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Save money on your everyday life expenses.

Small spendings each day can add up over time. If you are living on a minimum wage job, in debt, employment loss or looking to reduce expenses, you can start by changing your daily habits and use alternatives ways to save a few extra dollars each day. Over time that can build significant savings at the end of the month or year.

Make your own coffee at home to save money. It is very convenient to stop at coffee shops on your morning commute or on the weekend. A cup of coffee can cost anywhere between $2-$6 or $14- $42 per week and over $2,000 per year, not including candy, cookies, and other snacks that causes an impulse buy.

Large coffee chains like Starbucks use marketing strategies to target customers which includes seasonal items, matching holiday products, in-app ordering to reduce wait time and a warm, cozy atmosphere and store design to encourage people to spend time and more money. Specialty drinks like frappuccinos and macchiato can seem a bit complicated to make at home. However, it takes about 45 seconds- to 5 minutes to make your own. So, you can save money and a few extra minutes each morning from stopping at your local coffee shop.

According to recent coffee drinking statistics, Americans drink an average of 3.2 cups of coffee per day. Coffee is a stimulant, and it can make us feel less tired and help increase energy. However, there is a cheaper alternative that can be used to satisfy your caffeine addiction. The price of a good quality coffee maker starts at $25, and the cost of brewing coffee home is an average of $0.30 per cup, and you can still be creative by using your cinnamon, whipped cream, chocolate, and other powder delights.

Another option would be to quit your coffee habit if it is too costly and find alternative natural ways to get energy like sun exposure, staying hydrated and eating superfoods.

Save money on your entertainment expenses and find more affordable or free activities. Entertainment is needed because it provides a little escape from frustration, hardships, and disappointments from life. Spending money on cable TV, movies, books and special events can add up over time. Below are some cheap ways to be entertained that cost little to no money.

Get a Library Card to save money. A library card is valuable and it is free to sign up. If you are a bookworm or casual reader, a library card will save you hundreds of dollars on entertainment per year and even more so over a lifetime. The entire family can also benefit from its use.

Depending on specific regions, the cost to join a local library is free or under $15 per year, so it is very affordable for even lower income families The library is an excellent place to study, with thousands of books offered and databases. The library also offers free seminars on resume help, resources to find a job, free internet access, printing, and access to computers without charge.

If you are low on cash and need some entertainment, you can borrow CD's, DVD's and games. Many public libraries host programs and special events as well. It is a great place to socialize and make friends with members of your community without spending money. Other library programs may include educational classes, resume writing and entertainment such as storytime and craft for your kids.

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