Birmingham and Jefferson County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Programs offered by the Salvation Army in Birmingham Alabama focus on homeless prevention and helping people who are faced with a crisis. A wide variety of social services, housing resources, holiday assistance, rental assistance and other financial aid is offered, with priority given to seniors and low income families with children. Those facing eviction or who are currently homeless may also greatly benefit from Birmingham Salvation Army Corp centers.

The primary Social Services Center is located at 11th Avenue North in Birmingham Alabama. This is the main location for financial assistance, food, and emergency help. Other shelters and short term housing is offered, including homeless shelters for single parents, men, women, and children. Disaster relief is also offered from this center.

Anytime anyone receives emergency financial assistance or support, they will provide that individual with individualized case management services. Case managers want to ensure the Jefferson County family gains long term self-sufficiency as well.

Rent, utility bill, and housing assistance is offered from the Salvation Army Homeless Prevention Program. In an effort to prevent individuals from being evicted and becoming homeless, a number of financial assistance programs focus on that need. Receive help with paying your mortgage or rent, as well as funds for electric and cooling bills. This aid is sometimes available and is provided to those with proof of need.

Note, this is a limited program, and it relies heavily on grants and other funding sources from the general public and government that is sometimes unavailable. So the rent and housing resources from the Salvation Army are limited. Dial 205-328-5656 for information on Jefferson County homeless prevention, or tenants can find other churches or charities that can show them how to get help with rent to stop an eviction from their home.

Food assistance is provided too from the social service center. Emergency grocery and food boxes are distributed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and rarely on other days. They will be passed out until they are gone.





The Transitional Housing Program known as Keys to Success will help people get back on track and into unassisted housing on their own. The resource is offered for single parents, or two parent families. The Birmingham Salvation Army can offer individuals information on this HUD-supported program, and it offers one and two-bedroom apartments. Clients will need to be either in school or currently employed. Any rent payment paid out will be determined by the parent’s total household income. Food and meals are also offered as a form of assistance, and perishable foodstuffs can be distributed up to twice per year.

Christmas and holiday assistance in Birmingham Alabama

The main Salvation Army program is Angel Tree. This is for children under the age of 10 in which their family is faced with a financial hardship. All applicants (children) must have a social security card & birth certificate and be under the age of 10. Parents will need to bring in documentation as well, including proof of income, residence, and more.

Selected children will need to register (which is typically done the first week of October) and after that is complete they can benefit from the Angel Tree program. The name of the child will be placed on Angel Tree's throughout the area, and the primary one is located at Colonial Brookwood Village.

Donations are provided from the community, and the Salvation Army may purchase some gifts as well for the program. Donations and contributions are needed, and will help so much during the holiday time of year through the Red Kettle drive. Locate other Christmas assistance programs in Jefferson County.

Another holiday program is known as Fox 6 Gifts for Kids, and it is a unique program that allows Jefferson County to adopt foster children. The Salvation Army works with the Alabama Department of Human Resources, and together they provide for children all the way up to 21 years of age, working with Fox 6. These various organizations allow the community to provide those in need as they build their lives. Children can get gifts, food, clothes, and other items.

Emergency Shelter is offered for women and men. The center is open to any man, women or child who needs housing or shelter in the greater Birmingham or Jefferson County area. Clients of the shelter can stay overnight for several days. Food, meals, including dinner and breakfast are provided to people who stay there as well. Clients in the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter generally were just evicted and may be living on the streets. People who stay there will also be informed of other government and housing programs that are available to them to help them improve their lives.




Thrift stores are located in Jefferson County Alabama too. They allow people from the community to buy affordable items such as coats, school supplies, furniture, and other items. Donations are also needed as well for these stores.

Location of Salvation Army centers and thrift stores

In addition to the phone numbers and assistance programs listed above, there are other Jefferson County Alabama Salvation Army locations. They are noted below. Each has a low cost thrift store, financial assistance for rent or other bills, food, case management and more.

  • 2410 8th Ave N, Birmingham, call (205) 252-6616
  • Homewood Thrift Store, 76 Green Springs Hwy, Homewood, phone (205) 942-8484
  • Hoover Thrift Store, 2741 John Hawkins Pkwy, Hoover, phone (205) 403-6114


By Jon McNamara

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