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Free money for veterans.

There are a number of agencies that provide free money for veterans. There is financial help from the federal government, non-profits as well as charities. Veterans, and often their immediate families, will get free money for housing, disabilities, medical needs and more. Many of the programs provide immediate cash. Find free government money for veterans as well as funds from non-profits.

Most of the money, whether for emergency or long term needs, goes to low-income veterans, those with a disability, the homeless or people with a physical or mental health issue, such as anxiety, PTSD or depression. Each program has its own application process, with some available online or at a local VA or government office. Learn more on various ways that veterans can get free cash to help with bills or other needs.

Free money from the government for veteran housing

Money for rent, mortgages or utilities is from the SSVF program, or Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). This government benefit will help either (1) homeless or (2) low-income veterans and their families. The cash from the government as part of SSVF is a form of homeless prevention and/or rapid rehousing for veterans.

SSVF offers a range of services, including case management, assistance with obtaining VA and public benefits, and free money to help pay rent, utilities, security deposits, partial mortgage costs or other housing needs. The government grant money from Supportive Services for Veteran Families is accessible nationwide, with local SSVF providers available in each state. Generally, applications are taking by a social service agency, public housing authority, or non-profit near you. Get help with rent for veterans.

Private landlords, housing authorities, and apartment communities work to try to accommodate veterans and their families. They offer affordable homes or apartments, free month(s) of rent or flexible security deposits, options for people with low or bad credit and more. Some landlords try to be flexible for veteran housing needs, including those with a low-income or credit scores. Find details on apartments that don't do credit checks.

Free cash assistance, SNAP food stamps, state government money and more is available from a variety of government benefit programs. Low-income veterans can apply for these too. There is money from TANF, Medicaid insurance and many others that are in addition to veteran specific programs. Learn more public assistance and government benefits.




How veterans with a disability can get free money

There are several government benefit programs for disabled veterans. Of course, emergency financial help, including free vouchers or money, is often available at non-profits as well. Financial assistance is available from the VA, Social Security Administration, as well as other agencies

The Social Security Administration offers free short- or long-term disability money. The funds are part of the Expedited Disability for veterans who have a VA compensation rating of 100% Permanent and Total (P&T). Whether PTSD, a physical or mental disability, anxiety, or something else, this government benefit will give the cash they need.

This program expedites the processing of disability claims for Social Security benefits, including SSI or SSDI. The Social Security Administration will ensure that veterans with severe disabilities can quickly access the money as well as any other emergency financial resources they need ASAP. Call 1-800-772-1213, or learn more on veteran emergency disability claims.

Free money for veteran homecare is part of the Aid and Attendance Pension. This is a government service for war-era veterans, their families and survivors who require assistance with daily living activities. This program increases the amount of free government money paid out from the monthly pension amount for those who need help with everyday tasks. The funds can pay for home repairs, caregiving and many other related bills. Get details on veteran assisted living assistance.

The Homebound Pension Benefit is specifically for veterans, their spouses, kids and/or survivors who are housebound due to disability. The program offers free money in the form of a monthly pension to eligible veterans as a means of financial support. In general, the free government funds need to be paid caregiver, home repairs or modification, repairs and more. So there are some limits to the type of bills the money can be used for. Continue with VA homebound applications.





  • In addition to that financial assistance above, senior or elderly veterans can get additional cash from the government. There is the more “general” Pension Program. This provides additional free cash to a veteran each month. The benefit offers a tax-free monthly payment to war-era veterans with a low-income or no money who are aged 65 or older, or have a permanent and total non-service-connected disability. This program provides supplemental income to help disabled or elderly veterans meet their financial needs.

The VA Automobile Allowance and Adaptive Equipment Program is a benefit provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for transportation needs, ranging from a car or truck to adaptive equipment, such as scooters or wheelchairs. There is money available for veterans with certain service-connected disabilities. The program aims to enhance mobility and independence by providing financial assistance for the purchase and adaptation of an automobile or other means of transportation.

The federal program provides a free government grant money toward the purchase of a new or used automobile. If needed, there is funds to also pay for power steering or brakes as well as windows or power seats. Or the government cash will help pay for any special equipment necessary to assist the eligible veteran into and out of the vehicle. Apply here at the VA online resource.

  • Other non-profits, corporations, auto dealers and other groups will provide free money for transportation, interest free loans, or even cars to veterans. They giveaway vehicles for veterans to help them with employment, education, job training or other needs. There may even be free vouchers or gas, bus passes or other needs. Locate vehicles for veterans.Free money for veterans

Free cash for veterans for job training or medical

For veterans who need extra free cash for employment needs, or for those who seeking to improve their career prospects, the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) is an excellent resource of free government money. This program targets unemployed veterans between the ages of 35 and 60, offering them up to 12 months of training assistance.

Note only can the free money pay for training, education, certifications or other needs, but the government funds can help pay for the stuff a veteran needs for the training or job. This means there is financial help for work clothes, transportation such as a car or repairs to one, computers, bus passes and more. Find how to get a VRAP application.

VA Medical Care is a free government benefit. This medical and dental program is critical for veterans, providing a range of free money for medical, insurance as well as a wide variety of health care services. The VA arranges hospital care, outpatient services, therapy, surgery, transportation and prescription drug coverage.

This government health care benefit is available to veterans who served in active military, naval, or air service and were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable. There is direct financial help in the form of cash, vouchers, and free or discounted care for a range of medical needs that veterans may have. VA Medical Care can be accessed at VA medical facilities across the country. Learn more on Veteran Administration (VA) Health Care.

Additional free benefit programs for veterans

As noted, many non-profits provide free emergency money to veterans. However, there are also corporations that provide discounts or free services to veterans and their families, shopping services, coupons and many other options. Some of these programs give financial help in the form of free grant money while others support veterans in other ways.





Veterans will get free savings, discounts and maybe even free phones from wireless and cable companies. Many phone companies, as well as cable providers, offer veteran phone or high speed internet discounts as a thank you for their service. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, and US Cellular among others all have military discount programs that provide savings on phone plans and services to active-duty military members, veterans, and their families. Get a veteran discount from a cell phone company.

Free money is from the federal government Basic Needs Allowance (BNA) program. Note this is a slightly different benefit in that the cash is for low-income, active-duty military members that live in or near poverty levels in their community. It is in effect free additional money for service members who live in an unaffordable city, county, or state. Veterans who may be aware of who this benefit can help should let active duty military members be aware of it. Continue with basic needs allowance military.

The Veterans Advantage program is a free privately-run service. It discounts, free cash back programs and benefits to active-duty military members, veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and their families. The program is designed to provide savings on a variety of products and services as a token of appreciation for the service and sacrifices made by the military community.

Members of Veterans Advantage can access free discounts from a network of companies across various industries, including travel, online shopping, retail, entertainment, electronics, and more. Some of the popular free discounts to save money on airfare, hotels, car rentals, retail shopping, prescription medications, and various lifestyle services. Sign u for Veteran Advantage.

Churches often help veterans. They give out free stuff, food, emergency money to stop homelessness or hunger, and other aid. While church resources are limited, many faith based groups go out of their way to help service members. Learn how to get money from a church.

The free Veterans online shopping benefit, often referred to as the Shop My Exchange program, will also help veterans and their families save money. This service is an initiative by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) that allows honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces to shop at online military exchanges. It is effects makes the discounts that the government gets available to a veteran. It is for Navy, Coast Guard Exchange, Marine Corps, and also the Army & Air Force Exchange Service.

Veterans can find a wide variety of low-cost, discounted or maybe even free products including electronics, clothing, computers, cell phones, household goods, furniture, and more, often at prices that are lower than what’s typically available in civilian retail stores. Moreover, the shopping is tax-free and sometimes offers free shipping on certain products. More on Shop My Exchange Military.

The VA Vet Center Program, which is provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The government benefit will help veterans and service members make a successful transition from military to civilian life, with a particular emphasis on those who may be struggling with psychological, social, or readjustment issues.







There is information on Readjustment or Bereavement, details on free hardship grant money from state or federal resources, Mental Health Services such as for PTSD or depression, Benefits Assistance, Employment resources and more. The free call center phone number is 1-877-927-8387.

Military OneSource is only for veterans who recently left active duty, generally within the last year. The U.S. Department of Defense program provides a variety of free resources. This includes Relocation Assistance (as well as how to get money to pay for housing or moving), Spouse Career Advancement, Legal Aid from free pro-bono lawyers, career planning, health and wellness coaching, and more. Free money as well as applications to financial help is just one part of this program. Get Military financial counseling.


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