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Indiana community action agency programs.

If you need a job, new skills, or emergency assistance, then try calling a community action agency in Indiana near you. The non-profits can provide struggling and low income individuals and families help for a short term crisis. Clients of the agencies listed below will also be assigned to a case manager who will help them overcome barriers to long term success. This can include employment services, emergency financial aid, access to job training programs, and resources like child care while you are at work. The agencies can assist with both with short term and long term needs.

Assistance programs for children in Indiana

Children can benefit from Head Start. It is a federal government funded preschool program that provides free services to young children (under the age of 5) and their families. It will help children in Indiana prepare for school, offer them free health checkups, food, and of course they will benefit from educational services. Parents can also receive assistance Head Start related social services as well, including employment support. A parent’s involvement in Head Start is strongly encouraged as the parent is really the key to the child’s long term success.

Another program for students, parents and children in Indiana is known as the Healthy Families program. It offers encouragement and support to parents and it can assist them in reducing the stress of parenting. Some of the services offered include information on child development resources as well as government and community resources. Case managers from your local agency can assist with employment and help strengthening a parent’s ability to continue their education. Social workers will also help parents in building a strong network of support from churches, family, and neighbors.

The federal government funded and administered WIC/Women Infants and Children program will help families meet their nutritional needs and stay strong. Checks and vouchers are given to families. The funds provided are to be used to meet the nutritional needs of children and pregnant mothers. Families can buy approved food items from their local grocery store or supermarket. Some of those who qualify for this federal government and state of Indiana program include new moms (up to six months after delivery), pregnant women, newborns, breastfeeding moms (up to one year after delivery), children under the age of five, and infants.




Early Head Start is offered for children up to three years of age. It is a free individualized family service and child development program for infants and toddlers as well as pregnant women. It will even be provided for those families that have children with disabilities.

The Early Head Start program will enhances the child’s overall social-emotional, physical, language and intellectual development. It is also for parents, and it will assist families in becoming engaged in their child's education. Parents are really their child's "best" teacher.  All services offered by your local agency or school will done as a collaborative partnership with families that are respectful of each family's ethnic and cultural background.  The Early Head Start program can occur in the child’s home as well as it can be school based.

Food and nutritional needs

Other food assistance programs are available in Indiana. While some may be run in partnership with your local community action agency, if your local agency doesn’t run the program case workers can usually refer you to who can help.

Congregate meals are offered for seniors and the elderly. Meal sites are located across Indiana, and the centers provide senior citizens and their spouses with free meals, educational programs, basic health checkups, and recreational activities. While the meals are free, they are served on a donation basis so if you can contribute to the program please do so.

Home Delivered, or Meals on Wheels programs, also operate in the region. Seniors citizens and the homebound, who are over 60 years of age, can receive free food and groceries. The cost of the program is funded by donations, participant contributions, charities, fundraising efforts and maybe even some federal government and state of Indiana funds. Not only is a hot meal offered to the homebound, but they also receive a sense of security. This is partly accomplished by the fact that each day the senior gets company from the person who delivers the meal to their home or apartment.

Some non-profits in Indiana run Holiday Meal Programs. This can include Thanksgiving or Christmas, and meals provided can include canned and boxed nonperishable goods and also gift cards. All of these are often run in partnership with other Indiana charities, churches, and even grocery stores.





Senior resources

Transportation is often arranged by Agency on Aging centers for seniors. Many charities or non-profits in Indiana, such as community action agencies, may partner in the program or they can refer individuals to them. The purpose of is to provide free or low cost transportation services to seniors 60 years and older. Receiving a ride can help them maintain independence, as they can get a ride to the doctor, post office, or maybe even a job interview. As with many services, voluntary contributions are appreciated.

Credit counseling, budgeting, and money management services

Adult Financial Literacy deals with financial counseling, budgeting, and other credit and debt matters. The program can provide agency clients with the tools and knowledge that can help them both preventing getting into, or eliminate existing debts. Another focus is on debt consolidation loans.

For example, if you already have an extensive amount of bills, financial obligations, or claims, then credit counselors can advise you on how to get out of debt. You can also get tips and suggestions on how to grow wealth. Sign up for group sessions, 1-on-1 personal counseling and “lunch-and-learns”. All Information provided by your local credit counselor or community action agency is kept confidential and is personalized for your needs. Many of the services are offered for free.

Budgeting and Money Management is offered. The sessions provide one on one training and credit counseling to consumers and anyone looking to improve their financial condition. They provide consumers with information, support and guidance, including information on the basics of creating a household budget that fits your family’s goals. Clients will also learn about general money management techniques, how to repair credit, and also banking products that can assist you in reaching your goals. Special classes are held for some or all of the following.Savings – Receive on 1-on-1 training that will teach you the importance of saving money. Or learn how to sign up for an IDA matching savings account (see below). Get information on banking products that are available for Indiana consumers.

  • Debt Management sessions provide individuals with advice and suggestions on how to control their financial future. Training sessions will help consumers reduce interest rates, enter into payment plans, and otherwise reduce their medical and credit card debts.
  • Insurance – Workshops teach the basics of insurance. Meet with a counselor to understand which types you need to have, how to sign up, and which type of insurance products to avoid.

Receive matching grants for saving money from the Indiana Individual Development Account. The program is generally a four year commitment, and it is a matched savings program designed to assist individuals in achieving self-sufficiency. It does this by offering financial literacy (from credit counselors), as well as asset development and retention. For each dollar a client saves using the IDA Program the State of Indiana will match it.

There are limits in place of course, but this allows families to save more money in a shorter period of time. In addition, after you are enrolled in the IDA program, participants will work with a non-profit credit counselor and/or the IDA Administrator to open a savings account to begin saving, develop a plan, enroll in Financial Literacy Training as well as credit repair services, if needed.





Homeowner counseling is offered too. Homebuyer classes are offered year round by credit counselors and community agencies. Workshops and sessions are offered to prospective homebuyers in Indiana who would like to learn more about the steps and process in purchasing a home. People may also be required to attend a homebuyer class as part of securing a mortgage loan from the state. Counselors can help you apply for home buying grants and/or low interest loans. Some assistance may be offered for paying closing costs as well.

Foreclosure Counseling may be provided as well to people who are struggling. Counselors from non-profits can provide a service that is important in today’s challenging housing market. They will offer free or low cost guidance, advice, and foreclosure prevention services to families that are struggling with paying their mortgage. Many classes and workshops can be arranged by your local community action agency.

Community action agency emergency cash grants

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program is offered in Indiana. While it is paid from by FEMA funds, applications are accepted and processed by local community action agencies. Grants can be provided to qualified families when they are faced with homelessness, or when people need food for themselves or their families. Local United Way agencies, working with non-profits, determine how money should be spent and whether the funds go towards say a rent or mortgage payment.

Learn how to save money on your energy bills from the Weatherization Assistance Program. This federal government program help working poor, low-income, and senior homeowners in Indiana. It provides qualified clients with free energy conservation measures to their homes or rental units. Contractors who are hired and coordinated by community action agencies will add insulation to your home. It will be placed into your attic, walls and perimeter foundations.

Weatherization can also pay for the cleaning, tuning and or replacing of hot water heaters, furnaces and the program can install low-flow water measures. Contractors will also test for potential safety issues like carbon monoxide or install fire detectors. The program has helped low income families save hundreds of dollars per year on their heating and electricity bills. It does prioritize those families with elderly residents, individuals with disabilities, families with children, and households who pay a large percent of their income towards their utility bills.

The Energy Education Program is usually offered at the same time as weatherization. This resource was created in order to increase awareness of effective energy-saving practices. Those families who are selected in some type of energy assistance or conservation program will be provided tips and resources to reduce household energy consumption.

Community Economic Relief Fund, or CERF, is more of a general assistance program. Each agency is able to design the uses for which any type of grants or financial assistance will be provided. The non-profits can provide utilities, prescription medications, food, rent/mortgage assistance and more.

Home repairs are available for seniors. Low-income homeowners, and people faced with safety issues, can benefit from this housing program. It can pay for the replacement or repair of foundations, roofs, gutters, plumbing, electrical wiring, floors and other structural damage. Indiana residents may also volunteer to do free home repairs.

Government aid is also provided from the Energy Assistance Program (EAP), or LIHEAP. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps individuals and families pay the high cost of heating, gas, and utility bills by offering them cash grants and other support. This LIHEAP program may be the number one option available to families to help them keep their power on. Your local community action agency accepts applications.







This program assists working poor and low-income families in Indiana. Many families that are unemployed may also qualify. If you are found to be qualified, then clients will be provided a one-time grant. The LIHEAP program and your community action agency will pay your heating and/or electric company directly during the winter months. To learn more, or to apply, call your local outreach site for details or apply for energy bill help in Indiana from other sources.

Apply for rent and housing assistance from the federal government Housing Choice Voucher Program, or Section 8. It is paid for by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Your local community action agency in Indiana, working with public housing authorities, accepts and processes applications.  This housing program was designed to assist Indiana families that are very low-income. Another focus is on the disabled as well as elderly.

If you are enrolled, you will be able to select your own apartment or housing unit to live in. It does need to meet qualifications, including being decent, safe, affordable, and sanitary housing. Participants are able to choose any housing unit to live in, as long as it meets the requirements of the program. Once someone is approved for the Section 8 program in Indiana, and they find a home to live in, rental assistance in the form of a housing subsidy will be paid to the landlord on behalf of the beneficiary. The program participant will then need to pay the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord or apartment manager and the amount subsidized by the program.

Prescription assistance is offered from a resource known as Rx Assistance. It is a state of Indiana program that offers information and provides consumers with access to a database that has information on ways to get affordable, or free, medications and prescription drugs. Private foundations, many non-profits, and corporate sponsorships pay for this program. Many local agencies on aging offices offer the service for the less fortunate and senior citizens in their region. They can help clients and show them how to get free prescription medications.

Clients must provide financial information, details on their health insurance coverage, and also formally enroll. Your local area on aging or community action agency office sends the information to the participating drug companies and ensures you receive the discounts you are entitled too.

Indiana counseling and self-sufficiency

A primary function of any community action agency, whether in Indiana or any state, is on offering Case Management. Basically clients will be able to meet with a social worker/case manager. The professional will help the individual overcome barriers that they may be faced with when it comes to employment or self-sufficiency.

Case Management programs in Indiana will assist families and help them identify their own strengths and to determine what steps to take that will help them move forward.  Families work with specialists to create goals, develop the skills they need to become stronger, and to identify and connect with the services they need to reach those goals. This can include things like employment, or an agency can help you apply for a grant to pay some bills in a crisis. This is done while you work towards self-sufficiency.

Part of case management is employment assistance. Families can access a number of job training and placement services. Government funded WorkOne centers in Indiana can help qualified clients access resources such as databases on local employers, lists of open positions, and more. In addition, career counselors will offer guidance and support to those seeking help. This includes information on education and training programs, scholarships, certifications and other career building services. More on Indiana job training programs.

The Family Development/Self-Sufficiency Program is designed to help families with multi-dimensional problems become economically self-sufficient. Barriers often encountered by your local community agency are lack of education, employment/training, vocational training, unemployment or lack of work experience, transportation, affordable childcare, and life skills counseling.

Case managers will help address these. They work with the family to establish priorities and goals necessary to achieve self-sufficiency and form a step-by-step case management plan. Case managers work intensely with participants, providing life skills counseling, support, advocacy, decision-making and money management skills and reinforcement of positive self-esteem.





Some of the specialists employed by a non-profit agency may be called “family development consultants”. These individuals will partner with individuals and families to work on action plans that lead to stability and help meet the overall goal of self sufficiency. While sometimes these case sessions and plans may be required in order to enroll in assistance programs offered by a community action agency, in general they offered as a free and voluntary program in which families and individuals are encouraged to grow in many areas.

Locations of community action agency centers in Indiana

Area Five Agency on Aging & Community Services, Inc.
1801 Smith Street
Logansport, IN 46947-1577
Telephone: (574) 722-4451
Provides coverage to counties of Cass, Miami, Tipton, Wabash, and Howard. The non-profit operates low income apartments and housing. There is also home delivered meals for seniors or the disabled, crisis assistance grants for paying bills, and prescription medications. More on Indiana based Area Five Agency on Aging and Community Service.

Area IV Agency on Aging & Community Action Programs, Inc.
Main address is 660 N. 36th Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47903-4727
Call (765) 447-7683
Covers Carroll, Clinton, Tippecanoe, and White County.

Central Indiana Community Action Program
222 East 10th Street, Suite C
Anderson, Indiana 46015-0149
(765) 641-6504
Grant and Madison County. Low income families or the disabled can call for referrals and support. More on financial aid from Central Indiana Community Action Program.

Community & Family Services, Inc.
Mailing address - P.O. Box 1087
Portland, IN 47371-1087
Telephone: (260) 726-9318
Provides help for low income families in Adams, Blackford, Huntington, Jay, Randolph, and Wells County. Some of the primary services administered include energy bill assistance/LIHEAP, weatherization, and Head Start for children. Call to get more information on resources and programs available. Find Community and Family Services assistance programs.





Community Action of East Central Indiana, Inc.
P.O. Box 1314
Richmond, Indiana 47375-1314
Telephone: (765) 966-7733
Supports the regions and counties of Wayne, Fayette, and Union. They only operate Head Start & Early Head Start pre-school programs.

Community Action of Greater Indianapolis, Inc.
Main address is 3266 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Primary telephone number - (317) 396-1800
Low income programs are offered for people in Boone, Hamilton, Hendricks, and Marion County. This is the primary community action agency for Indianapolis and Marion County. Case managers can help people apply for government grants, foreclosure counseling, and emergency heating bill assistance. Find more details on Greater Indianapolis community action.

Community Action of Northeast Indiana, Inc. (CANI)
Address is 227 E. Washington Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Telephone: (260) 423-3546
Counties supported are DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Whitley, and Allen. Programs offered from the non-profit include Supportive Services for Veteran Families, weatherization, emergency rent or security deposit free help, and Head Start, among many others. More on community action Northeast Indiana.

Community Action of Southern Indiana
Location of office is 1613 E. 8th Street
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
(812) 288-6451
Counties supported are Floyd, Harrison, and Clarke. In order to find details on their social services or emergency programs, click here for details on Community Action of Southern Indiana assistance programs.

Community Action Program of Evansville & Vanderburgh Co., Inc. (CAPE)
Main address - 401 S.E. 6th Street, Suite 001
Evansville, Indiana 47713
Dial (812) 425-4241 for intake
Supports residents of Gibson, Posey, and Vanderburgh. Examples of programs include free foreclosure counseling, loans to pay for home repairs, weatherization, and emergency heating bill assistance applications. Other support is available from the non-profit community action agency as well. Learn more on assistance from Community Action Program of Evansville & Vanderburgh County.

Community Action Program, Inc. of Western Indiana
Mailing address is P.O. Box 188
Covington, IN 47932
(765) 793-4881
Provides services in Benton, Fountain, Montgomery, Parke, Warren, and Vermillion. Various services as for families living in poverty and those in a crisis. Locate financial help from Community Action Western Indiana programs.

Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corporation
Primary address is 521 West Main St
Mitchell, IN 47446-1410
Main phone number is (812) 849-4457
Orange, Lawrence, Martin, and Washington County.

Human Services, Inc.
Location - 1585 Indianapolis Road
Columbus, IN 47202-0588
Telephone - (812) 372-8407
The primary non-profit community action agency for seniors, the poor, and low income in Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Johnson, Shelby, and Jackson.





Interlocal Community Action Program, Inc.
Main location is 615 S.R. 38 West
New Castle, Indiana 47362-0449
(765) 529-4403
Assistance programs are offered for low income residents of Delaware, Hancock, Henry, and Rush. Call for information on programs such as food, emergency heating assistance, and credit counseling. Various self-sufficiency services are administered. More information on assistance from Interlocal Community Action Program.

Lincoln Hills Development Corporation
Tell City, IN 47586-0336
Telephone: (812) 547-3435
Counties include Crawford, Perry, and Spencer.

North Central Community Action Agencies, Inc.
Main location is 301 E. 8th Street
Michigan City, IN 46360-3489
Call (219) 872-0351 for information.
Supports people in LaPorte, Pulaski, and Starke.
The non-profit provides meals and applications to benefits to seniors, WIC vouchers, and more of the standard community action programs. Those range from grants for heating bills and educational support, including Head Start. More on North Central Community Action Agency programs.

Northwest Indiana Community Action Corporation
Main address is 5240 Fountain Drive
Crown Point, IN 46307
Telephone number is (219) 794-1829
Covers Jasper, Lake, Newton, and Porter. Low income families can get help applying for government benefits (such as SNAP food stamps or weatherization), referrals to emergency rent and transitional housing, and the Head Start program. Other services are available too. Click more on Northwest Indiana Community Action Corporation.

Ohio Valley Opportunities, Inc.
Madison, IN 47265-0625
(812) 265-5858
Counties supported by the non-profit are Jefferson, Jennings, and Scott.

Pace Community Action Agency, Inc.
Main location - 525 N. 4th Street
Vincennes, Indiana 47591-0687
Telephone number: (812) 882-7927
Regions and counties supported - Daviess, Greene, Knox, Sullivan

REAL Services, Inc.
Address: 1151 S. Michigan Street
South Bend, IN 46634-1835
Telephone: (574) 233-8205
Provide information and services to Elkhart, Fulton, Kosciusko, St. Joseph, and Marshall County. Programs include grants or zero interest loans to pay for rent as part of the Emergency Food and Shelter program. Other assistance from the Indiana agency includes free food vouchers, free meals, Geriatric Care Management, and security deposit assistance. Continue to Continue Real Services community action.

South Central Community Action Program, Inc.
Office address - 1500 W. 15th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404-3018
Telephone: (812) 339-3447
Counties covered are Brown, Morgan, Owen, and Monroe

Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation
Address: 110 Importing Street
Aurora, IN 47001-0240
Telephone: (812) 926-1585
This community agency offers services for the counties of Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland. Demand is always high for heating bill assistance. Other programs include grants for emergency expenses, child care, and referrals to public aid.

Location: 607 3rd Avenue
Jasper, Indiana 47547-0729
Telephone number - (812) 482-2233
Counties - Dubois, Pike, Warrick





Western Indiana Community Action Agency, Inc.
705 South 5th Street
Terre Haute, Indiana 47807
Telephone: (812) 232-1264
Covers the western portion of Indiana, including Clay, Putnam, and Vigo. Services include homeless prevention, foreclosure counseling, rent assistance, and more. Case managers can also offer self-sufficiency and information on government training/employment programs.


By Jon McNamara


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