Find how to save money on home repairs

Home repairs can be costly, no matter your income. Some repairs are very expensive and low to moderate income families (among others) may struggle. There are some ways to save money on repairs to your home. Learn about DIY steps to take, volunteer services for the low income or elderly, discount programs, and more.

While it is possible to save money on home repairs, the best approach is to be pro-active in maintaining your house properly. Maybe you can notice something that needs work before it breaks, and be sure to address that need. Or doing regular maintenance to it, such as the HVAC system, will also help you save money down the road. Find affordable steps to take to maintain your home, appliances, and other aspects of the property as well.

Options for repairing your home on a budget

It can be expansive to repair an air conditioning system. The costs go up during the summer months as well due to demand. It is best to be pro-active in maintaining the system, and if your AC unit does break down or fail, it is possible to save money. We have several steps to take. Find how to save money on air conditioning repairs and AC bills.

Landscaping is more of a maintenance issue. You want to keep your yard in good shape, and this includes everything from keeping the lawn cut to flowers, shrubs/trees, mulch, and more. If you let the outside of your home go downhill, this can hurt you property value, it makes a bad impression in your neighborhood, and there are other negative impacts too. Find how to maintain your landscape on a budget.

Low cost - free repairs can be provided by government assistance or charities. There are volunteer groups that will repair a home (say roof or porch) for a reduced rate. Government grants can be used to help reduce the cost of the repairs, there are discounted items you buy buy to same money and other actions to take. More information on home repair services.




By Jon McNamara

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