Find how to monetize your daily routine and get paid to exercise.

Walking or exercising is something most of us do on a regular basis. There are now many companies and apps that will pay you for staying fit, whether you walk, exercise, bike, or partake in other activities. The apps are free to use and can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels, including senior citizens.

We use our feet for mobility and exercise. Walking is an extremely effective physical activity with many benefits. What if you got paid (either cash or rewards) for doing this? Well it is possible using apps for your cell phone.

Exercise can help you lose weight and it can improve your overall health and fitness. However, with an increase for instant gratification, many people do not have patience and would much rather seek the fastest method such as opting in for delivery services and driving to the nearby stores instead of walking.

If you were to get paid cash, which you can save or use to pay your bills, or given free stuff for walking. Would you do it more? Well these phone apps will do just that!

According to CareerBuilder, two out of five Americans gain weight due to their sedentary careers and/or lack of exercise. With an increase in technology, the workforce is becoming more digital, which involves little to no physical activity. However the benefit to technology is many free apps for your Iphone or Android will pay you cash or gifts to walk.

According to new data from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey, adult obesity rates in America is now over 35 percent. The apps we have listed below try to battle this condition, as the survey also indicated that many employees have free access to employer-sponsored wellness programs and 63 percent don’t take advantage of it. The phone apps encourage not only those plans, but cold hard cash is another incentive!





Many people lack the interest or time to exercise. Most Americans want instant gratification, claim to lack time and do not want to stay fit. However exercising comes with many benefits, and if you are struggling to find the motivation to workout, these fitness and exercise apps will reward you with cash, discounts and charity donations. They in effect pay you to walk, exercise and staying fit.

Cell phone apps that will compensate you for walking or exercising

Each one of the apps below are free to use. Some will give you cash; others will provide free stuff which may be clothes, gift cards, electronics or more. Or you can donate to a favorite charity just for walking, as some companies will reward you in that way as well. Find the different ways to get paid using walking or exercising apps, and learn the pro and cons of each one.

Achievement- A health reward app with over two million active users. Users can earn cash just for walking, biking, running and other forms of physical activity.

Achievement allows you to earn points for healthy activities that can be redeemed for free cash. Earn up to 80 points each day for physical exercise and up to 6 daily points for weighing yourself, sleep tracking, meditating, or sharing your health journey on social media. Users can also earn additional points for participating in research studies, surveys, health programs, and other challenges.

Earn $10 for every 10,000 points and get paid in cash via direct deposit, PayPal or gift cards. Millions of dollars has already been paid out. Achievement app is rated as one of the best health apps to earn cash, and it is available for free on both Android and Apple devices.





  • The Drawback: This app is used as a tracker, and your data is used for research purposes to help Americans live healthier lives. It does this while at the same time as allowing users to contribute to health research and earning cash for sleeping, walking, eating and many other daily activities.
  • Is It Worth it? – The achievement app won't allow you to quit your job and rewards can be slow to reach. If you have a very active lifestyle that involves frequent running, walking or hiking, you will find this app to be very rewarding and useful. Also, even if you are disabled or unable to exercise, with an inactive lifestyle, you can still participate in health research surveys. Participants can expect to earn between $60-$200 per study.
    This app is worth downloading if you need some extra cash and motivation to workout lose weight or make healthy choices. It can help a low income family earn money for their bills and become healthier too, which will save on long term medical costs. It would not supplement your income but will give you some extra pocket change that can be used for paying minor expenses or saving money. With extra time and effort, users may participate in optional surveys and double their earnings.

Charity Miles:  Exercise with purpose and raise money for a good cause. Charity Miles is a free iPhone/Android app that logs all movements such as walking, dancing, biking and running. This app monetizes all of your workouts to benefit a charity of your choice.

Charity Miles has raised millions of dollars to provide antiretroviral pills for HIV patients and provided free food for hundreds of thousands of people. This app has dozens of partnering charities including Feeding America, Stand Up To Cancer, Foundation For Parkinson's Research, Autism Speaks, Every Mother Counts and Back On My Feet.

Charity Miles is not only free, it has a good cause, but it is effortless to use. Participants can start by selecting a charity program and hitting the start button. The app works by tracking distances for walking, biking, and running activity. Bikers will earn 10 cents per mile and runners and walkers earn 25 cents per mile. Charity Miles is funded by corporate sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Del Monte, Blueprint For Athletes, and other companies as a way of advertising their brand.

  • The Drawback: You will not receive any of your earnings, but the rewards can be life changing. If your family member, a friend or loved ones have been affected by a particular illness or disease, you can make a difference by raising funds to a specific charity program that is close to your heart.
  • Is it Worth it? If you are financially struggling and cannot afford to make a donation, using Charity Miles is a great way to donate and give back without spending any money. However there are other apps that will give you cash for exercising, and this may be better if you need financial help. But Charity Miles can also be used together at the same time with other fitness apps that allows you to earn 'real', free money.




Sweatcoin - A fitness app founded in London. Sweatcoin rewards you for being active. Users can earn points just for walking, running, or other basic activities. Sweatcoin points are converted to a digital currency that can be used for paying for products, experiences, hygiene supplies and services in their in-app marketplace.

Users may redeem their sweatcoins for fitness clothing, vitamins, workout earphones, iPhone XS, and even $1000 in cash. You can get paid through PayPal by inviting six friends for $6 and 20 friends for $20.

  • The Drawback: Users are paid in a digital currency that can be redeemed for FREE items. However, real cash can be earned by referring people to use to the app or by accumulating 20,000 points, which can be redeemed for $1000 US via bank transfer. Sweatcoin may also decrease the phone’s battery life due to continuous usage of GPS.
  • Is it Worth It? - Sweatcoin is worth having on your phone since you can be rewarded and earn coins just for walking. To take full advantage of this app, users can become influencers and post their referral link on social media. Earn five sweatcoins for each invite and referral points that can be redeemed for a PayPal Gift Card or items in their store. Turn your fitness and weight loss goals into a competition and win up to $10,000. HealthyWage works by competing in groups of five, if you do not have a team, you can get matched or select a team from an open list.

There is an entry fee of $33 per month for a three-month challenge. The entry fee includes 24/7 access with a coach, 12 weeks of motivation and support and a free mobile app. Healthwage allows social dieting, which can exciting and successful if like-minded individuals are working to achieve a common goal and the thrill of winning big cash prizes.

Participants can be involved in multiple challenges and teams to maximize their chance of winning. Small cash prizes are also rewarded for effort. To get started, participants are required to verify their weight before and after a challenge by making a short video.

  • The Drawback: An entry fee of $33, which will be reimbursed if participants lose 10% of their body weight.
  • Is it Worth It? - Healthywage is an excellent option to consider if you are on a challenge to lose weight while earning cash prizes.  The company receives financial support from major health systems, insurance companies, food companies, government and other corporate leaders as a solution to reduce medical bills for an obese population.





Healthywage is definitely worth a try since there is a possibility of winning cash prizes (even small prizes are awarded) just to lose weight. Plus, a social network for encouragement and connection with other teammates to make weight loss fun and effective.

DietBet- This app was founded with scientific principles of behavioral change from the Mayo Clinic, the University of Pennsylvania and Brown Medical Center. The concept behind the free app was that games actually help people lose weight.

Dietbet is an online weight loss game on your phone that works by placing bets with other members to increase the chances of success by making the commitment real. It is basically a gambling weight loss game that has been effective for 96% of users. This app uses real money and bets start at $10, but winners can gain over $325, depending on how much weight is loss, since players compete against the scale. In other words, a family that needs money for their bills can directly influence how much they can collect/win.

Dietbet offers a community of support, motivational messages from users and a fun, thrilling way to earn money while shedding pounds. Dietbet on desktops and iPhone/Android App.

  • The Drawback: Dietbet games are not free, and there is a minimum bet of $10 to play.  However, research indicates that the cash paid out will actually push people to make changes and to lose weight, instead of losing a bet and money. With hard work and persistence, winners get back an average of 2 times their bet.
  • Is It Worth It? - If you are looking for a cheap, fun way to lose weight, Dietbet is definitely an option to consider. The app has over 500,000 players, and most earn an average of $58 per game.

Gigwalk- A mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Become a gigwalker and get paid between $3-$100 for walking around town, taking pictures of local business and completing tasks. Gigwalking is a fabulous opportunity for those in highly populated cities like San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Miami, where you can earn $25- $30 per hour. That is not a bad “job”!

Most gigs involve being a mystery shopper, locating items, coupons and other minor tasks. Gigwalks allows you to be active and explore different parts of a city while getting paid what can be a somewhat decent wage.

  • The Drawback: Gigwalk is not always available and it can be difficult to find opportunities. However, if you are new in town and looking for some motivation to get off the couch and exploring the city while getting paid, gigwalk is an option to consider.
  • Is it Worth It? If you live in a highly populated city, the free Gigwalk phone application is worth giving a try if you are on break or have some free time. It is not the best option to consider if you are looking to generate stable extra cash, but it does pay out a good amount of money when a position is available. That cash can go a long way towards paying bills and also help the participant both lose weight and have fun. But, a fun way to get paid while exercising and discovering new places in your city.

Postmates- An on-demand food delivery service app that is available in large busy cities. Postmates is partnered with many local shops. Grocery stores and restaurants. Become a courier at Postmates and earn cash for delivering food in your city.

Postmates couriers can use their, bike, scooter, or by walking. It is a great way to exercise while working. Postmates courier can earn up to of $25 per hour or more depending on tipping and location. In addition to that income, the courier can work as many hours as they want to, with flexible schedules. There are no fees or time commitment involved and you keep 100% of your earnings after each complete delivery.

Getting started with Postmates is very simple and it is free to join. You will need a profile photo and proof of identity. After these steps are completed, the company will conduct a background check and upon approval, you will receive a free delivery bag, along with a prepaid card in the mail. The delivery job, which can be well paying, is also available for immigrants and non-English speakers.





  • The Drawback: The Postmates app does not operate in some cities. You can run into problems such as accidents, damaged food, car issues or cancellations. Postmates couriers can also get penalized for skipping orders.
  • Is It Worth It? – For those living in densely populated cities can benefit most from Postmates, Otherwise, your gross earnings with Postmates would not cover for vehicle, maintenance, car insurance, and fuel. It is best suitable for those in busy cities, where deliveries can be done on foot within 10 minutes.
    The best part about using Postmates is their instant cashing out feature, which allows you to see your earnings and instant cash out to your bank account. If you are short on cash, Postmates is a great option to consider.
    The company also offers many perks for delivery couriers like their PerkSpot program, parking discounts, and the JVS Job Search Accelerator Program( San Francisco location), which helps to build skills to secure a high-growth career. Postmates is an excellent side hustle. Some couriers in New York City can earn up to $70 an hour with bonuses, depending on customer service skills, fast route and working during rush lunch hour.


By Jon McNamara

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