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Cash immediately for an emergency.

Find how to get emergency cash from online sources or “in-person”. Most of the programs are able to provide cash to people regardless of their credit scores, employment status, or income and they do not have any fees or costs involved. Everything from apps to websites, jobs that pay same day, loans and more may be used. Find ways to get immediate cash for an emergency.

The resources are free to use and apply to or just take a minimal amount of time. Most do not involve borrowing money or taking out a loan - however those can be options for some people too. There is emergency cash available now that can be transferred today or this week and use the funds for whatever your need is.

Apps and web sites that have immediate cash payouts

Get paid today, at the end of each workday from a Daily Pay Service. Tens of millions of Americans get paid an hourly income, meaning their income is based on how many hours they work each day and not a fixed salary. Those hourly workers then get paid every week or two.. However many companies now allow their employees to get paid the cash they earned immediately, which is a daily pay program.

  • This means that for someone that has a job, they will get their wages at the end of the workday. While there are some fees for this, it can be a great source of emergency cash. Read about Daily Pay Services.

Sell extra stuff or your clutter for cash today. Most people have a lot of clutter sitting around the house or apartment or maybe clothes they have not worn in months/years. Turn that stuff into cash by selling it. There are many ways to do this, including a garage sale, or the seller can take advantage of the many online marketplaces, such as Craigslist, eBay, LetGo, and Facebook Marketplace. There are items around most homes or apartments that can be turned into extra money, and find how to turn “trash” into cash.

  • In some cases, it is possible to sell stuff the same day through a local (or online) thrift type store. It takes minutes to create an account, list the items and most people can get funds with a day or two. Also, if there is clothing that is no longer being worn, consider selling through an online consignment shop, such as ThredUp or giving it to a thrift shop for a tax deduction.




Marketing companies will pay people the same day for their opinions or feedback. Online survey and marketing companies often need instantaneous feedback from society on the latest news event or some companies need consumer opinions on products or marketing plans. These companies will pay out immediate cash to those individuals who qualify and fit the demographic or criteria. Locate surveys that pay our instant cash.

Emergency cash from websites, credit cards, applications, and other sources. This process may take a little longer, but it is another way to make some money from things you most likely do everyday. Or there are comparison shopping tools as well as sites such as Rakuten or Swagbucks that pay out cash immediately.

  • It is not additional spending or a hit to your budget, but really involves spending your money smarter and more efficiently. As an example, get emergency cash by maybe using credit card or coupons on grocery shopping, frequently flyer points, online apps with discount codes or buying staples. Find how to get cash rebates on shopping.
  • Earn some extra money from your online shopping. When it comes strictly to the shopping you and your family do online or in person, make some emergency cash (or long term funds) by using rebate websites or phone apps. There are several available, all of which are free to use, may have sign up bonuses, offer referral bonuses, and even give ongoing discounts. Read more on cash back shopping websites.

Raise cash now from Crowdfunding. There are several free to use crowdfunding sites that can be used to raise emergency cash immediately when in a financial crisis. Start a campaign on websites such as GoFundMe, PayPal Giving, or Plumfund to raise money to pay the bills, cover rent, a medical crisis, and any type of emergency expense. Many of the sites have low costs and transaction frees, and some are free to use.

  • Fundraising websites are easy to use, but they do take some time in order to get cash for your needs. The participant needs to tell and share their story, use social networks, and get word out there to increase their chances of raising emergency cash. But they can be an option. Read more on raising money with crowdfunding sites.





Make some emergency cash from your car.  Sign up to be a driver for a ride sharing service such as Uber or Lyft to get paid within a day or two. Lyft and Uber often provide sign up bonuses, and that money can be very useful in an emergency. Or even through some ads on your car (if you own a vehicle), as some companies such as Wrapify pay same day cash for driver who put signage on their car.

  • There are other ways to make emergency cash immediately from a car if is needed. An owner can sell advertising on the outside of their auto, work for a delivery company as a side job, and take several other action. Find how to make cash from your car.

Government programs or charities

There are a few federal and state government programs as well as charities that will provide emergency cash as a form of financial help. In general, any money or vouchers paid out is for certain bills and is only for income qualified applicants, such as those in poverty, seniors with a low income and others. Examples include the crisis LIHEAP program, emergency cash from charities such as the Salvation Army or United Way partners, and others.

  • The local charities, non-profits and government financial assistance programs are listed throughout this site, and they may also offer money today if qualified. Anyone who needs help, ans it qualified, will just need to take action to secure the cash. Below are several ways how to make this happen, or look into programs that offer emergency cash near you.How to get cash now

Get cash for an emergency from freelance or gig jobs

Sell plasma or blood to make same day cash. Most states and local communities have places to do this. Selling plasma is very similar to blood donations; the key difference being it can be a source of emergency cash that anyone can do right now to get paid cash for their time. Plasma donors have to be 18 and older, weigh at least 110 lbs and must past medical and screening procedure.

  • There are no credit checks done, so someone with poor credit, a low-income or who is unemployed can still do this in order to make cash today. According to CSL plasma, donors can expect to earn up to $400 per month. Selling plasma helps people with medical needs, and regular blood donations help to improve health by being alert of early diseases. Find how to donate plasma.

Buy items and resell for a profit. Anyone that is comfortable selling their own belongings, they can consider buying other items and reselling them for cash to make an immediate profit without borrowing money. Scout a local thrift store; many times, valuable items can be picked up for only a few bucks. Post these online at sites such as Ebay for a higher (but reasonable) value and keep the profits.

  • Unsure of how to price something? Search for similar items and see what other sellers are nabbing for them. The information is all out there. This method of making money requires a good eye for value, a bit of business savvy, and proficiency in online marketplaces. Learn more about online marketplaces.




There are side hustle jobs that will pay emergency cash the same day. There are so many ways to make some emergency cash if someone is willing to put some work into i. It is possible to walk pets through apps such as Wag, Transcribe, sell hair, tutor, rake leaves, and so much more. Most of these day out within 1-3 days. This will not only give the family some extra money for paying the bills or building up savings, but it is also a way to take on a new challenge. Find a list of side hustle jobs.

Check local or online wanted ads for same day jobs. One of the fastest ways to find a quick source of immediate cash is to check local wanted ads and job listings, including sites that Craiglist, TaskRabbit, Fiverr or Many companies or peoeple are willing to hire workers for same day jobs.

  • Workers can find anything from ongoing part-time jobs to one-off gigs. Almost all of will pay the worker today, so it is in effect same day emergency cash. If anyone is willing to put in the work, they can raise money in no time.

Cash in on a hobby. It is great as well for the elderly, kids/teenagers, stay at home moms, retirees or senior citizens. Hobbies can also be a way to get emergency cash regardless of credit score and other factors. Regular people can, and go, get paid for writing book reviews, cutting their hair, taking pictures with their cell phone, and so much more. Find how to cash in on a hobby.

Rent out your home on Airbnb. The site allows homeowners to rent a spare room or their entire home for a period of time to travelers and locals. Becoming an Airbnb host to make some money is relatively simple and it can be completed with minutes if you are facing a financial hardship.

  • Depending on location, Airbnb hosts can can earn money just by renting out the place for a night or two or over months. Airbnb can be a profitable business to supplement an existing income as a homeowner or renter. Rent out spare bedroom for extra cash.

Freelance sites that provide cash the same day or week

Earn some cash from freelance work. Some people have some that people are willing to pay for. For example, maybe someone is great with pets. Then they sign up to be a dog walker or sitter with Rover or Wag. Lyft and Uber are always an option for people that have a reasonably new car and good driving skills. Most of these freelance jobs pay out within 1 to 2 days, so that is another ways to make emergency cash.

  • Cash in on your writing skills by selling content to a blog or website. Photoshop skills by offering graphic design services as many people need help whipping up a flyer or newsletter layout. Anyone can do these jobs quickly, they have a high earning potential. More on cash from freelance jobs.
  • Other work from home freelance sites also can pay out cash in short order, often on a daily or weekly basis. All sorts of short term, part time, and other jobs are out there regardless of your education or skillset. Find a list of other ways to freelance from home for extra cash.





Tutor online or in person. Anyone that speaks more than one language is often highly in demand with companies (or parents) will to pay cash for same day service.  Or if you are great at something and have the credential/experience (maybe in math, English, good with computers or some other field), tutors are always in demand. This is not just a position for teachers; any skilled person can do it.

  • Tutoring for emergency cash can be done online using services such as or Skooli. There is also a demand locally from parents looking for educational help for their kids or even college students seeking a tutor. When it comes to the online services, they pay out cash for skilled people, and there is demand for this both locally and worldwide. Find a list of freelance tutoring jobs.

Become an Egg Donor. If you are a healthy young woman between the ages of 21-31 and is facing an emergency financial crisis, you can become an egg donor and earn up between $8,000- $20,000. That is a good chuck of cash that can be used any way the donor wants. Egg donations can be done anonymously if both parties do not agree to meet.

  • Becoming an egg donor is a personal decision, however it is an option to make some cash for an emergency.  Contact your nearest clinic for further concerns or questions about donating eggs., or call providers including the Center for Human Reproduction at 626-385-7918 or Egg Donor of America at (855) 616-3415.

Same day cash from an instantly approved loan

Emergency loans for low income families will provide the cash they need within 1-2 business days. The money can come from payday lenders, fintech companies, Check cashing stores, pawn shops or other companies. Note the interest rate will be higher (even more so for those with bad credit), this is an option to explore. Locate emergency loans for low income families.

Interest free loans are an option. Everything above does not involve borrowing money. However, if all those options above fail when it comes to raising some emergency cash, or if you need even more money in less time, then as a last resort consider an interest free loan. There may be charities or non-profits that offer funds in a crisis, but the assistance is limited.

  • There may also be free, emergency cash loans for the unemployed or borrowers with no credit. The lenders are legit and provide immediate cash, often the same day. There is also money for applicants with bad credit, though the interest rate will often be higher. Get details here to apply for an interest free loan.







People with no bank or checking account can get cash from a loan too. Some companies, such as SoloFunds or Peer to Peer lenders provide funds to the unbanked. While this form of loan may have a slightly higher interest rate (and a few day application period), it can be an option. Find how to get emergency loans with bank account.

There are sources of immediate funds

Anyone that needs cash for a crisis needs to know that there is out there. It is possible to get the cash today from online apps, gig work, and other sources as noted above. Or there are charities, the government or non-profits, which can take longer to process applications. Or it is possible to get immediate funds from things you do daily (hobbies, shopping for basic needs, etc.) or items you have in your home. The money is immediately available regardless of the person’s age, language, ethnicity, and credit scores.


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