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Expedited disabled veteran applications, claims and benefits.

There is an accelerated disability filing process in place for many veterans as well as wounded warriors. The federal government and Social Security Administration (SSA) have a system in place for veterans will both expedite the review of their application as well as the processing of their disability claims. There are emergency disability applications for those that have a Veterans Affairs Compensation rating of 100% Permanent and Total.

The federal government created this application process for people that have our served our nation. The Social Security Administration and well as VA affairs (and other agencies) all participate. While there are conditions in place, generally this is effective for those applicants with a Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation rating of 100 permanent and total (P&T). In addition, wounded warriors will also have an accelerated disability claim process in place.

Advantages of veteran disability filing process

This was implemented as in the past, filing for disability benefits just took too long. The veteran or member of our military would sometimes struggle to provide for their basic needs and pay the bills while they awaited a decision or some type of cash assistance from SSDI.

As many veterans and their families know, both the Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs may be able to pay out disability benefits to those that qualify. The exact way they go about this, and how they approve applications and process claims will differ though. Some of the key differences in the programs are below. There are other emergency programs too for homebound veterans, such as home care or modifications, and look into the Homebound Pension Benefit.

The SSA program in place will help reduce backlogs and cut through unnecessary red tape. It will ensure that disabled veterans and former military members receive the benefits they’ve earned, even including Medicare coverage. There may even be some compensation available for spouses and/or children under certain conditions. For example, in general, if a disabled veteran has a child under the age of 18 years old, or maybe they are still in college, then that person may be able to benefit as well from this government assistance.

Steps for the expedited disability application process

The Social Security Administration has their own definition of being disabled. For a veteran, this fast service is for those who are 100% disabled. The applicant can’t be able to do substantial work because of their medical condition. The condition must be expected to last at minimum of one year. Social Security does not rely or use the VA compensation rating as a deciding factor




In order for a veteran to receive expedited processing of their application, they need to identify themselves as rated 100% P&T or that they were wounded. They need to do this up front when applying for benefits. This can be communicated either over the phone or in person with the social security administration. When applying online, it is imperative to enter “Veteran 100% permanent and total P&T” on the application, in the remark section.

When veterans are applying for disability benefits, they need to go through the standard Social Security application process. They can complete an application online, dial 1-800-772-1213, or stop by a local social security office if they have an appointment. If someone currently receives VA compensation or grants from the government, this will not impact their potential Social Security claims or any benefits they are entitled too.

While the application for a veteran is marked as high priority, it will still take time to approve a claim, so plan in advance. Be prepared with documentation, medical records and more. It is even a good idea to have the names and contact information for all the doctors you have seen as well as the address of the military site or base where your records are kept.

The government will still need proof from your doctor, they need to understand the nature of your disability, and in some cases checkups or a medical examination will still need to take place. The veteran applying for benefits should have all their records and paperwork in order, as that can help speed up the process.

For those veterans that are 100% P&T, the government may pay out two different types of benefits. They include SSDI (Social Security disability insurance program) which is for those that worked in the past. The other option is Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which will assist a veteran, wounded warrior, or their family based on their exact need.





Contact information

Veterans can call social security administration customer service for help at 1-800-772-1213., or reach out to a VA office near them. However, always keep in mind that the VA rating and this process only expedites the processing time for Social Security disability claims. It won’t guarantee an approval for benefits and all other qualifications will still need to be met by applicants.


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