Jefferson County Alabama free clothing closets, furniture, and school supply programs.

Charities in Jefferson County use donations from the population in order to provide free clothes and household goods to the needy. The items available from the centers range from school supplies to professional work attire, furniture for a hand more. The hours of the clothing closets across Birmingham Alabama vary, but some of the primary locations are below.

The exact items passed out will also change, often throughout the year and from month to month. If general, the items will be gently used, whether it is furniture such as an appliance or general clothing items.. However some very low income families in a crisis may be given a gift certificate to buy clothes for free at a local store.

Anyone that needs help can contact a Jefferson County clothing bank. There may be school uniforms or supplies, play clothes, shoes, jackets, backpacks for students, and other seasonal items such as coats. If someone does not qualify for assistance, then a local thrift store can be used as these are open to the general public.

American Red Cross
Address is 1720 Second Avenue North
Bessemer, AL 35020
(205) 428-4131
They only help in a crisis, such as a tornado or hurricane. Replacement clothing, vouchers for household goods, or new furniture may be some of the items available in Jefferson County.
Another service center is at 114 22nd Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233, telephone (205) 795-8700.
Parts of the county are also served from an office at 4524 Southlake Parkway, Suite 5, Hoover, AL 35244, dial (205) 987-2792





Foundry Rescue Mission And Recovery Center
Address is 1804 6th Avenue North
Bessemer, Alabama 35020
Call (205) 428-8449
The charity has clothing benevolence for families, furniture vouchers, and an auto donation program. A thrift store sells gently used clothing, appliances, and other goods.

Salvation Army
Bessemer center is at is at 525 13th Street, Bessemer, Alabama 35020, dial (205) 425-4303
Or stop by 2130 11th Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35234, telephone - (205) 328-5656
Services include a clothes closet to the public. There may be free school supplies for children from low income families and other emergency programs. Also, free toys, maybe at birthdays or Christmas, may be given to children from low income parents. There is also a low cost thrift store for furniture and other goods. More on Salvation Army Jefferson County AL assistance programs.

Triumph Youth And Adult Community Development
4910 Huntsville Avenue
Bessemer, Alabama 35020
For hours, dial (205) 424-6892





23rd Street Baptist Church
Address is 331 23rd Street South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233
Phone - (205) 251-1752
Qualified working poor as well as unemployed families can use the clothing closet for free gently used goods.

Birmingham AIDs Outreach
205 32nd Street South #101
Birmingham, Alabama 35233-3007
(205) 918-8192
Only support households with HIV or Aids. Loaner medical equipment, housing, and clothes may be passed out by the non-profit.

Catholic Center Of Concern
Address is 712 4th Court West
Birmingham, AL 35204
(205) 786-4388
After an assessment, clothing and other goods may be passed out to families in a crisis.

Church Of The Reconciler
Address: 112 14th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203
For information, call (205) 324-6402

Birmingham City Schools Special Needs
Address is 2015 7th Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35202
(205) 231-422
Underprivileged students can get help with school supplies, transportation, uniforms, and books. They also help students that have special educational needs. Locate other programs that have free uniforms for school.

Tri-coastal Community Outreach
Location is 10520 Highway 188
Main phone - (251) 865-9731
An assessment will direct the family to long term support. There may be clothing, diapers, food, and other crisis support given in Jefferson County Alabama. Some basic furniture, like a kitchen table, chair, bed, electronics, or some other used goods may be offered too.




Eastern Area Christian Ministries
Location is 8000 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35206
Dial (205) 836-9932
The church only supports residents of the zip codes of 35126, 35173, 35206, 35210, 35215, 35217, and 35235. The clothing closet is open limited hours. There may be school uniforms, toys, notebooks, and similar goods for struggling Jefferson County families.

Greater Birmingham Ministries
Address is 2304 12th Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35234
Telephone - (205) 326-6821

Helpline Christian Outreach Ministries
8 Roebuck Drive
Birmingham, AL 35215
Telephone: (205) 833-7712

My Child's Closet
Birmingham, AL 35259
(205) 541-8436
The agency will only help children. There may be coats, school supplies or uniforms, pajamas, shoes, and more. The clothing bank is a boutique style shopping experience in which parents and children only pick what they need.

Free Community Furniture Bank
19 Distribution Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209
For hours and information, dial (205) 942-2727
A number of assistance programs are offered. People can donate furniture, beds, couches, kitchen or household appliances and other items. The charity will then deliver the goods to income qualified low income families, including seniors, disabled, single moms and others. It is the Jefferson County Alabama area free furniture bank.

Serving You Ministries
5700 Deerfoot Parkway
Trussville, Alabama 35173
Main phone - (205) 908-7985

Old Firehouse Shelter
Location is 1501 3rd Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
(205) 252-9571
A shelter is combined with case management and clothing. They also offer job placement services.





Southside Baptist Church
1016 19th Street South
Birmingham, Alabama 35205
(205) 933-8381
Clothes for work, blankets for the homeless, and other support is from the charity.

YWCA Central Alabama
309 North 23rd Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Telephone number - (205) 322-9922
This is a thrift store, or resale clothing shop, that sells low cost new or gently used goods. Clothing for work or interviews is combined with furniture and more. Buy slacks, pants, desks, coffee table furniture, toys for kids and other goods.

By Jon McNamara

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