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Find how to save money during seasonal events.

Seasonal events can be a financial challenge for almost everyone due to the additional expenses. Find a list of tips on how to save money during these times. You and your family can save money on Christmas gifts and food or learn how to make the back to school supply shopping season a little more affordable. Or find a list of free suggestions below on how to save money at Thanksgiving, Easter, and other seasonal events as well as holidays. It is possible to cut back, save a few dollars, yet still have an enjoyable, happy holiday or get together for whatever event.


Christmas decorations are costly. There are lights, ornaments, odds and ends for the house, accessories, and many other items that families tend to buy. Find tips for saving money on Christmas decorations.

There are many other extra expenses that people have during the Christmas holiday. There are cards, gifts for friends-family-co-workers, wrapping paper and more. Find how you can save money and cut back at Christmas for all these other expenses.

Save money on Christmas meals. Find some affordable ingredients to use, how to save money on food, suggested menus, and more free ways to save on Christmas meals.

Then there are all the Christmas gifts. whether you are buying for one person or 10, the costs add up quickly. Heck even if shopping for yourself it can be expensive. You can make your own gifts, use your creativity, or find other suggestions for saving money on Christmas gifts.

School supply shopping season

Anyone with kids knows it can be expensive to buy clothes, writing material, books, electronics, and all those other school supplies. Some charities to provide free items, as they want kids to succeed. If your income is low enough, then you may apply for free school supplies.




College students also often need to save money. The cost of an education continues to go up, and more students are graduating with ever higher amounts of debt due. There are solutions, and find how college students can save money.

Summer break and vacations

Low income families often struggle to pay for fun activities for their kids while they are out of school on summer vacation. There are a number of affordable or free activities and ways to save money as well. Everything from some local trips to libraries, volunteering, saving money at a library and more. Find affordable summer activities for kids.

Students often need something to do during the summer months. That period can also be costly for parents. There are discounted as well as free summer camps, activities that can help parents save money, and a variety of summer programs for students. Find how to save money on summer camps.


Depending on the size of your family, it can cost $50 to $100 or even more for a Thanksgiving meal. There is the meat (most common turkey), expensive vegetables, side items, desserts and more. Learn how to save money on Thanksgiving meals.

Anyone in need, whether they can’t afford a meal or they just want to save money, are lonely, etc. can look into the free Thanksgiving dinner assistance programs.






While not as much seasonal, there are many ways for saving money on wedding celebrations as well. Whether it comes to the venue to food, gifts, flowers, or decorations, there are things to do and savings possible. Or find the best season for scheduling a ceremony, as demand ebbs and flows. Or cash out and sell wedding gift cards, presents received for extra money. Find details on how to save money on a wedding.

By Jon McNamara

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