Online surveys and market research can help you pay bills.

You can make money from the comfort of your home from taking online surveys or conducting market research. In addition to getting paid for completing a survey, you can also get paid for shopping at certain online retailers which are part of this industry. This is another service that is offered by many of the companies as the survey industry is closely affiliated with many retailers and discount sites . For example you can get 5% cash back for shopping at Wal-Mart, or 7% at Babies R Us, find free coupons, or get paid for signing up to test products or services.

So many of the regular, everyday things you do on a daily basis you can get paid for just by using these sites. The extra income you earn can help you pay bills and those who work hard enough can develop a recurring income stream. After you sign up for the free survey companies listed below, we think you should visit their forums to see how real people are making real cash and to also find their FAQ guides. Or feel free to email us at the “contact” at the bottom of this page and we can send you some tips to make money with these companies.

While you may not get rich this way, it is common for many people to make an extra $5 - $100 per month using online surveys. If you put a little extra time and effort into them, you can maybe even increase that to a few hundred dollars per month (or even more!). Another benefit of online surveys is that you can even start a survey business by referring friends, family, and others, and doing this will tend to lead to more longer term success.

Some people wonder whether these are legit services or not. Like anything in life, it will take work to make some money using an online survey company. Always read the fine print, be cautious when a company asks for money from you, and tread carefully. However many of the survey companies are free to sign up for and do not ask for any personal information. ABC News wrote an extensive article on the many who have had success with online surveys. More.

To take an online survey, they wil require people to sign up. If they ask for someone to pay a few dollars for this, be careful of this. For the free providers though, you need to do nothing but register with some of the solid online survey companies. The extra income you can easily make will help you with paying your monthly bills and debts.





Online survey process

Once you have registered with an online survey or market research type company, they will start to send you surveys to be completed or you can pro-actively select products to test. Each company is a little different in what they offer. That is one reason we recommend using their forums for tips on how to make money.

It is important to note that there are dozens of online survey companies out there and you need to research them to determine the best deals. This should also be done to ensure the online survey company will be around and is a solid company. Find the best online survey companies here. As an example of what we consider not the best, some online survey companies will promise participants a large sum of money or a great prize, but all that they give away are sweepstakes.

Here are some tips to help you pick the best legitimate online survey companies for participating in. These suggestions will also apply to most work at home opportunities, such as market research companies, shopping providers, and the like. We also have some suggestions on what people can do to make extra cash for paying their bills and debt.

You need to try to find and use those survey companies that have decent feedback on the Internet and that are proving they pay out. You can use the search box below, and ask for reviews on the company in the search. Use google to do research and review the better business bureau or online forums. The search may show you a range of comments and feedback that should assist you in learning about a particular company.

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Have patience with the survey process, as it may appear very easy to make extra cash, but it is not always so. You need to work at it. It may take time and some effort to earn some cash for paying bills, and if you keep at it and use their referral services, this is what leads to the most success.

You need to try and get registered for several (at least around ten) online survey companies. This provides more opportunities to test products, be in a panel, and can lead to a higher revenue stream. Logically, if you are eligible for an online survey and it is paying $5, it may take around 30-35 minutes. So if you complete nearly 3-4 each day, the average paid out over the month is pretty good.

Registering with any online survey companies that asks you to pay a membership fee is not highly recommended. If you do this, be sure to closely review the site and their terms and conditions. You can usually find the same market research companies for free.

Keep the following key points in mind while selecting the online survey company to work with. These will help you to avoid having a poor experience.

  • The company needs to be in the online survey business for at least 1 year. Do not sign up with an upstart, especially if they ask for an upfront registration fee.
  • Search for an organized, smooth to navigate site and directory.
  • Check that the online company makes you eligible immediately for payments.
  • Review for good customer service via e-mail or phone. Call or e-mail them, with expected response time less than 24 hours.
  • If they are asking people to test products, be sure it is an item you would be interested in.





Best free online survey companies

Some of the best free paid online survey sites that many people use to get extra income to help with paying bills include: Greenfield Online Surveys, Ciao Surveys, Getpaidtotry, NPD Research, Cash Crate, Cash Troops, Survey Savvy, American Consumer opinion, Light Speed, Global test Market, Opinion outpost, Pinecone Research, Synovate, NFO My Survey,, ECN Research, Opinion square, Ipsos, Treasure Trooper, Net Ratings and Survey Spot. Find additional lists of survey companies.

Finding a strong company to use for your online surveys and making extra money is not very difficult. There are many valid companies with a long operating history out there. All you need to do is some research prior to selecting a company, and we hope these tips have helped.

By Jon McNamara

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