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We have information below on various free tools, online forums, and other resources that can help you, your family, and your children improve their financial literacy. There are also programs that you can use to help build savings, pay down debts, and improve your overall money management skills. Or you can even find information to help you get on the path to learning what financial literacy is.

Whether it is learning how to budget, understanding what compound interest is and the benefits to investing early, avoiding predatory loans, paying down credit card debt and so much more, the free information and tools we have listed will help you improve your financial literacy and, hopefully, over time become proficient. There are financial literacy programs and tools for adults, parents teaching their kids, teenagers, and even kids so they can learn at an early age.

Free resources to help improve financial literacy

There are many resources out there to teach you what financial literacy is as well as how to develop the skills needed for short as well as long term financial success. There is assistance for adults, children, college students, single moms and anyone else who wants to learn.

Everything on this site is free to use. Any comments posted or emails sent are held in strict confidence and never shared. In fact, emails will be deleted as soon as we send a reply to your question. The site is also non-judgmental. No one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed if they do not know key financial literacy concepts; in fact, you should only be embarrassed if you do not take it upon yourself to try to learn or to teach your kids.

Help improving financial literacy

Need for personal financial literacy skills

Financial literacy is not stressed enough in our society. Only 21 states mandate some form of classes at the high school level for teenagers and kids, and even those classes may be lacking in what they teach students. Over 70% of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test. Over 40% of Americans do not have $400 in emergency savings. High priced auto loans and credit card debt is at a record high. Only a fraction of people have taking a class or read a financial literacy book. Most people do not know the Rule of 72 for doubling money. The list of challenges goes on an on.

While there may be many reasons to why someone may be lacking in financial knowledge (whether you are rich or poor), the point is it is never to late to start to learn and improve these skills. We also have resources that will help teenagers as well as children improve their money management as well as financial literacy skills, as the earlier someone starts to learn the more they will benefit. Find the best books, take a test, or learn about free counseling services.


Our only goal here is to provide help to anyone who needs and wants to improve their financial literacy. We also want to focus on assisting children as well as teenagers so that they can be better prepared as adults.

We were blessed to have parents who stressed financial literacy to us when we were young, and we also learned so much more growing up and as adults. We want to help share information to a wider audience and help others start on the journey to financial literacy.

By Jon McNamara