Hartford Connecticut rental assistance.

A number of programs provide rental assistance in Hartford Connecticut. Find information on the leading non-profit agencies, government programs, and organizations to call or stop by. Programs can assist with security deposits as well as offer rent help.

Cash assistance is usually paid out in an emergency situation, and is used to help prevent evictions and homelessness in the greater Hartford County community. Some of the agencies distribute the rent assistance themselves. Others will partner with local charities, non-profit and government programs. In these cases they will more than likely refer individuals to these other housing resources.

Funding is always limited, and when someone needs help with paying their rent or security deposit, it is strongly recommended to call early, before you are faced with imminent eviction. Unfortunately many programs, including section 8, will often have waiting lists; however each organization will do what it can to offer rental assistance to as many Hartford families as possible.

Chrysalis Center – Offers the HPRP program which provides funding and cash grants to assist families and individuals who are at imminent risk of homelessness. There are several conditions that do need to be met before funds are paid out to people who need help, including being evicted in less than 15 days, living in condemned housing, and other criteria. 278 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Connecticut 06105, dial (860) 244-8302. It covers East Hartford.




Town Of West Hartford Human Services – They have a rental assistance program that helps West Hartford residents in financial crisis or short term hardship who are ineligible for other types of financial assistance. The money helps pay for housing, rent, fuel, and other expenses. 50 South Main Street Room 306, West Hartford, CT 06107. Phone number is (860) 561-7561.

Community Renewal Team, Eviction And Foreclosure Prevention Program – Services are provided to people who are economically disadvantaged in order to promote self-sufficiency. In order to be qualified for financial assistance, the applicant to the agency must have received a notice to quit or some form of eviction notice from their landlord.





People who are behind in paying their rent or mortgage payments but do not yet have an eviction notice to quit or a foreclosure notice are eligible for mediation services only. They will not able to get cash assistance. The address is 395 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, Connecticut 06114. Call (860) 560-5881.

East Hartford Interfaith Ministries – The organizations can provide partial rent payment or security deposit assistance for East Hartford residents only, and cash is paid out after assessment and review of the applicant’s financial condition. Assistance is given one time only and any no-interest loans for paying back rent is for emergency purposes. 837 Main Street, c/o First Congregational Church, East Hartford, Connecticut 06108, call (860) 289-4919

Mental Health And Addiction Services- State Of Connecticut Department Of Housing And Homeless Services Unit – Housing assistance and shelter, as well as medical help, is offered to people with mental illnesses or maybe a disability in the community. 410 Capitol Ave. 4th Floor, Hartford, CT 06134, dial (860) 418-6845.

Mercy Housing And Shelter Corporation – A non-profit agency for people who are on the verge of eviction or who are currently homeless. The agency provides shelter, a soup kitchen, day shelter and services to homeless families and individuals. There is also transitional housing for single adults for up to two years. If you are faced with an eviction notice and have less than 15 days before becoming homeless, money can be provided to help pay rent and housing expenses. 211 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, Connecticut 0611,  dial (860) 808-2040

Salvation Army – Southern New England Division, Emergency Shelter For Families Marshall House (Hartford) - A social service agency provides financial assistance to low income people with emergency needs. Various homeless assistance services are administered. Programs are offered for families in Wethersfield, Bloomfield, East Hartford, Hartford, Newington, West Hartford, or Windsor who are at risk of becoming homeless due to eviction notices or other hardships.




The primary purpose of this housing and rental assistance program is to keep individuals and families in their current home. Funds can be used for paying energy bills, deposits, or rent arrears on qualified housing or apartments that are affordable over the long term. 225 South Marshall St., Hartford, Connecticut  06105, dial (860) 543-8438

Northern Hartford Salvation Army covers Bloomfield, East Hartford, Windsor, and Hartford. All emergency rental assistance is provided on a case by case basis for people facing eviction. Funds are often only made for partial bills that are due and the tenant needs to come up with the balance of the rent. All money is given directly to the landlord. The office is at 100 Nelson Street/Way, Hartford, CT, 06120, or dial 860-543-8420.

Friendship Service Center of New Britain provides help to the town only from their office at 85 Arch Street, New Britain, Connecticut, 06051. Limited funds for paying back rent or for utilities (to stop evictions or shut offs) are offered at most one time per year. Dial 860-225-0211 for information on rent and/or housing assistance.

Connecticut Social Services – The Housing Services Administration may offer rental assistance. This is offered for people who must be experiencing a non-recurring, unexpected, documentable hardship and be in danger of eviction. Apply for the social services and housing programs at your local community action agencies. The State agency administers state and federal cash assistance programs too. 25 Sigourney St., Hartford, CT 06106, dial (860) 424-5578

Connecticut Social Services – Northern Regional Office, Hartford – This is another local social service organization. The programs they administer include government aid, including section 8 housing vouchers. 3580 Main St., Hartford, CT 06120. the intake line is (860) 723-1000.

Heart Of God Healing Center – This center takes applications from needy individuals, and they can make a payment for one-time assistance with rent payments. Other loans may be used for rental security deposits and even electric or utility bill payments for Hartford County residents. 110 Walnut Street, Hartford, CT 06120, (203) 302-5379





Hartford Department of Development Services, Division of Grants Management – This government agency runs the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. It offers money for security deposits, free hotel or motel vouchers, as well as cash grants for paying rent. Since it is government funded, it is open to all ages, races, religions, and groups such as single moms or the disabled.

Homeless Prevention also includes other services such as credit repair and financial counseling in an effort to stabilize the tenant. This will be required in order to receive any rent help. Phone - (860) 757274, or more on Hartford County Homeless Prevention Program.

The Bureau of Aging, Community and Social Work Services, which can be reached at (860) 424-5277, is another agency that runs the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program in the region. So people who need help in Hartford can call either one of the agencies.

Ryan White Part B supports households in Hartford County impacted by AIDs/HIV. The non-profit may offer Emergency Housing Assistance including HUD grants for paying rent or utilities. Address is 110 Bartholomew Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106. Dial (860) 247-2437.

Greater Hartford Legal Aid can provide free advice to tenants facing eviction or other residents with a low income. Senior citizens can generally receive legal assistance regardless of their income. Attorneys or paralegals can resolve disputes over unpaid rent, landlord repairs needed to repair homes, and mediation. Location is 999 Asylum Ave, Hartford, CT 06105. Phone - (860) 541-5000.

Enfield Community Health Resources – Counselors offer housing counseling and rent/security deposit assistance for people who are at risk of becoming homeless. there may also be cash grants for individuals who are currently homeless. The rental assistance program also helps people leaving institutional care find housing in the Hartford community. Address is 153 Hazard Avenue, Enfield, Connecticut 06082, or call (860) 253-5020 ext. 115.

Connecticut Aids Resource Coalition (CARC) – People with HIV/AIDs, or their family members, may receive a cash grant of up to $150 to help pay rent. 110 Bartholomew Avenue Suite 4000, Hartford, CT 06106, call (860) 761-6699

Human Resources Agency Of New Britain - Neighborhood Services is another agency to call for housing case management and rental assistance. 336 Arch Street, New Britain, CT 06051. Phone number is (860) 225-1084.



By Jon McNamara

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