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Save money on transportation.

Almost everyone needs some form of transportation, whether for work, personal errands, transporting kids or anything else. Find a number of suggestions below for saving money on or even locate more affordable transportation alternatives. We have tips listed below as details on financial assistance which may help pay for work related costs. Learn how to save money on transportation.

You do not always need to buy a car/auto. The American Automobile Association estimates that owing a vehicle can cost more than $9,000 per year when considering car payments, gas, insurance and other expense.. You can save money on transportation by finding a more economical method in your daily commute and getting around. By making changes each day, you can save money on transportation cost. There are also many websites and Android as well as iPhone applications to help you find efficient and affordable transportation. Or they give you alternate ideas for getting around.

Tips for saving money on transportation for work or personal reasons

The cost of gas fluctuates widely over the years, and sometimes over the months as well. At the end of the day the amount you pay is determined by supply and demand. When prices are high, and if you need help in buying gasoline, some charities offer free gasoline vouchers for work or a job interview. It is a last resort and will be partial assistance, so using a charity can help you save money on gas.

If you do not qualify for assistance, or just want some general ideas on how to save money on gasoline, there are a number of steps to take for that as well. Learn about air filters, cruise control, and more. Making your car more efficient is a free, simple way to save money on your transportation costs. Find free gasoline saving tips.

Personal Vehicle: You can save money from your personal vehicle by planning your trips more efficiently. For instance, try to complete multiple errands in one trip. This help will save money on gas. Also using apps like Waze or google maps will help you plan an efficient route to drive on, and you can even program multiple stops into the apps. Driving carefully and following speed limits will help to prevent accidents and speeding tickets that can drain your account. Another option is to refinance your auto loan for free, which can save money on monthly car payments.




Dangerous driving is expensive if you are not paying attention to traffic, weather and road conditions. In the long run, this will allow your vehicle to operate more efficiently, which will help to save money. Another option to save money is the usage of air conditioning and heat. Depending on the weather, you can drive with your windows open.

Consider Carpooling to save on all your transportation costs. If you do not own a car or trying to prevent wears on your tire, you split your commute cost by carpooling with co-workers, friends, and classmates. Studies show that carpooling can help you to save over $200 per month on your daily commuting costs, and it provides comfort and convenience. Carpooling also prevents traffic stress that is caused by driving, and there is some extra time to talk to friends and relax on your way to work. You can find people to carpool with and/or organize one from phone apps including Waze and BlaBlaCar, which is for long distance carpooling. Find other ways how to make money with your car.

It can be expensive to fix your car, but it needs to be done if impacting your work or career. Once again, there are be some ways for a low income family to get assistance. One option is to apply for a grant for fixing a car, and some government programs and/or non-profits may offer that form of relief.

There are also a number of auto repairs and maintenance work that you can do yourself to save money. The DIY approach can save you money from having to pay for labor and high priced mechanical work. Some of the work, such as oil or filter changes, is fairly simple and the savings can add up over the years. Find a list of car repairs you can do yourself to save money.

Drivers often get traffic tickets as well. This can impact insurance expenses, add points on a license, and there may even be court fees involved. There are ways to both save money on a ticket and maybe even to get financial help in paying them. Read more on how to get help paying automobile tickets.

Free gasoline rebate cards can help families save on a major transportation expense. There are all sorts of programs out there; from credit card companies, grocery stores, online websites and many others. Find details on free gasoline rebate cards.

Free apps, available in iOS as well as the google store (Android) can help reduce transportation costs by helping drivers save money on gasoline. There are a number of options out there from companies such as GasBuddy as well as gasoline stations including Exxon, Shell and others. Drivers have a number of options available to them, all of which are free and simple to use. Find gas apps for saving money.





Additional affordable transportation options

Public Transportation is available in most mid to larger cities. Instead of driving or carpooling, you may be able to save money on transportation by taking the bus and train. While the cost and savings will vary based on city, the average fare in most cities is $2.75 per trip. In some big cities, the bus and trains are faster and will help you to avoid traffic and also save money on parking. Use phone applications including to find the most cost efficient public transportation in your community.

Biking is the most inexpensive form of transportation. Biking helps to lower blood pressure, build muscle, save on car and gasoline costs, and improves cardiovascular health. It is also a great way to save time and money on gym memberships. Using a bicycle for transportation helps to enhance brain power.

According to various research studies, daily physical activity can sharpen memory, prevent cognitive decline, improve sleep patterns and boost your overall mood, which is needed before starting the workday.  The average cost of a good quality bicycle is $350. There are also bike-rental programs and apps (including Transit) in major cities. They can direct you to a bike sharing program open in the city or a third party company, including Limebike or Mobike. Some programs cost as little as $3 to get around.


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