Find how to save money on health care and medical costs.

Health care costs continue to increase at 2-3 times faster than wages, which puts increasing pressure on Americans of all income levels. There are some ways to save money on all medical related costs though, including prescription medications, insurance premiums and deductibles, medical equipment, and really anything health or dental related.

Below you will find information on some assistance programs that work to reduce the cost of health care. The resources available range from discount cards to prescription assistance programs, non-traditional insurance plans, charitable grants, and more. In fact the number of ways to save money is extensive.

One advantage of these resources is that they can help not only low income and/or uninsured Americans save money, but they can also help middle income Americans, who are often caught in the middle of increasing health care costs and flattish wages. There are also resources focused on senior citizens and the disabled.

Regardless of your income or insurance status, there is assistance available. Find a number of free resources that can help you and your family save money on your medical costs.

Tips on  how to save money on health care costs

The cost of prescription drugs continues to increase at a rapid clip. In fact, those is the fastest growing part of medical care. There are ways to save money though, ranging from private and non-profit discount programs, rebates, prescription assistance programs, free discount cards and many more. Find how to save money on or free prescription drugs.

General medical care is also increasing much faster than wages, but it is possible to find discounts and save money. Health insurance premiums are going up high single digits per year. Deductibles are increasing as is the cost of, well really everything! We also have a list of tips for saving money on really everything health care related. Find how to get free care, save money on deductibles, and much more, and locate low cost or free health care resources.





Dental care is also becoming more expensive and sophisticated. Insurance companies are also not covering as many procedures. Or they are increasing prices. Find free tips for saving on or free dental care.

Addictions can decimate a families budget. Unfortunately many of them, such as gambling or smoking, impact lower income families as well as the uneducated more than others. There are costs to an addition, and ending them can really help you save a significant amount of money. Find how to stop addictions to save money and learn exactly how much they may cost you.

Apps and technology can help patients get access to affordable health care as well as save money on medical bills, eyeglasses, prescription, and more. You can use your computer or smartphone to find and talk to a doctor for basic diagnosis. The services are also remote as well, meaning that if you do not live near a doctor, hospital, or clinic, the app can still put you into contact with a medical professional. So you save money on transportation too. Read more on healthcare apps for saving money.

Another way to in effect save money is to get paid for living a healthy lifestyle. There are companies, cell phone apps, and other tools that will pay people cash or give out other free valuable incentives for exercising. Walking, meditating, biking, and many other activities ware covered, and find apps that pay for exercising.

Save money on health insurance costs and policies. There are a number of ways to cut back on how much you pay each month for insurance. Everything from using free brokers to find the best, most affordable policies to assess deductibles, premiums, and flexible spending accounts (FSA) among other things. Learn more on saving on health insurance policy costs.

Free or low cost gym memberships are out there. The assistance ranges from a daily or weekly pass to Yoga, at home gym videos, and more. Families can save potentially hundreds of dollars per year when they exercise. Find more details on low cost and free gym memberships.




There are also ways to save money on funeral and burials. While not exactly the same as healthcare, it is in a similar bucket as health/funerals are somewhat correlated. You can rent a casket, pre-pay for a portion of it for a discount, buy insurance policies and take several other steps. Find a list of tips for saving money on funerals.

By Jon McNamara

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