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Get assistance for paying parking or speeding traffic tickets.

Tickets can be costly, but there are ways to get help paying parking, speeding, court fines and other traffic tickets. Not only may some charities or non-profits, such as a community action agency near you offer assistance, but there are also sources of emergency cash to pay the traffic ticket, including fines or legal costs. Find more information below on the various options.

Note that every state will have their own laws, rules and regulations in place when it comes to traffic violations. This is one reason that a lawyer can be a great asset and can sometimes assist, and there are free attorneys that can offer assistance in traffic court. Note most of the assistance for speeding, parking, related court fines, moving violations or judgments as well as other tickets is for low income families or those that are having their ability to work impacted.

Financial help to pay for traffic tickets

While not common, it may be possible to get emergency financial assistance. Some of the programs that may assist include loans, help from charities, or third party companies that focus on helping drivers with unpaid parking tickets or that need help with a speeding ticket. Note that when it comes to a charity or non-profit, this form of financial aid is rare and is for employment needs.

Traffic ticket assistance may be offered by non-profit community action agencies. When the violation impacts employment, such as prevents someone from going to work or it could impact their ability to hold a job, then a community action agency job program may help. They are often involved in various transportation type programs, including cars for work, job training or placement services, and general self-sufficiency.

Charities or even a church near you may help with a traffic ticket too. This is not common as most organizations would rather focus on bills such as food, rent, utilities, and critical living expenses. Charities will sometimes help with traffic tickets though if there is a critical need for transportation, such as for work, a job interview, or maybe critical medical travel or doctor appointments. Learn more about financial help from charities.

There are sources of both emergency cash as well as short term loans. Both of these are an option, but note a loan should only be used as a last resort. Borrowing money can impact credit scores, cause a cycle of debt, and have other negative consequences.





When it comes to borrowing money to pay parking pickets, auto fines, speeding tickets or court costs, there are various options. They of course include payday or car title loans, credit unions, no credit loans, and more. Find information on various loan programs.

Traffic tickets can be paid generally over the course of weeks and/or months, depending on the jurisdiction. This gives the violator time to raise some emergency money. Depending on the amount that is due for the parking, traffic, or speeding ticket, it is possible to get some cash in a crisis. Everything from selling possessions to very short term freelance work, signing up for websites that pay rewards and more. Find dozens of ideas on how to make emergency cash for paying bills or tickets.

Free legal aid for parking and speeding tickets

There are government funded, pro-bono law firms that can provide free advice to a certain number of households. The assistance, which may help with certain traffic tickets (if a civil issue), is generally for low income families, senior citizens, and those who are underrepresented.

They only deal with civil violations, not criminal traffic tickets. This can include parking, speeding, impound fees, and other costs. In some cases, if qualified, an attorney can represent a client for free (or a low cost) in traffic court. Or they may help with any written communication that the court or judge may or may not want.

Whether getting the ticket dismissed, or reducing the cost to the client, a lawyer will do the best they can to offer assistance with tickets. Find more details on free legal advice. Note this form of free aid is not easy to get as these law firms have limited resources as well as funding.

Smartphone apps and technology can be used to fight traffic tickets as well. While there are no guarantees to their success, they can be used as one other tool to get assistance. Technology also allows speeding and parking tickets to be addressed remotely and from the convenience of your home. They employ lawyers who work on the apps behalf, and while there is a cost, the price is much lower. Examples include, winit as well as and others.

Traffic violations, and how to get help or solve them, also varies by state. The process is different per jurisdiction. Some states allow classes to be taken, some states will notify an auto insurance company, and the process is wide ranging. For more information on DIY traffic assistance programs, find traffic laws by state.


By Jon McNamara

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