Help with rent from the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program.

Numerous non-profit organizations, charities and government agencies work to prevent homelessness among veterans. They take a pro-active approach by offering funds for paying rent to those facing eviction. Programs will also rehouse those that are currently homeless. Some of the resources include HUD-VASH as well as assistance from Volunteers of America.

A new partnership was formed between Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The goal of the program is to provide housing and rental assistance to tens of thousands of veterans and their family members across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Tens of millions of dollars has been granted to the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program. The funds are being designated to various state public housing authorities as well as non-profits such as Volunteers of America (VOA). This will allow local government officials to give out tens of thousands of rental assistance vouchers that will help veterans pay their rent, security deposits, and otherwise avoid evictions from homes and apartments in their communities. Funds may also be provided to help anyone who is currently homeless find a new home or apartment to live in.

The chairwoman of the Senate Housing Appropriations subcommittee has said that these rental vouchers will pay for a year’s rent for a veteran who has sacrificed for our country.

In addition to providing rental assistance, eligible veterans and their families are provided case management and support services by their local Veterans Health Administration medical centers.

The various housing authorities at the local, state, and federal levels who mange HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) will work very closely with local VA medical centers to manage the assistance programs.

Case managers

In addition, the VA Public Affairs Officer has said the Veterans Administration would provide a case manager as part of the partnership with HUD, and the case manager can provide such support as assistance with medical bills or even debt counseling. However a key focus on the support programs will be trying to help a veteran either find a job or improve the skills they currently have.





The case managers who are assigned to the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program will help select the veterans and their families who are most in need of assistance. They will meet with them to get an accurate picture of their current personal and financial situation.

After this initial assessment is completed, the case manager will aid them with their housing needs and also follow up with them on any other needed care. The number of programs available is extensive. The case manager will cover all available resources, such as funds for moving costs, security deposits, and either first month’s or back rent. Even the federal government mortgage assistance plan for Veterans will be offered.

The veterans and their families who are receiving help may be having a hard time paying their rent and they may be facing eviction, or they may be homeless today. In either case there is help available for them from the program.

Apply for Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program

The rent and housing program is being administered by your local Housing and Urban Development Office (HUD). They will accept and process applications, provide more information, and guide individuals throughout the entire process. Your local non-profit HUD agency will help you apply for Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program. Find your HUD agency.

Another key organization is Volunteers of America. This organizations has dozens of offices across the nation. They provide a number of services and assistance programs to veterans and members of the military, including information on the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program. That is not all that is offered though as they focus on those that are struggling with paying their rent or that are currently homeless. Staff from VOA will try to arrange emergency funds for paying rent, direct clients to shelter or transitional housing, and offer other social services. Read Volunteers of America  programs.




More information may also be available from a few different sources. One of them will be a public housing authority, or PHA. These are located in most towns and counties. Staff from a PHA can usually provide information on the VASH program as well as other solutions, such as section 8 rental vouchers. Click more information.


By Jon McNamara

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