Indiana emergency housing assistance.

Indiana residents have access to several different emergency housing and rent programs. The goal of many of the programs is to prevent evictions and homelessness, help pay rent in an emergency, and help anyone who is currently homeless in Indiana find and pay for new, safe, and affordable housing. So this may even include limited assistance for paying a security deposit. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Agency, which can be reached at 317-232-7777, is the statewide organization that has extensive information on various housing solutions.

Federal government stimulus funds were used to create the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP). The non-profits that run the program at the local level will vary by county, but oftentimes your local community action agency will have more information on this housing program and who to contact. Or they may be able to direct you to other emergency rent programs across your community or city. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Agency works closely with various Indiana Continuum of Care regions in order to coordinate and administer these emergency funds to the low income and those who need help.

The federal government and the state of Indiana provide community action agencies and non-profits across Indiana funding from the Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) program. The non-profits (like the Salvation Army and community action agencies) run the program and distribute funds at the local level to people who need assistance. This emergency housing and rent program provides funding for essential services across the region.

Not only may government grants be available from this, but various other homeless prevention activities are offered, including case management, emergency rental assistance, clothing, groceries, shelter, and other services. They are made available to individuals and/or families across Indiana who are in need of assistance and who are faced with a crisis.

The Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) provides housing and rent help for individuals with HIV/AIDs and their immediate families. The program is offered in most cities and counties across Indiana, but not all. The program is intended to ensure that patients have access to safe and affordable housing as they go through treatments and receive help for their medical condition.





Tenant Based Vouchers from the Section 8 program is one of the leading housing programs across both Indiana and the nation. Thousands of families across the state receive support and assistance from Section 8, however there is often a waiting list. Whether or not a family can qualify for this program will depend on their household income as well as the number of individuals who live in the home or apartment. Usually the deciding factor is the family's total household income.

The Section 8 voucher will pay for a portion of the participants rent and the tenant is expected to pay the balance. In addition this program will cap how much rent an individual can pay. Typically an individual will be charged at most 30 to 40% of their income towards their housing expenses. The tenants’ share that they need to pay for their rent is an affordable percentage of their total household income and is generally calculated to be between 30 to 40 percent of their gross income for both utilities and rent. Various non-profits and public housing authorities across the state of Indiana accept applications and arrange the housing.

Shelters - If you have explored all of the emergency rent, housing, and eviction prevention programs, and are still faced with eviction, then you may need to explore a shelter. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Agency works with your local township trustee to maintain a list of shelters across the state. Call your local trustee for up to date information.




By Jon McNamara

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