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Find how to save money on Amazon.

The world’s largest online retailer,, offers deep discounts, savings and deals on countless products. The site often has the lowest price for any item you can buy online and it can be a great resource for lower income families as it allows them to save money on all of their shopping. In addition to that, bargains appear on the website but are often hard to pin down and track without understanding Amazon's methods. Nevertheless, you can find the best savings Amazon has to offer with a few simple approaches, such as tracking Lightning Deals, digital couponing, and buying used and more.

In addition to the savings and deals below, low income families may be able to enroll into a cheaper plan for the Prime Service. Amazon offers cheaper plans for families that receive some form of public assistance, whether it is food stamps, Section 8, disability payments, or any other form of financial aid. Find more details on the discounted Amazon Prime program.

Track Amazon's Deals Page

Low income families can use Today's Deals, which is the home page for most current savings on Its main page includes Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals, price reductions, and early-access specials for Amazon Prime users. The number of items on sale is large and there may be millions of goods for sale at any time. So search this page for specific products, or use the selectors in the side panel to narrow the search with options such as department, size, rating, price, and more.

Track Discounted Deals of the Day

You can save money by focusing on Deals of the Day as we noted above. Want to find even cheaper goods though? Are you trying to save some money to pay your bills, or just invest or for whatever? If you are living on a budget, and want to save more, then go to the Today's Deals page.

At this location Amazon offers a small number of deeply discounted products as their Deals of the Day, which change daily. The selection is often limited, but products have substantial discounts. Some items are targeted to senior citizens, both low and moderate income ones and other discounts are for anyone, including the wealthy as the products may be high end. Just visit Amazon's Today's Deals every day to see new items up for sale.

Add the Savings from Lightning Deals to Your Watch List

As with Deals of the Day, Amazon lists Lightning Deals on the Today's Deals page. This will allow the shopper to save even more money on anything the retailer has to offer. However, Amazon limits Lightning Deals by supply and time. Once the supply of goods is bought and no other goods are offered by either Amazon or any of its resellers, or once time is up, the deal is done.




This means you need to monitor this and also act quickly. If you see something you or your family wants, buy it. This is even more true around the Christmas shopping season. Though Lightning Deals come and go quickly, Amazon regularly updates the page with new deals and savings, and there is almost always a large selection.

Unlike Deals of the Day above, which change only daily, trying to keep on top of constantly shifting Lightning Deals as they happen is extremely time-consuming. The products or services for sale can literally change by the minute or hour. Instead, check the upcoming deals section in advance to add attractive deals to your Watched Deals list. Amazon will then notify you, according to your notification settings, when selected sales become active.

Buy Used and Previously Opened Items - Similar to an Outlet Store

Amazon has Warehouse Deals for savings on used and previously opened products. It is similar to a thrift store or clothing bank, which countless low income families use to save money. These products command much lower prices because the original packaging is not intact, or because the products are used. Despite this, most products are close to new condition, and Amazon will guarantee this. They will never sell toys or other goods that are in bad shape.

Warehouse Deals, though operated by Amazon, lists products on its store page and often contains multiple instances of the same product. Different cases vary in price due to the condition of the product. A used product with a few scratches is lower priced than a used product that looks and operates like new. This is greatly beneficial for people seeking to save money…you get what you pay for. Read the description under the Condition tab and check the rating to be sure of what you are getting.

Buy Clearance and Markdowns on Amazon - Similar to a Thrift Store

Amazon's Outlet section contains most of Amazon's clearance Christmas toys or clothing items, overstocked, and marked-down products, which are products that Amazon over-bought. This is also the same as an outlet store concept, which are great resources for families who live on a budget or that struggle to pay their bills.





The reason these exist is that Amazon was expecting higher demand or products that other companies over-produced. Amazon sells these products at extremely low prices, often below cost. As most outlet deals are Lightning Deals, tracking upcoming sales yields the best results.

Digitally Clip Coupons

Amazon's rotating selection of coupons, found in a separate section, cover a large assortment of toys, gifts, and general household goods. Many coupons are for products often found at grocery and drug stores, such as packaged and canned food, toys for boys or girls, toiletries, cleaning supplies, electronics, and stationery. As everyone knows, anyone living check to check can benefit from coupons.

Low income families, or really anyone, can digitally clip a coupon to add the product to your cart at the reduced coupon price. It is free and simple to do. We also have information on other coupons assistance programs as well.

Use a Third-Party Deal Tracker or Rebate Site

For the intensive Amazon shopper, third-party comparison price trackers, such as CamelCamelCamel and PriceGrabber, reduce time and effort in finding savings. These services are free to sign up for. Use trackers to follow specific products and set alerts for new deals and price drops. Route notifications to your email or phone to stay on top of quickly moving bargains, such as Lightning Deals.

Price trackers also show histories for products, invaluable when making purchasing decisions. A product or Christmas toys that is often on sale will likely go on sale again even if it isn't offered at a discount today. Some trackers, such as PriceGrabber, also compare prices across many online retailers including Best Buy, Target, and others. This allows shoppers to find the best online prices for comparison.

Or try one of the rebate sites, which can provide free cash for shopping on Amazon. There are options including Ebates, Swagbucks, and other companies that do this. Shoppers may be able to earn rebates of 5 to 10% or more on their shopping. In addition to those, there are several other resources available, and find how cash back shopping sites work.

Amazon Family and Mom Service

This assistance program is all about diapers. It is great for parents, whether married or single, as well as single mothers as well. The service can be used before the baby is born (for up to 15% savings) or post birth.  The total savings for diapers will be about 20%, and that is a significant amount of money. If needed, find additional financial help paying for diapers.

Another part of Family is the discounts given to students. High school and/or college students can get Amazon Prime for free for up to 6 months. The savings from the program can help students save on clothes, books, novels, college dorm furniture, and really anything that is sold on Amazon.

Using Amazon's Subscription and Premium Services

Subscribe and Save and Amazon Prime are additional services that offer interesting extra options for savings. Note paying the annual fee, which may be over $100 per year, can sometimes be difficult for a low income family. However, unlike the straight deals above, these other services may not provide significant savings to everyone. Some customers with different needs will find that Subscribe and Save and Amazon Prime increase costs if not used carefully. However low income families can get discounted Prime membership pricing.





The Subscribe and Save program offers discounts on orders when customers subscribe to the same set of product purchases on a set schedule, such as every month. The typical savings range from 5 to 10%. This program is useful for household goods, such as toiletries, diapers, diapers, and cleaning supplies, which need constant replenishment. If you can plan what you need, it can be one way to save even more money on your shopping.

However, many customers have found that prices for these products fluctuate wildly, according to The New York Times. Before using or adding products to Subscribe and Save, check price trackers to make sure the product's price is reasonable and does not have a history of significant price fluctuations that might hit unexpectedly. Read more on saving money from Amazon Subscribe and Save.

Amazon Prime also offers extra discounts, including exclusive early-access deals and free shipping on many products. You can also watch videos, get cheap song downloads, and save money in countless ways. However, it has a recurring fee whether used or not and is intended for frequent Amazon customers. Before signing up, make sure that the discounts available are worth the membership cost.


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