Nevada energy bill and utility bill assistance programs.

Customers of Nevada utility companies can get assistance for paying their energy, cooling, and utility bills. Low to moderate income customers, the elderly, and disabled families and individuals across the state of Nevada can call a charity, non-profit organization, or their utility company for help. Assistance programs may be able to provide emergency financial aid and grants for gas bills, electric expenses, and cooling bills. You will find information below on the programs and options that you may be able to use in order to get help.

Lincoln County Power District – Funds from this utility company provide security deposit and reconnection fee waivers to low to moderate income households who could not secure other forms of financial assistance. Call 775-962-5122

Low-Income Energy Efficiency - NV Energy (Sierra Pacific Power Company) runs the Comfort Savings program, which provides qualified customers with an in-home energy evaluation to identify current energy usage, recommends energy conservation improvements and installs these updates at no charge to the homeowner. In addition, Comfort Savings services can include such updates as pipe insulation , CFLs, high efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators,  floor, door and window caulking, attic and ceiling insulation and much more.  Call 702-895-6220 or 866-920-7822

NV Energy (Sierra Pacific Power Company) also runs the Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE). This is a low-income, energy and utility bill assistance program that is currently being administered by your local Community Services Agency. Emergency financial assistance from SAFE can be received at most once during a 12-month period for a utility bill at least 30 days past due.

The Sierra Pacific Power Company/Nevada Energy program is run by local partners. Call Esmeralda County: 775-485-6309, Carson City: 775-882-8448, Elko County: 775-738-4375 #22, Pershing County: 775-273-2208, Churchill County: 775-428-2600, Douglas County: 775-782-9825, Eureka County: 775-468-0466, Mineral County: 775-945-2471, Humboldt County: 775-623-6342, Washoe County: 775-834-4444, Storey County: 775-847-0968, Lyon County: 775-577-5009, Lander County: 775-635-2503, Nye County: 775-482-8125.





NV Energy (Sierra Pacific Power Company) is another energy provider that also runs the Project REACH (Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships) assistance program. It is very similar to above in that it is an assistance program that was designed to help vulnerable low to moderate income adults over the age of 62, medically fragile people , seniors and the elderly who are isolated, and aid is also available for both deployed reserve and National Guard members in need of emergency energy assistance.

Very similar to above as well in that the program runs during the summer months until funds are exhausted. Project REACH from NV Energy is administered through a network of United Way of Southern Nevada partner agencies, and the numbers to call are indicated below. It can help low income families and seniors in Nevada keep their homes cool with free fans or pay their air conditioning bills. There may also be grants year round from the Energy Company.





For applications or more information, call a partner near you. Clark County Senior Advocate Program - 455-7051, Caring, Helping, & Restoring Lives Inc. - 889-4466, Henderson Senior Center - 267-4156, East Valley Family Service - 631-7098, Laughlin Family Resource Center - 298-2592, HELP of Southern Nevada - 369-4357 ext. 231, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley - 633-7264, HopeLink - 566-0576 ext. 10, Las Vegas Senior Lifeline - 933-1194, United Labor Agency of Nevada (ULAN) - 648-3500, Salvation Army Family Services - 649-8240, Las Vegas - Clark County Urban League - 636-3949, Lutheran Social Services of Nevada - 639-1730, Nevada Association of Latin Americans (NALA) - 382-6252, North Las Vegas Helping Hands - 649-7853

Nevada Energy also offers additional programs for qualified customers. Additional services can help people save money on their utility bills through conservation, and grants can be offered for paying bills. Read more Nevada Energy assistance programs.

Low Income Assistance - The main cash assistance program in known as the Energy Assistance Program (EAP). It is often offered along with weatherization. Combined these two federal government resources can help Nevada families pay their utility and cooling bills, and help them save money. More on Nevada LIHEAP and weatherization services.

Nevada Power runs the Project REACH (Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships) assistance program. This financial assistance program was created to help medically fragile people , vulnerable adults over the age of 62, seniors who are isolated, as well as deployed reserve and National Guard members in need of emergency energy, cooling and utility bill assistance. The program is currently available during the summer months until funds are exhausted. Project REACH is administered through a network of United Way of Southern Nevada partner agencies, so call your local Salvation Army or community action agency to apply for help or to learn more.

Nevada Power - The company offers several other conservation and financial assistance programs. Some are focused on the southern part of the state and others on northern Nevada. Resources range from government grants for paying utility bill to programs they administer themselves. More on assistance programs from Nevada Power.

Sierra Air (Sparks, NV) - In Sparks Nevada, a local heating and air conditioning contractor Sierra Air donates parts, labor, advice, and materials to service furnaces and air conditioners for homeowners who can’t afford needed repairs to their heating and cooling units. The program runs from Dec. 10 to Jan. 5 of each and every year. 775-356-5566

Southwest Gas Corporation – Utility company funds provide weatherization and other energy conserving updates for low-income households who reside in Clark County Nevada. Southwest Gas also works with the HELP Center of Southern Nevada to provide much needed support to the needy. 1-800-772-4555

Southwest Gas – This gas company offers customers in Nevada the Energy Share program. It is an emergency fund / cash grant program that provides direct financial assistance and cash grants to qualified low income people with unexpected financial difficulties or who may be facing a crisis, such as the loss of a job, reduction in work hours or a medical emergency. All Energy Share donations are managed and distributed to qualified applicants by The Salvation Army, so you need to call your local Nevada Salvation Army office.





Southwest Gas also offers several other emergency assistance and energy conservation programs in Nevada. Low income customers, seniors, and the disabled can look into these resources. Click here for more details, or find financial help from Southwest Gas.

Valley Electric Association – This particular program, the Lighthouse Assistance Program, was created to provide financial assistance and crisis grants to members of the local community, who, through income limitations, a reduction in income, or other unusual circumstances find themselves in a situation where they are having difficulty paying their utility and electric bills. This assistance program is administered by the County social service agencies and local community action agencies in the counties serviced by the Association.  To learn more you can also decide to call 775-727-5312.

By Jon McNamara

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