country as noted below.

The non-profit can help low to moderate-income individuals. Additional support is available for seniors and those with special needs, whether it is a physical or mental challenge. Mercy Housing will offer supportive housing for all qualified clients.  If the non-profit can’t help, then find other resources that offer help getting an apartment.

The range of resources include permanent rental, transitional apartments, and other units. However the focus is on special needs housing, such as people with HIV/AIDS or physical and mental impairments. There is also assistance for the formerly homeless and seniors over the age of 65.

Case management or Resident Services are also available to all clients. The non-profit charity will work to help families and individuals learn skills and achieve long term self-sufficiency. After all, this is the key to housing stability. The workshops and sessions touch upon many issues, including employment, life still training, and many others.

The Residents services are focused on long term self-sufficiency. So the organization may offer help such as access to health care or a financial literacy program. There is educational support, classes, and other aid offered to clients. Staff and volunteers from Mercy Housing work to help the less fortunate and low income in the region.

While the support offered to clients will also vary based on state and community, they may include educational support, health education, food assistance programs, eviction prevention advice, employment, and general lease education. The charity organization wants clients to gain long term housing stability.





The programs are run and managed locally, as noted below. So each property, apartment, or home has its own application process and criteria in place. All contact needs to be made with the local office or housing center. Each home will also have its own income requirements, rent amounts, availability and restriction in place. Note that in most parts of the country there is an extensive waiting list. So the process will take time.

The disabled or seniors can access accessible apartments from Mercy Housing. While not all, but many of the units have apartments designed with accessible features to meet their needs. More information on these is available from local offices. Mercy Housing help those groups that live on SSI or a fixed income (such as pension or retirement savings) pay for a home. More on housing assistance for the disabled.

If you have been recently evicted or have had a felony, then your application may be more closely scrutinized by Mercy Housing. Once again, this will be done at the local town or county level by the apartment manager. However there are units for formerly homeless individuals as part of the Mercy Housing network. Find details on renting an apartment with an eviction on record.

Locations of local Mercy Housing units

Mercy Housing California has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. There are over 120 different properties in all counties. The housing units are for very-low-income working poor families, seniors and individuals. Residents will also be able to take part in the case management programs. This housing is mostly for very low income families as the average income of a tenant is relatively low.

  • 1360 Mission Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California 94103, 415.355.7100
  • 1500 South Grand Ave., Suite 100, Los Angeles, California 90015, call 213.743.5820
  • Sacramento office is at 3120 Freeboard Drive, West Sacramento, California 95691. Telephone - 916.414.4400.

The Colorado branch of the charity offers safe, affordable housing to over 2000 different families. They operate almost 20 apartments or properties in the state. The main office is as follows.

  • 1999 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80202, call 303-830-3300





Mercy Housing Lakefront serves the Midwest region, including Chicago and Milwaukee Wisconsin. There are a couple dozen properties run. Working with partners, they have assisted, or ended homelessness, for thousands of families in the region.

  • Mercy Housing Lakefront, 120 S. LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60603, dial 312-447-4500

The states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska are supported by Mercy Housing Midwest. Affordable, low income and safe housing is for seniors, low income families and people with special needs. There are several properties in the region, as well as case management and resident stability services.

  • Crestview Village, 7241 Edna Court, La Vista, NE 68128

The Northwest branch is one of the largest centers. They housing several thousands residents and have even helped a few people build and purchase their own homes. Clients can take part in their well regarded Residents services. There is a Washington, and Oregon and Idaho office that is part of Mercy Housing.

  • Mercy Housing Northwest - Idaho, 540 North Eagle Road, Suite 117, Eagle, Idaho 83616
  • Washington Office, 2505 Third Avenue, Suite 204, Seattle, Washington 98121, call 206-838-5700

Mercy Housing Southeast provides lodging to the elderly, families and disabled. Homes and low income apartments are located in Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. This branch is also nationally recognized and rewarded.

  • The Southeast Office is at 260 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, call 404-873-3887

The Southwest part of the country, including Arizona, Nevada and Utah is supported by Mercy Housing Southwest.

  • Page Commons, 170 North Oak Street, Gilbert, AZ 85233, telephone 480-813-4609




More information and applications to housing

As noted above, all of the applications and low income units are run at the local level by Mercy Housing. So staff from those properties are the point of contact. However, the main corporate office is at 1999 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80202. Telephone 866-338-0557.

By Jon McNamara

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