Iowa Rental Help assistance programs.

Iowa Rental Help is a new program that was created to assist qualified Iowa renters, as well as some homeowners, who are experiencing housing difficulties. There may be financial help provided along with other services, such as mediation, to households who may be evicted or who are facing financial difficulties.

The overall goal is to help a tenant stay in their property or homeowner avoid a foreclosure. The program offers financial assistance and grants that can be used to help Iowans stay in their rental homes. Funds can also be used to help families find affordable housing that best suit their needs.

The Iowa Rental Help programs offers individuals and families with some or all of the following.

  • Rent subsidy that can be used to pay this expenses for up to eighteen months, and the grant can even be used to pay for up to six months of back-rent.
  • Case Management.
  • Costs of Inspections for Habitability Standards.
  • Free Hotel/Motel Vouchers that can be used for accommodations if adequate housing is not immediately available.
  • Money for paying for security deposits.
  • Housing Search and Placement Assistance Services.
  • Free Legal Assistance, however it is only for renters who may be evicted from their apartment or homes
  • Moving Cost Assistance, including for packing a truck, gas, and more.
  • Storage Costs Assistance

If you are currently a renter, in addition to above, Rental Help has a variety of tools that can be used to help you maintain stability and keep your housing. Not only does the state offer several resources to help you move forward, it can also pay rent and even your heating and utility bills for up to six months. There is non-financial aid as well.

Additional programs and assistance offered includes - Budget counseling (from HUD-approved counselor), Case management and guidance, Legal Aid – eviction only, Moving costs, funds for short term Rent Assistance, money for utility bills, and more. All of this is combined as part of the Iowa Rental Help service.





What if a own a home and am losing it?
If you are a current homeowner that is eligible for the program, and if you are losing your home (maybe due to foreclosure) and need to move into a rental unit or rental property, you may be able to receive financial assistance. While the tools used to help with a mortgage payment are limited, the grants from the Iowa Rental Help program to make the transition as smooth as possible

I am homeless. Can I get aid?
Yes. If you are one of the thousands of individuals who are currently homeless, you may receive financial assistance to help secure permanent rental housing. This financial aid is combined with other forms of upport to help you get back on your feet.




By Jon McNamara

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