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Free apps and website extensions that save you money when shopping.

Find a list of free smartphone apps that help people save money on a daily basis. They are available from the Apple iOS store (for an iPhone) as well as the Google Play Store (for Android and Samsung phones). The apps that will help you save money are free to download and use as well. Get details on apps to save money when shopping for any type of stuff.

There's so many apps, plugins, and browser extensions for every purpose that it's almost impossible to track them all. There are tons of free Apple and Android apps as well as other tool for saving money as well, and in fact there are so many it can be hard to find the best ones out there. Below you will find some of the best, easy to use yet free phone applications, websites, extensions, and other tools.

Online retail and the availability of cell and smartphones has not only transformed the way people shop; it also provides great new opportunities to save money. With a few simple apps, you could easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year -- depending on how big a spender you are. The apps can also run as user-friendly extensions in your laptop or desktop computer browser, making it super easy to get extra savings at checkout.

Every company has its own unique app so that users can use it from the convenience of their smartphone.  Want to find free coupons for shopping to save money? Do you need a digital version of your library card to save money on books? There's an app for all of those to help you save.

According to a report by the Center for Financial Services Innovation, almost half of families are not using technology, and the latest apps, to help them with their bills. Survey Monkey shows that many elderly and disabled are not using technology, and the latest mobile phone apps, to help them save money. Household incomes have also become somewhat unpredictable because so many are taking part-time jobs and side hustles to pay the bills.

The apps we have listed below, which are free to download, will help you with that. According to research firm PwC, almost one-third of Americans buy products every month from their smartphone, and apps can help with that shopping or even shopping in retail stores. There are even ways to save on an iPhone, or find a free iPhone for low-income families.




Luckily, you can easily save money when shopping, whether daily or for special events. In fact, there are several Apple and Android phone applications to cut back your shopping expenses. There are also browser extensions for desktop computers and other tools. Learn how to use technology to save cash with these helpful tools.

Save money using these smart phone apps - technology tools

PayPal Honey: This useful tool, which is owned by PayPal/Venmo, will save you money by automatically applying coupon discounts upon purchases. It is available on iPhones, Samsung devices as well as tablets or desktop extensions. Additionally, PayPal Honey can track an item's price history and notify you when it decreases. Now you'll know the ideal times to buy or sell your Amazon goods.

Who doesn't love coupons? Honey helps online shoppers save money by providing access to an entire database of known coupon codes at qualifying online stores. PayPal Honey works as a browser plugin, or directly through the PayPal app, for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It automatically applies coupon codes on the checkout page of online stores.

PayPal Honey will apply all known coupon codes and automatically apply whichever one gives you the best deal. As a bonus, PayPal Honey also offers its very own rewards program in the app. You can scorePayPal Rewards ( "Honey Gold") points on your online shopping trips, which can be redeemed as gift cards once you hit a certain amount.

Free cash back rebate sites and apps: There are several that can be used. They not only pay you cold hard cash when shopping, but they also tend to have coupons and other savings listed on them. All of these apps and browser extensions are also free to use, and some even pay you to sign up. Find the best cash rebate websites.





Capital One Shopping (formerly WikiBuy): Capital One Shopping is quite similar to PayPal Honey in that it's a Chrome extension that can save you money by identifying deals and coupons. It's a crowdsourced application and, when one person finds a coupon or price discount, Capital One Shopping notifies all its other users. According to the company's website, WikiBuy can also save you money by giving you credit back on eBay, Walmart, and other websites.

Like Retail Me Not, Capital One Shopping, or "Wikibuy," is a great coupon browser extension that can be used in tandem with Honey. Capital One Shopping often finds deals and coupon codes for smaller online stores that may not be listed with Honey or Retail Me Not. It also offers a nifty feature to help you comparison-shop among different online retailers, automatically searching for the best deal on items across the internet. Before hitting that purchase button, check with Capital One Shopping app or website to make sure you're getting the lowest price possible.

Computers or laptops : Many of these apps for saving money can be used on a computer as well. As they can be downloaded as browser extensions, thereby saving families even as they are shopping at home from a desktop or laptop computer or other device. Find more details on free laptop computer for low-income families application.

Rakuten (formerly Ebates): Rakuten is a cashback app that's existed since the late '90s. It is free to download fro the iOS and Google Play Stores. Rakuten will help you save money by offering cash back on purchases you make through the app. You can get up to 30% or maybe, even more, cash back when you buy from vendors like Walgreens, CVS, StubHub, and also Norton. If your money back is at least $5.00, you can expect payment once every three months.

Apps to help you save moneySure, your credit card may give you cash back on certain purchases, but did you know there's an app for that as well? Rakuten is a nifty little browser extension (as well as app on your smartphone) that packs a powerful punch when it comes to online savings. Rakuten provides cash back for qualifying purchases at participating online stores. Simply activate Rakuten during every online shopping trip. Cash will be added to your balance after each qualifying purchase. You can cash out your account via PayPal or check once every quarter.

Sell Gift cards: Almost everyone gets a gift card you either do not want or would prefer another store. Do not let them expire. Sell them at a variety of online websites or on your phone using apps. The cash raised can then be used to pay for the shopping that you want to do! Read more on selling unwanted gift cards.

Groupon: Groupon is the home of great deals. You can save your money by finding cheap goods and services at a fraction of their usual price. Whether you need to get new sunglasses or want to treat someone to a Swedish massage, Groupon will find the cheapest deals in your area. It's the perfect idea for last-minute gifts and those who want to give an experience rather than an item.

Shopkick: The Shopkick app, on iPhones and Samsung, is every spender's dream. You can earn "kicks" for just walking into a store! Also, the app helps you save money by letting you know about deals and giving you "kicks" for referring friends or buying products. Then, you can turn these points into gift cards. Shopkick has partnered with countless stores including Best Buy, Macy's, TJ Maxx, eBay, Groupon, and Target.




Shopkick is a mobile app that helps you discover the best places near you to shop. It also allows you to earn points for your purchases and earn rewards just by walking around!

The primary feature of Shopkick is that it allows people to earn points for buying things at their favorite stores. They can redeem these points for gift cards, discounts, and other rewards. One of the best features of this app is that users only need to walk around a store for a few minutes before they start earning points.

Shopkick also uses your location-based data to provide you with "nearby" or "walking distance" suggestions. You can also get recommendations based on the type of items you like. Let's say, if you are looking for a cute outfit, they might recommend handbags or shoes for women. Just be aware that these suggestions are from local shops and not everything will be available in your area.

The company has partnered with over thousands of brands to offer discounts through Shopkick, including Nike, Target, and many more. They also directly work with Samsung on providing discounts on smartphones, and learn more on free Samsung Galaxy.

Shopkick users can also use their Shopkick wallet to pay off their bills and pay down some credit card debt with their points, as well as paying off any outstanding balances on their credit cards or student loans with just a few clicks!

Prescription drug saving apps: Several apps and websites allow consumers to save money or even get free medications. Blink Health, Needymeds, and others negotiate prices directly with pharmacies for both generic and brand name medications. Patients may be able to save up to 80% in some cases. More on websites for prescription drug savings.

Ibotta: Ibotta is another cashback app that can help you save money, mostly if you purchase select products and scan their receipts. For example, you can select milk and banana products on your Ibotta app, scan the receipt, and receive cash back to your PayPal account. Most cashback rates are a few quarters as most, but these savings can add up big time for those who continuously visit the grocery store. Ibotta also offers tasks for money such as sharing on social media, watching videos, and completing surveys.

Ibotta is an app that allows you to save money on your everyday purchases - all you have to do is scan barcodes in stores! With this tool, you can start earning cashback right away.

This app works with a simple model. Users buy items in their local grocery store, take a picture of the receipt, and submit it to Ibotta. Ibotta gives users cashback in the form of rebates that they can use for future purchases or cash out for cash.

This tool offers a choice of ways for users to save funds with a one-time payment or subscription, including discounts on products you buy, free cash for shopping at certain stores, and an Ibotta rebate card that earns $10 of savings when you spend $50 at any store. You can also receive bonuses for being active on the app and inviting friends to join, too!

The app has really appealed to people with different needs and budgets. It is no wonder that its popularity has grown so quickly in such a short time. Ibotta is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms.







Hotel Tonight: Need to save money on travel? Airbnb is one option, but many prefer a traditional hotel. Hotel Tonight is an app that can help you save money by booking last-minute hotels at incredibly inexpensive prices. They add more locations every day and provide incredibly 24/7 customer service.

RetailMeNot apps for savings: Coupons galore! This app will save you money by alerting you about the best deals at all your favorite stores including Victoria's Secret, WalMart, and countless others. Plus, there's no need to print out any coupons as you can just have the clerk scan your phone.

It is very quick and easy to search both alphabetically, by store, or by category, and there are tens of thousands of stores listed. This site allows many consumers the ability to save on their shopping bills. The site offers online discount codes for thousands of items, even sporting goods, home products, food, luggage, and even Halloween costumes!

Retail Me Not is a coupon browser extension similar to Honey (above). It works pretty much the same way by running different known coupon codes to score you the best deal. While there is some overlap in codes with Honey, Retail Me Not sometimes finds deals Honey may have missed. There's no harm in running both browser extensions. Doing so will give you access to even more coupon codes and score you the best deal.

Investment apps can be used. These are tools that can help families save and/or invest any money earned or saved from these other resources. Low income families, the underbanked and really anyone can start to build a financial cushion using these products. More information on how low income families can use apps to save.

Rebate code websites: There are several that can help you save money. RetailMeNot is only one options. The savings are simple to use. Just use the site or app to get a code then type it into the retailers shopping cart when checking out. They may save you up to 40% on items you buy such as clothes, electronics, travel, and more. Continue with Online deals and codes.

GasBuddy: With gas prices on the rise, people are always on the lookout for the cheapest options available. But who keeps track of all the different costs in their area? Luckily, GasBuddy is here to help. This app uses crowdsourced data to help you save money by finding the most inexpensive gas prices around you. Plus, you can report local prices to enter in sweepstakes to win gift cards.

There are other iOS and Android apps for saving money on gasoline. While savings vary, they can range from 5 cents to 40 cents per gallon, with some of the smartphone applications also paying out gift cards, cash back and more. Learn more on free gasoline apps for saving money.

Coupon apps and sites: These are free to use as well. Print a coupon at home for the shopping you do. They can be redeemed offline or online. Or pull up the coupon on your smart phone with the app. More info on coupon websites.

Comparison shopping tools: Websites, apps, and extensions will automatically search retailers to get the best price for you. Pricegrabber is but one example. They will search retailers such as Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and others for savings, and they will provide you the retailer/store  with the lowest price for what you want to buy. A great way to save! Find how Comparison shopping works.




Amazon Local: You can find great deals near you, all with the help of this app. Amazon Local claims to allow users to save up to 75% in their city. It comes with many helpful and convenient features such as the ability to set preferences about your purchases. Find other Amazon savings.

Conclusion on saving money with smartphone apps

We all need to shop for food, clothes, and more, and these free apps will help you save a lot of money and they are simple to use. Saving money is an essential skill that most people overlook. Taking the time to look for good deals or applications for your cellular phone is an undervalued skill. For example, it might take you five minutes to find a deal that saves you $20. You earned the equivalent of four dollars a minute.

Use these free and simple apps to save your money and trim your budget. With these tools, extensions, and mobile phone applications at your disposal, you'll be able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


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