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Non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services near you.

People who are unable to drive or lack access to public transportation due to health or financial reasons can get a ride from a non emergency medical transportation program. This service, also known as NEMT, ensures access to vital health care services such as routine check-ups, therapeutic treatments, physical therapy, dialysis and hospital visits. Find a non emergency medical transportation service near you.

Numerous organizations provide NEMT programs, including volunteer services, government benefits such as Medicaid, non-profit organizations, and charities. These organizations often offer services free of charge or at a reduced cost, making healthcare more accessible for those in need. For low-income individuals, people on Medicaid or Medicare, or those without any family or friends to assist, NEMT provides a lifeline to maintain their health and wellness.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

NEMT services typically involve a range of transport options. Some programs are free, such as rides provided by charities, Medicaid, or volunteers. Other non-emergency medical transport has a cost associated with it, often based on income.

Transport can be provided by private vehicles, taxi services, vans, shuttle services, and even public transit. The choice of transport usually depends on the specific medical and mobility needs of the individual that needs non-Emergency Medical Transportation. For instance, wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available for those with mobility issues or a handicap.

Services are often scheduled in advance, though some providers may offer on-demand options. They are typically door-to-door, meaning the driver will pick up the passenger at their home and drop them off directly at their destination, whether that is a doctor, hospital, pharmacy or some other medical appointment.

NEMT from non-profit organizations near you and charities

Non-profit organizations, volunteers and charities also play a significant role in providing non emergency medical transportation services. Many organizations focus on specific demographics such as seniors, veterans, or those with specific health conditions, such as a disability.




One example is the ITNAmerica, a national non-profit offering NEMT services for seniors and adults with visual impairments. They provide rides at any time for any reason, not just medical appointments, making it a versatile service. Dial (207) 857-9001 to find a service near you.

Similarly, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization provides free transportation to veterans who need rides to their VA medical appointments. This can include exams, a VA hospital, treatment or other needs. Locate a DAV office near you for information on how to apply for NEMT.

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) provide free or low cost medical rides to disabled people or senior citizens. These local, non-profit agencies can provide information about NEMT programs near you in your area. Find your local AAA by using the Eldercare Locator.

  • Senior citizens will get additional transportation help, including grant money, free medical or health, rides to a senior centers, Meals on Wheels and more. Many NEMT companies also provide additional support to the elderly, and locate assistance for seniors living at home.

There are various other volunteer organizations that partner with charities across the country that provide NEMT programs. These services often rely on volunteers who use their vehicles to transport those in need. For example, charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society through their Road to Recovery program provide free rides for cancer patients to their treatment appointments.

Non emergency medical transport from government benefits

For those eligible, including low-income families, the disabled and people with no health insurance, government benefits programs, including Medicaid and Medicare, will provide NEMT services near you. Medicaid, in particular, provides NEMT for eligible individuals who have no other means of transportation. Services can be scheduled by contacting the local Medicaid office, and availability can vary based on state regulations and resources.

  • The exact transportation services arranged by Medicaid vary by state. Note the name of this benefit program will also vary, as the insurance is a partnership of each state and the federal government. In many states in the U.S., Medicaid provides non-emergent medical transportation for eligible individuals. Contact your state Medicaid office to find out more about these services or dial 877-267-2323.
  • Medicare, on the other hand, offers limited free non emergency medical transportation services. Medicare Part B may cover NEMT for senior citizens or disabled adults, but it is typically limited to non-ambulatory transportation to receive medical services. It's important to check with local Medicare offices to determine eligibility and available services. Call 1-800-633-4227, or look here for additional free medical transportation for seniors.





Veterans will get free government non emergency medical transportation services. This will also be an option for active duty military members. NEMT is offered by Veterans Affairs (VA), and this is one of the benefits offered to people that have served our country. Veterans will be eligible for free transportation services to VA medical centers, doctor appointments and other facilities. For more information, visit the VA Transportation Services page or call 1-877-222-8387.

Other options for medical transportation near you

In addition to these services, there are a few other options to consider. Some hospitals and health care providers offer their own transportation services. Insurance companies may also offer these benefit to people on their policies. It's always worth inquiring directly with the medical institution about any available transport assistance.

For low-income individuals and senior on social security, some community action agencies offer transportation assistance as part of their services. They use a combination of volunteers as well as government grants to help people get to the doctor or hospital. These agencies can be a helpful resource for various needs, including transportation to the doctor or medical appointment. Find community action transportation programs near you.

Finally, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have made strides to offer more accessible options for non-emergency medical transport. Uber Health and Lyft Concierge allow healthcare providers to schedule rides for patients, providing more flexibility. However, these services may require out-of-pocket expenses, so they might not be the best option for low-income individuals. More on Uber medical transportation services.Non emergency medical transportation

Private NEMT providers are an option. However, there is generally a cost to people using them. There are many private companies that offer non-emergency medical transportation services. Some national companies include:

  • Modivcare: They offer NEMT services in several states. Visit their website at www. or call 1-866-528-0441.
  • Veyo: Veyo provides NEMT for Medicaid recipients in several states, including AZ, CA, CT, LA, MI, TX, VA, and WI. Visit or call 1-855-428-9451 for more information.The contact information is
  • MTM, Inc.: They offer NEMT services in several states. There is generally a low cost, so the medical rides are affordable. Call call 636-561-5686., or visit
  • American Logistics: A nationwide provide for cheap, non-urgent medical transportation. Dial 866-999-3371 for information.
  • Disability transportation from taxis: Some taxi companies, mostly in major cities, help disabled people get non-emergent transportation, often for free. Locate free taxi rides for disabled.

Conclusion – Rides from non emergency medical transportation exists

Access to non-emergency medical transportation is a critical aspect of healthcare. For individuals with low income or that get government health insurance (Medicaid or Medicare), people with no family or friends to help, or who simply cannot drive, these services provide a lifeline to vital medical appointments.





From volunteer organizations to government benefits and non-profit services, numerous resources exist to help ensure no one has to forego medical care or a doctor appointment due to lack of transportation. Remember to reach out to local agencies, hospitals, and providers for the most up-to-date and location-specific resources.


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