Nassau and Suffolk Salvation Army assistance programs.

Families in need can contact the Salvation Army in Long Island. The non-profit can provide emergency financial assistance, case management, and offer the needy numerous options. Several centers are located across Suffolk and Nassau Counties New York, and thousands of low income and working poor families receive help every year. Services range from free food and meals, to funds for paying rent, medications or heating bills. Seasonal programs include Christmas assistance, back to school supplies, and much more.

Across the nation, and in New York, many families and individuals are struggling in this economic environment, and they are in constant financial jeopardy. Many are a missed paycheck or two away from a crisis. Or sometimes an illness or a spouse who leaves the family causes a hardship. Regardless of your circumstances or religion, the Salvation Army may have resources for you.

Social workers and volunteers are dedicated to the local Suffolk and Nassau communities they serve. They will do all they can to help the less fortunate. If an office gets specific walk-in requests for items like toiletries or winter coats, they will try to meet these requests or refer clients to outside non-profit agencies that can help. These ongoing Salvation Army corps programs are also great tools for offering financial and emergency assistance supplements, especially at the end of the month when social security checks and food stamps come up short.

Emergency direct assistance is provided from up to 30 locations across the greater New York area, including Salvation Army centers on Long Island. The staff and the Salvation Army provide services to needy families and individuals with a documented crisis or need in the following areas. The agency may have limited prescription medication assistance, clothing and utility/heating bill assistance for crisis intervention. If a local center can’t help you, they will still offer intake and assessments, and the agency will link clients to other government or non-profit assistance programs within The Salvation Army or local community resources.

The available programs and services differ drastically depending on the nearby populations they serve. Other financial assistance, which is determined by funding supplemented by special grants, may include rental or housing assistance, eviction prevention, vouchers for emergency assistance with medications, food items for special dietary needs, clothing, and small household items.





Heating bill and energy assistance is offered in a crisis. Salvation Army will do its best to help people who are faced with a disconnection, or who are running out of heating fuel. This can include referring people to programs such as LIHEAP, or they may have small amounts of financial assistance that can be used to help pay utilities. The funds will need to be used to help stop a disconnection of utility services. Or people who would otherwise go cold during the winter may get some funds for paying heating bills.

Case management is offered. The Salvation Army will try to address what is causing the crisis. They will offer other forms of assistance to families in Nassau and Suffolk County New York. This can include referrals, credit and budget counseling, government aid, job programs, and emotional support as necessary. An objective is to prevent homelessness, and ensure people have an income to pay their rent and bills.

Homeless services are provided to those whose personal or financial situations have reached beyond the point of preventive solutions. Several homeless shelters are operated in Nassau and Suffolk County, and the agency also offers other support services. This can include family residences, veterans’ shelters, and housing for mentally ill. There is also a short-term homeless women’s assessment program, which helps connect single parents and women with appropriate long term care.

Adult Education may be provided. This can include ESL classes, which are an important Salvation Army service, especially around a diverse region such as New York. Other services include general continuing education classes, computer classes, and high school diploma equivalency classes (GEDs) are also available at many community centers across Long Island.

Many senior citizens across the region, including in Suffolk County, live on a fixed income that is often limited. So the Salvation Army offers special programs to help meet the needs of elderly and seniors. Retirement usually means living on a fixed income, and seniors may have inevitable health problems, the loneliness of living without a companion, an increased sense of dependency. Senior assistance can include free breakfasts at centers, medical consultations, social security advice, as well as recreational activities such as classes and workshops or recreational sessions.





Soup kitchens and food pantries are located at over 20 centers in the greater New York region, including Long Island. The centers provide free food, distribute grocery vouchers, and they will try to ensure families, the elderly, and seniors have access to healthy, nutritional, and affordable food. Items for students, such as meals or school supplies/backpacks may be available at a thrift stores or food pantry.

Suffolk County Salvation Army Centers

East Northport, 319 Clay Pitts Rd. 11731, 631-368-1170
Riverhead, 130 Osborne Ave. 11901, dial 631-727-3338

Nassau County is served by locations at the following.

Freeport, 66 Church St. 11520, 516-378-4557
Hempstead, Citadel 65 Atlantic Ave. 11550, dial 516-485-4900
Westbury, 992 Prospect Ave. 11590, main phone number is 516-338-7265




By Jon McNamara

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