Assistance programs from Southwest Gas in Nevada.

Southwest Gas operates in a few states in the region, including Nevada. The demand for financial assistance for paying bills, and access to overall energy conservation, is very high in Nevada, so the energy provider offers several resources to the needy.

The Deferred Payment Program for Nevada residents can help Southwest Gas customers who are facing a short term hardship or emergency situation. The applicant will need to be able to provide proof of their circumstances. However, if they can do this, and meet other guidelines, then the deferred payment plan will allow customers the ability to pay their outstanding gas bills over an extended period of time.

This for of assistance will ideally prevent a disconnection of the customers service, as it is a pro-active way to receive help. In addition, representatives from Southwest Gas will also refer customers to federal and state of Nevada government programs or local social service agencies. All of this is available as part of the Deferred Payment Program. Or they may be able to sign you up for some type of payment plan. Dial (877) 860-6020

Low-Income Energy Conservation Program is for Southwest Gas customers who live in Northern Nevada. The goal is to help conserve energy, and thus reduce the amount of money people spend on their utilities. This program offers customers with a number of services, including weatherization, education, and even access to low cost or even free energy-efficient appliances.

Southwest Gas is the primary energy provider in Douglas, Churchill, Elko, Pershing, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Carson, Lyon, and Washoe Counties Nevada, and a number of families from those areas use this conservation program.

Some of what is included in this program is heating and cooling system repairs/replacements, duct leakage sealing, ceiling, floor and duct insulation, insulation of water heater and water heater pipes, and even minor home repairs.

There are various income criteria and other application requirements in place. Some of them may be very similar to the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program. All conditions will need to be met by applicants.





The State of Nevada has an office that operates two programs for qualified lower income households. The Nevada Energy Connection administers both weatherization and a general energy bill assistance program which pays out cash grants to qualified Southwest Gas households. Both resources are paid for by the federal government.

The Weatherization Assistance Program may be able to help Southwest Gas customers save money and importantly improve the energy efficiency of their homes by adding weather stripping, widows, minor home repairs, and insulation. All updates are offered for free, if the applicant meets certain conditions.

The Energy Assistance Program, commonly called LIHEAP, will make payments directly to Southwest Gas on your behalf. Some funds are paid out quickly too, in short order, in an effort to prevent a disconnection.

The Nevada Energy Assistance Program (EAP) is intended to supplement low-income and working poor families. A focus is on families with young children and seniors. The program is paid for by state revenue generated from Nevada’s Universal Energy Charge as well as the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) federal block grants.

Applications for the EAP program are taken each year starting in July. Funding is limited. The highest demand usually occurs during the hot summers in Nevada. If you apply and are found to be eligible, customers will receive a one-time cash grant, and the money will go directly to Southwest Gas. All money paid out from the government benefit will be applied to your bills. Call (877) 860-6020.

Nevada Salvation Army Energy Share – This can be used to pay your utility and gas bills in a crisis situation. It is an emergency fund that helps those who are faced with a crisis, such as job loss or medical hardship. Call the Salvation Army center near you to apply, as Energy Share may help prevent a shut off of your service.




Many seniors, disabled and low-income families with children are the main beneficiaries. Anyone can donate money to the fund as well, as it relies heaving on contributions from the community. All donations are tax deductible, and every penny you donate goes directly to helping the needy and not to other expenses to run the program. Some of the people from Southwest Gas who have benefits in the past include customers who lost their jobs or had a reduction in income.


By Jon McNamara

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