Las Vegas and Clark County rent assistance.

Get information on Clark County as well as Las Vegas area rental assistance programs. A number of services are offered, including help in applying for funds, grants and low income housing. The non-profit agencies, government programs, churches and charity organizations listed below specialize in providing emergency funds to pay a portion of a residents rent or even a security deposit so people can avoid homeless and evictions.

In addition to providing funds to pay rent, a number of other programs may be offered by the Clark County agencies listed below. Services range from providing money to pay security deposits, moving costs, and utility deposits up through issuing motel or hotel vouchers. Most of the locations also have volunteers or case managers on staff who can help people apply for assistance such as Section 8 housing vouchers or government homeless prevention and rapid rehousing programs. Call one or more of the organizations listed below for rental assistance in Las Vegas or Clark County Nevada.

Clark County Social Service – This government agency has a number of financial assistance programs for the low income, unemployed, single moms and families faced with poverty. One of the main ones is emergency rental assistance, including eviction prevention services and low income housing. A focus/mandate is on preventing homelessness of seniors, and ensuring they have their rent, housing, medical, and other needs addressed. The locations to call or apply at are below.

  • Pinto (Main Office) - 1600 Pinto Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, (702) 455-4270
  • Cambridge Office, 3885 South Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119, phone (702) 455-8639
  • Fertitta Building, 1504 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, (702) 455-1990
  • Community Resource Center, 2432 N. Martin Luther King Blvd., Bldg. D, North Las Vegas, NV 89032, (702) 455-7208
  • Henderson Office, 522 E. Lake Mead Pkwy., Ste. 4, Henderson, Nevada 89015, call (702) 455-7918





Rent help from Clark County non-profits

The various agencies, programs, and non-profits below also focus on providing funds to pay rent. Priority is given to families with children, senior citizens, disabled, and people who do have a job but have been hit with an unexpected hardship, such as a medical emergency or reduction in hours. Some programs will require the applicant to have an eviction notice. If the Las Vegas Nevada area agencies can’t assist, then find other solutions. Then read more rent assistance.

Help Of Southern Nevada – In addition to rental programs, this agency offers a wide variety of programs, such as security deposit assistance, food, electric bill, counseling, and much more. They also have several locations across Clark County. 1640 E. Flamingo, Road #100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, (702) 369-4357

The Salvation Army – Shelter, low income housing, and homeless prevention/rent assistance is offered. They also administer a variety of other social services, and are a great place to call for referrals too. 1581 N. Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, (702) 649-8240. Or try the second office which is the Salvation Army branch in Henderson, phone 702-565-9578. Both may offer a variety of rent programs, shelter, or other forms of social services. Find Las Vegas Salvation Army assistance programs.

Lutheran Social Services - 51 N. Pecos Rd., Stes. 109-113, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, Call either (702) 639-1730 or (702) 639-1736. Services include information on low income as well as transitional housing. Families facing a crisis may qualify for a loan from LSS of Nevada.

Clark County Catholic Charities – Regardless of religion, they may be able to offer assistance. If you have an eviction notice then you may qualify for emergency rental assistance. Possibly money for deposit, first month’s rent, or moving costs is also available at the charity. Their address is 1501 Las Vegas Blvd. N, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, Main number: (702) 385-266. Or call (702) 387-2291 for information on other social services.

HOPELINK – This non-profit also serves renters and the low income in Las Vegas. 178 Westminster Way, Henderson, NV 89015, call (702) 566.0576





Las Vegas Urban League – If you are faced with an eviction, or are struggling to pay your rent, meet with a housing specialist to learn about available options. They offer tenant/landlord mediation, may have some limited funding to pay rent or housing costs, free legal advice, and can help people apply for government as well as public aid. The Clark County agency also has information on low income housing, utility or security deposits, and affordable apartments in Clark County. They are at 930 W. Owens, Las Vegas, NV 89106, call (702) 636-3949, or learn more on the Urban League of Las Vegas.

Women's Development Center (WDC) - The LINK housing program provides case management services as well as financial assistance to homeless families and individuals to move into permanent housing. Assistance can include the first month's rent, utility and security deposits. 4020 Pecos McLeod, Las Vegas, NV, 89121, main number (702) 796-7770

Jewish Family Services - This particular non-profit focuses on issuing loans to pay security deposits or other rent expenses. They will often be zero interest rate, but will still need to be repaid over time. (702) 732-0304

Aid For AIDS Of Nevada (AFAN) – Provides assistance for AIDS and HIV patients and their immediate family members. Medications, housing, rent, and advice is offered. 701 Shadow Lane, Suite 170, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, call the agency at (702) 382-2326

Nevada H.A.N.D., Inc. – While they do not provide financial assistance; Nevada HAND offers Affordable Housing for income qualified low income Families. They also run Senior Independent Living and also operate Senior Assisted Living sites in Clark County with income guidelines / restrictions in place. 295 E. Warm Springs Rd, #101, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119, (702) 739-3345.

Mojave Mental Health – Individuals with mental health issues may get help. 4000 East Charleston Suite B-230, Las Vegas, NV 89104, (702) 968-5000

Economic Opportunity Board Of Clark County – This organization was established to assist low-income people to improve their quality of life and become self-sufficient. 330 W. Washington Avenue, Suite 7, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, Phone (702) 647-3307





Clark County Assessor Office - Assists senior citizens with property tax/rent assistance. 3211 N. Tenaya Way Suite 118, Las Vegas, NV, 89129, call (702) 455-3882

Henderson Allied Community Advocates - They also run the HopeLink program. It can prevent homelessness, keeping families intact, and promoting self-sufficiency. The non-profit can assist low income, unemployed, and other persons. Any help provided is in the form of rent and utilities assistance. Henderson, NV – 89015, (702) 566-0576

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada - Assists with housing issues, including eviction prevention, foreclosures, security deposit disputes and more. They are a pro-bono, or free legal firm in Clark County. Call 702-386-1070

Project HOPE - After an interview process, qualified families may receive emergency financial assistance for housing needs. The non-profit can help at-risk households by issuing a grant or a loan to pay rent. Other needs such as utility or security deposit fees may be paid along with moving costs/first month's rent. 702-522-9962

Clark County Community Resources Management Division – Apply for housing and rent assistance from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. This can pay for security deposits, first month’s rent, recurring housing and rental expenses, and more. Also receive budgeting, credit counseling, and long term self-sufficiency programs and support. This program was created by federal government stimulus funds. Las Vegas, NV – 89155, dial (702) 455-5025

United Way Referral Service - They give free referrals to callers on rent assistance, shelter, housing in Clark County, and more. The mission of this non-profit organization is to link people to locations that will improve the lives of individuals and families living with in Southern Nevada. The non-profit provides information on affordable, secure, non-substandard housing and link to direct financial assistance or grants to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDs. Phone - 1-866-535-5654.

City of Las Vegas Nevada - The homeless, families facing imminent eviction or those at risk of homeless may get aid. The service is known as Neighborhood Services Program. It can offer financial assistance to households experiencing a temporary or short-term crisis that threatens eviction. Las Vegas, Nevada, main number (702) 229-4273

Nevada Community Associates takes part in the Emergency Solutions Grant program. This helps pay the rent and other housing costs to rehouse families and individuals, including veterans, single moms, and the homeless. Grants may be issued for security deposits, paying first months rent, and utility connection fees. 5185 Camino Al Norte, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89031, call (702) 522-9962

Salvation Army In Mesquite - North Rural Clark County - Mesquite & Bunkerville – This charity type organization provides emergency financial assistance such as rent, housing & utilities to low-income clients and families residing in North Rural Clark County area of Bunkerville as well as Mesquite and surrounding areas. 355 W. Mesquite Blvd. Suite B50, Mesquite, Nevada, 89027, (702) 345-5116

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNVRHA) - 340 N. 11th Street, Las Vegas, NV, 89101, call (702) 922-6800

Corridor of Hope Alliance – Seniors aged 62 or older, or families with children under the age of 18, can get rental assistance. They also try to find affordable, supportive housing for the elderly or disabled. Address is 1581 Main St., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, phone (702) 229-4273





United Family Community Services (UFCS) – If qualified, a program assists with paying rent, utility assistance, food bank, housing, clothing, employment assistance. 5304 Daywood Street, North Las Vegas, NV, 89031, dial (702) 649-5995

United Labor Agency (ULAN) – 1201 N. Decatur Blvd. Suite 106, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89108, telephone (702) 648-3500

Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada - 1280 W. Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030, (702) 214-2025

Nevada State Welfare Division – Some services include section 8 housing vouchers, low income housing, and much more for Las Vegas and Clark County. Locations are below.

  • Las Vegas area: (702) 486-1404, or dial toll free dial (800) 992-0900
  • Cannon Center (EAP Main Office), 3330 Flamingo Rd, Ste 55, Las Vegas, NV 89121, (702) 486-9400
  • Cambridge Center, 3900 Cambridge St, Ste 202, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, telephone (702) 486-9400
  • Henderson District Office, 520 Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89015, (702) 486-5000
  • Owens District Office, 1040 W Owens Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106, (702) 486-1899
  • Bellrose District Office, 700 Belrose St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107, phone number (702) 486-1646
  • Nellis District Office, 611 N Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110, call (702) 486-4828

Nevada Legal Services offers free advice to income qualified Clark County residents. They can help resolve landlord / tenant disputes, address concerns on section 8 housing or government benefits, and offer eviction prevention services and representation. Other legal aid or representation is offered as well by the non-profit. 702-386-0404

Clark County Emergency Food and Shelter Program

This is another federal government funded housing and rent assistance program. As the name implies it can also even provide food, groceries and hot meals to the less fortunate. It is organized by the United Way in Clark County, but the non-profit agencies that run it and distribute the grants are listed below.

  • Catholic Charities (shelter): call (702) 385-2662
  • Emergency Aid of Boulder City (rent help, mortgage): (702) 293-0332
  • Goodwill of Southern Nevada (emergency rent help, mortgage payments, utilities): phone (702) 214-2000
    United Labor Agency of Nevada (food, rent, mortgage): dial (702) 648-3500
  • HELP of Southern Nevada (food, shelter, eviction prevention, rent, mortgage, utilities): (702) 369-4357
  • Lutheran Social Services (food, emergency rent help, mortgage, utilities): telephone (702) 639-1736
  • The Salvation Army (free food, meals, grants for paying rent, mortgage): (702) 870-4430

This Housing and Urban Development funded program can provide grants for other expenses as well, in addition to for back rent. Some agencies may offer free motel vouchers in Las Vegas, coordinate legal support for tenants behind on their rent and facing eviction, or case management services, such as credit counseling. More on eviction prevention in Clark County.

Las Vegas and Clark County transitional housing

Low income housing, shelter, counseling, and more is offered by the organizations. Assistance is targeted at the homeless, those faced with domestic violence, those in poverty, and the very low income. Some of these agencies may have referrals to financial aid (which can help with rent) or even government administered social service programs in Clark County.





  • WDC – call 702-796-7770
  • Parson’s Place – phone number 702-383-2889
  • Greater New Jerusalem 702-648-1784
  • Nevada Homeless for Youth: call 702-380-2889
  • WestCare Nevada of Las Vegas - The non-profit runs transitional housing programs, substance abuse services, and also shelter for veterans, families, and individuals. Call 702-385-2090.
  • Jewish Family Services: phone 702-732-0304
  • Salvation Army PATH 702-649-8240
  • St. Vincent’s Men’s Apts. – main number  702-382-6727


By Jon McNamara

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