About us

Financialliteracyhelp.com was created in an effort to help improve financial literacy in this country. Study after study shows that most Americans can’t even correctly answer basic questions about finances. They do not know how to budget or what compound interest is. Teens and students are not taught the basics of financial literacy in school. Most adults have only a fraction of what they need to retire. There is a crisis in the US as well as worldwide.

We have almost 15 years in proving resources too low to moderate income families around debt reduction, financial aid, credit counseling and more from our sister website of needhelppayingbills.com. From that business, as well as other sources, we have learned that there is a dire need for the various skills that are involved in financial literacy, including budgeting, understanding debt, investing and many others.

Most adults were never taught anything about financial literacy when they were younger or in school. Even today, less than half of the states mandate classes, so that means the youth in America are also not being taught the basics of financial literacy. When people are not taught the various skills that are involved, the truth is (like many things in life) the poor habits of managing as well as understanding money are passed from generation to generation, and the cycle can be hard to break.

About financial literacy help

In order to help people gain both basic as well as advanced financial literacy skills, we have many free resources listed on the Financialliteracyhelp.com website. Use our forum for professional advice and Q&A; read about the latest smartphone apps or budgeting websites that can assist; read about the importance of investing, especially early in life so you can benefit from compound interest; and we have other information listed as well.

We especially want to help low income families as well as single moms (of which about 40% live in poverty) improve their financial literacy. As this skill is critical in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Partners of financialliteracyhelp

We work with other agencies as well in an effort to provide guidance and support. Some of our key partners in trying to improve financial literacy include the following:

NFCC: Credit and Debt Advice – Everything from debt and credit card counseling programs to hardship, payment plans, and other help is arranged. Read more on NFCC.

Billhelp.uk – This site is focused on the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Read more on Billhelp in the UK.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is a national non-profit that help students, adults, and really anyone improve their financial literacy skills. May resources, workshops, and other activities are help by the organizations. Read more on NEFE.

Needhelppayingbills.com – The path to financial proficiency can be long and stressful. Often short term financial help is needed, and families can find it on the free Needhelppayingbills.com website. Or also learn about credit counseling, free debt reduction, investing, and other financial activities. Read more on financial aid from needhelppayingbills.com.

WomenandMinorityBusinesses.org – Jon and his team started this website in an effort to help minority as well as women run or owned businesses. The main goal is to help drive sales to those businesses and the second objective is to provide them with financial and business advice. Read more and find a women and minority business directory.

We also work with many other experts, non-profits, credit counseling agencies as well as charities. Each and every one of our partners brings something else to the plate in an effort to help people develop the financial literacy skills needed.

By Jon McNamara