Save on gasoline bills and improve fuel economy.

Below are some of the best ways to save on gasoline expenses. Implementing a fuel small steps can help people substantially improve the fuel economy on their automobile.

1) Cruise control is one of the most effective ways to save gasoline.

This is a tip you typically do not hear about. However, by using cruise control you can significantly increase the fuel economy and gas mileage. A few years back Edmunds performed some tests on cars using the cruise control feature. They tested a Ford Mustang and a Land Rover. The Land Rover had almost 14 percent better gasoline mileage when using cruise control that was set at 70 miles per hour rather than cruising at driver-controlled speeds of between 65 and 75 miles per hour. The Ford Mustang also received about 5 percent better gas mileage. By allowing the car and it’s sophisticated electronics to control the speed is much more efficient.

2) Pay attention to your air filters.

According to numerous federal government tests and surveys, as well as private companies tests, replacing an older, clogged, or dirty air filter can improve a cars gas mileage by almost 10 percent. There is another benefit in that the air filer will also keep particles and impurities from damaging your car’s engine. So a new air filter will save you on your gasoline bills, and it will also protect your engine, potentially even saving a much bigger automotive expense down the road.

3) You need to check your tire pressure.

While this is one of the tips that many people claim has big savings potential, the actual truth is that the gas savings are minimal. Numerous studies, sources on the internet (which include federal government tests), Consumer Reports, new car dealers, and others show that on average the savings on your gasoline costs and improvement in fuel economy are from zero , up through about a 5% improvement. So while there may very well be some savings from having proper tire pressure, and you definitely need to properly inflate your tires, this is not a major way to improve your cars fuel economy.





4) Accelerate with care.

Another test completed by Edmunds involved how quickly a driver accelerates a car and also how rapidly they break or slow down. Accelerating just a little more slowly from green lights and also stopping more gradually for red lights reduced fuel consumption in the Edmunds tests by 27 percent for a Ford Mustang. This technique also improved gas mileage received by 35.4 percent for a Land Rover, resulting in drivers paying much less for gas.

So that means out of the various suggestions listed here, controlling the acceleration and breaking had the most significant savings. It doesn’t matter whether someone has a SUV, sports car, or a truck, the end result is the same when it comes to this, and that is significant savings.

5) Gasoline vouchers.

Believe it or not, there are some programs and charities that provide vouchers for buying gasoline. Click here to learn more. While they are limited and focused on certain situations, charities, non-profits, and some private organizations provide vouchers for free gasoline to certain qualified individuals.




By Jon McNamara

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