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Get a free car for a veteran.

There are charities, government benefit programs and companies that will give a free car to a veteran. A vehicle may be given for work reasons, transportation for every day use, or autos for the disabled as well. Find how a veteran can get a free car, whether a truck, SUV, or some other vehicle.

When it comes the men and women who have served our country, ensuring that they receive the resources necessary for a quality life post-service is vital, and that includes a free car for those with a low-income. Many veterans may find themselves in a position where they are in need of a reliable vehicle for their daily commute, family life, starting a business or even for medical reasons. There are several programs that provide assistance to veterans in acquiring a vehicle at no cost or even in fixing one, and look here for details on free auto repair for veterans.

Organizations that give free cars or trucks to veterans

Cars 4 Heroes is a non-profit organization that aims to provide free, reliable transportation to veterans, active-duty military, and their families who are struggling to obtain a vehicle. The non-profit recognizes the sacrifices made by our military members and strives to ease their transition into civilian life by offering them a means of transportation, which includes free trucks, cars, motorcycles or something else.

When applying, the applicant needs to describe the reason for needing a car. As noted, this is a free transportation program for veteran, an active-duty military member, or a family member of a veteran or active-duty military member as well, such as their spouse or partner.

Vehicles for Veterans uses donations from the community, including private individuals, auto dealerships, churches and corporations. The non-profit then uses the money from the sale of donated vehicles to fund programs that provide assistance to disabled and other veterans in need. They both collect from the public and/or give to veterans cars, free trucks, boats, or other vehicles.

This program has local applications. As Vehicle for Veterans has affiliates across the nation, and one likely near you, in which both donations are taking and a free car given to a veteran.





Progressive’s Keys to Progress program is an initiative where the insurance company gives away free vehicles to deserving veterans, including low-income ones. In general, about 100 cars or trucks are given away by the corporation each year. The cars from Progressive’s Keys to Progress  are usually presented on a designated giveaway day, which is typically held in November.

All applicants need to both be able to get a driver’s license in their state and get car insurance, whether from Progressive or another corporation. The giveaway also provides free vehicle to veterans who demonstrate and need and use of it, such as to get to work, start a business, or medical needs.

Disabled veterans can get financial help from the government, or sometimes a free car, from the VA Automobile Allowance and Adaptive Equipment Program. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers grant money to veterans with service-related disabilities to purchase a new or used vehicle. While it usually doesn’t provide free cars, the money from the VA will alleviate the financial burden by providing grants that can be used to buy or adapt vehicles so that they are suitable for disabled veterans.

The government provides help to veterans who have a service-connected disability and be qualified for compensation for the disability under Title 38, United States Code. The VA processes applications to this financial assistance programs for cars or transportation. free car programs

The Purple Heart Foundation may, from time to time, provide veterans and people who have been injured serving our country either (1) free grants to purchase a vehicle or (2) free cars. This national non-profit also relies on donations from the community, and resources are limited.


Veterans, or in some cases their family members, will get a free car or financial assistance to purchase a vehicle. There is also government aid for purchasing or adapting vehicles for disabled veterans. These programs recognize the service and sacrifices made by our military members. Veterans or their families should consider these options to get a free new or used vehicle.


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