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Free transportation assistance programs

Low-income families can get help with transportation needs. A goal is to help senior citizens, people with a disability or low-income households find a ride or vehicle they need or get help making payments on auto loans. Find government programs, non-profits and other groups that provide free or low-cost transportation assistance.

The programs focused on those who need transportation for work, job training or medical reasons. The type of transportation programs vary widely based on the applicant’s need as well as their income. Some people may be given free vouchers, autos or other similar support while others are given a ride from a volunteer, financial help or maybe short term public transit passes. More details on all these programs that offer help with transportation are below.

Transportation services that are free

Individuals that need a car or truck for work or educational/job training, and when it breaks down, can get help fixing it. Often only free labor is provided, with maybe discounted parts and other stuff sold if needed. The assistance is generally from churches and charities, as they provide free car repairs.

Free fuel - gas cards are offered too for necessary transportation. Or what can also be offered are free gasoline cards. These will often be provided for employment, job training and/or educational transportation needs. Charities may only fill up a small portion of the tank, or offer a card to pay for it. Find free gasoline vouchers.

Some organizations giveaway free vehicles. Anyone that needs transportation, or a low coast loan to pay for a car or truck, may be assisted from an agency or company that offers free cars. The are charities located in most states that participate in these services. They may also provide stuff for the automobile, such as mats or tires for them. Locate an agency that offers free cars.

When not qualified for a car or free tank of gasoline, there are other transportation programs. Local travel is often satisfied by bus tokens. Charities offer them to the homeless, a low income family when their car is in the shop for repairs, the working poor, or maybe a voucher is given out for a job interview. Find free bus pass assistance programs.




Low-income families can get help to pay a loan or bill that is the result of needed transportation. People that are struggling to pay a car loan, and if the vehicle is needed for their job, there are credit counseling agencies, grant programs and other resources that help if the transportation is needed for self-sufficiency. Find how to get car loan help.

Organizations that give transportation for an appointment

Free transportation programs are provided to the disabled or they can get a ride in their community. Volunteers that may be  near you (or dedicated van services) can drive them to a store or doctor appointment. Or maybe even rides are given to a clinic from the transportation programs for the disabled.

Rides are offered for emergency travel. These free transportation programs are provided from a wide range of local organizations, including a church, Agency on Aging centers, charities, and other places. In general a ride will be for someone facing a crisis, such as transportation needed for a last minute job interview or medical appointment. Locate a free ride program.

Transportation is provided for non-emergency medical appointments. A combination of free or cheap rides are provided. This service can help people that have a scheduled doctor appointment, surgery or some other healthcare related appointment but need a way to get there and back. Locate transportation services for a scheduled medical appointment.

Many dialysis patients need transport for treatment as the appointments can take hours. Several charities as well as corporations help meet this need. In general, it is for patients with some form of insurance (including Medicaid) or that have no friends, family, or close relatives that can give them a ride. Locate transportation to a dialysis center.

The elderly often need access to transportation. There are low-cost as well as programs for those who do not drive anymore or who have no other options in their community. Both volunteer services as well as low-cost companies, including senior center services, help arrange these programs. Learn how to find senior citizen transportation programs.


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