Mississippi cash assistance programs.

Cash assistance is available for very low income families in Mississippi and those that live in poverty. This in effect free government money is available parents with children under the age of 18, whether they are married, are single moms or dads, or there is also available for people who are caring for other children. Find information below on how to apply for cash grants from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the average monthly payment amounts, and how the program works.

When qualified, the funds can be used to pay for basic living expenses. TANF, sometimes called welfare, can pay for the following bills and then some. The Department of Human Services can go over more details. But in general, the low income household can use the money to pay for:

  • -Rental expenses or cost of section 8 housing units.
  • -Mortgages.
  • -Utility bills, including light, water, electric, or air.
  • -Basic needs, including food, clothing, cleaning supplies, detergent, soap, and the like.
  • -Transportation costs such as car repairs, gasoline, or bus passes for work.
  • -Medical bills, equipment, and prescription drugs.

As noted, TANF grants can also pay other bills, but those are the most common uses. This form of financial assistance can’t be used to pay for non-critical needs, such as alcohol, tobacco, and similar bills. It is focused strictly on what the family needs to support themselves while they stabilize their living situation. There will never be “cash” given to the household. Rather old funds will be transmitted on an Mississippi MasterCard Debit Card.

Terms and conditions of Mississippi from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Some of the rules and regulations are below. The state has set some of their own conditions, but they also need to follow many federal government rules as part of TANF welfare. Some of the most critical terms are as follows, as well as details on how much money may be paid out each month. But the DHS case worker at a local office can provide more information on the program.





Mississippi DHS case workers will determine the amount of cash to be paid to the family. But the calculations are based on family size as well as income; the more children the more money is paid out from TANF. In general, the monthly payment amounts are $110 for one person in the home, $36 for the second person, and then $24 each month for a larger family. The average payment is $195 per month for a family of 4.

All applications require an interview from a DHS case worker. This can be done in person or over the phone for the homebound. This will determine why there is a need for financial assistance, what the family income and savings are, and what is being done for self-sufficiency. Backup documentation is needed, and the state requires extensive details on this.

There needs to be a child under the age of 18 living at home, who is in school, and the kid must also be taking action to be on the right path. TANF also encourages two-parent families, works to get families off federal and state of Mississippi public assistance, and is meant for stability. All applicants should be prepared. A decision is made within 30 days of the interview.

In addition to providing money to pay for bills, food, rent, and more, the Mississippi cash assistance program makes the parent prepare for employment, gain new job skills, budget properly, coordinates vocational training, and in effect it prepares them for future self-sufficiency. As the longest timeframe that TANF is available is 60 months over the resident’s lifetime unless a hardship case is approved; so the parent needs to be stable. It also ties into the local Workforce job placement centers.

To apply for cash aid in Mississippi, or to get more details on how the program works, dial 601.359.4500.



By Jon McNamara

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