Use a comparison shopping site to save money.

If you do not have a lot of time, want to easily save money, or do a quick price comparison, using a online comparison shopping site, or “shopping bot”, such as will help you find the best deals. Consumers will save time and money and the sites can help you reduce your everyday shopping costs. These comparison shopping sites will identify countless deals to help you compare and find the best price, which can lead to significant savings on your bills.

There are a number of companies that provide this service. It is recommended that consumers check out several other internet online comparison shopping sites as well  (,,, When you are using these services remember to always sort by price in order to find the best deal.

The technology employed by these companies will search and retrieve the data directly from each retailer. A so called “bot” crawls the internet and compiles the prices of millions of different products into a real time database. By using one of these services a consumer will have access to a much more comprehensive list real time pricing data.

Examples of shopping sites

At PriceGrabber, you can search by retailers, products, individual sellers, ratings, or prices. You will find just about everything there-auto parts, sporting goods, toys, furniture, musical instruments, video games, and electronics. The site has a bottom-line-price tool which will show you how much your product will cost at the various retailers with the shipping included. Even if you do not end up buying your item online you will still know what is a good price on the items and what is a bargain.

Others internet comparison shopping sites include,, and Google also now provides a dedicated shopping guide. These are five examples of the especially more comprehensive comparison-shopping sites. Some comparison shopping sites are better at finding the best price on certain goods than others, and it can change over time. So you may want to use all of the sites in question.





You need to enter your search term at Shopzilla (say, Hannah Montana T-shirts) or you start off in the well-defined categories to find the best online deals. Shopzilla will list the least expensive retailers with those products in an organized format. Some people may be worried about paying for goods from from lesser-known stores when using these services. Do not be. The shopzilla site includes several factors, including top customer service, on-time delivery and it gives you the scoop on who offers free shipping and the best online clearance deals. And by using these shopping sites these you can also buy many items, and find many deals, including fresh flowers, washing machines, computers, etc. You can find the most competitive prices and the best online deals at these sites. Review your search results carefully, though. At, you can also view the price history for various items and determine what a certain product was selling for in the past.

Using an online comparison shopping site will save you money and time. They are even more effective during the holiday seasons...think of all the crowds you will not have to fight.

Also, find ways to save money on other shopping you do from these sites. Many of the companies will offer coupons, discounts, free shipping, and other benefits. Also remember that any money you free up by using a comparison shopping site will make it easier for you to pay other bills.




By Jon McNamara

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