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Cash assistance in Georgia.

The Georgia Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash assistance program, sometimes referred to as TANF or welfare, provides thousands of dollars per year to low income families and/or those living in poverty. It is a time limit benefit, meaning that the cash payments in GA end after a certain amount of time. The cash based program also offers other support around child care, employment, and other financial aid.

TANF also includes an employment as well as job training component. The state will require beneficiaries to either work, entering job training, or participate in other self-sufficiency services. Find details on how much cash you will get each month in Georgia and how to apply below, as well as when you will receive your payment and how it is calculated by a DCFS County office.

Details on TANF cash aid in Georgia

There are a few main goals. They include to keep families together with their children, including single moms and dads. At the same time, the state will encourage two parent families due to the economic benefits of two wage earners, it encourages marriages, and discourages out of wedlock pregnancies. As studies show all of that can lead to lower household incomes and/or higher poverty levels. All applicants need to have a child under the age of 18 as well, as it is intended to give financial help to a family and not an individual.

The exact amount of cash assistance paid out will vary based on county and region of Georgia. Cash assistance tends to be higher in the cities, such as Atlanta as well as Savannah due to cost of living. But TANF is regional based. The average TANF cash assistance payment in the state is $223 per month for a family of three. There is a maximum payment, and it is $280 per month which can be applied to on the gateway. Checks are sent to the household each month.

The lifetime limit and how long to receive aid for is 48 months. So, if TANF is paid out for 12 months, then the resident can only receive aid for 36 more months. The financial support will not go on indefinitely. There is a calculator as well as contact information of where to apply at DFCS office.

As noted, self-sufficiency is required. Cash assistance in Georgia requires a personal responsibility statement from the applicant. This will state the child or kids will go to school, the parent will work, train, or seek a job, and that the beneficiary will strive to improve their financial condition among other things. The kid as well as the parent need to grow and development.





Benefits and how to apply to GA cash assistance program

There are many. Not only will the couple hundred dollars per month or so allow the family to pay their bills (hopefully on time), buy some food, cover housing or work-related expenses, but there is also a Support services part of TANF. This provides much of the other assistance the parent (or even single mom or dad) may need.

The state of Georgia, working with county Division of Family and Children Services Offices, will arrange for child support and care. The state will also pay for work related expenses, such as clothing or uniforms, cover some transportation/bus passes, and other expenses. All the TANF grants are meant to cover the needs and pay the bills that lead to self-sufficiency.

To apply for cash assistance in Georgia, call your local Division of Family and Children Services Office or use the gateway. It can be found here. Or the main customer service support center is at (877) 423-4746.


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