Home Share offers individuals and seniors shared housing.

Shared housing can provide a homeowner as well as the home sharer with access to affordable housing and mutual support. Non-profits and housing authorities around the nation administer the Homesharing Program. This service has proven to be more secure and effective than other more traditional roommate services or options. The program has been gaining national recognition as an affordable housing opportunity that can provide individuals, in particular seniors and singles, with financial relief as well as companionship.

It is really a very simple idea. Home Sharing provides both the current owner and the person who is looking for a place to stay with a number of benefits. What will happen is the homeowner offers accommodation to a sharer. All applicants to the program will be carefully screened through background checks, interviewing and the examination of personal references, so the program is as safe as possible. Once a match is found, there will need to be an agreed upon level of support provided. This can include cash for paying rent, or maybe assistance with household tasks such as shopping or light housework.

Process of how matches are made

It will be a comprehensive process that includes registration, intake, assessment, applications, interviewing, and screening of both home seekers and providers. This process is conducted by trained housing counselors, and many work with local or state government housing authorities.

Steps taken include, but are not limited to, the following. The program will need to evaluate seekers as HomeShare candidates. Staff will complete in-home assessments and evaluate references. Applicants will need to go through a formal screening process, reference checks and criminal background checks. Get assistance with housing agreements and completing a contract. The program will also offer ongoing mediation and support as desired.

The Home Share Program matches individuals together, does background checks, and stays in contact with all clients. Staff will put Home Providers (people who have a room to rent) in contact with Home Seekers, who are individuals looking for a room or place to rent. The service promotes and encourages living arrangements in which people share a home or apartment based on preferences, common needs, and interests. Each client application is reviewed and screened. The arrangement will be custom made as it is well known that matches parties together is not a simple or quick process.





Most of the homeshare programs allow a wide variety of clients. A home sharer might be a single parent, senior citizen, student, a working professional, a person with disabilities, someone at-risk of homelessness, or a person simply wishing to share their life and home or apartment with others. For thousands of people using these shared housing services, it offers them affordable housing, companionship, security, mutual support, reduced rent or mortgage payments, and more. Seniors can also benefit as it can help to lessen the need for long term institutional care or costly chore/care services. Both hosts and guests benefit from saving money on their rent. reduced housing costs and the possibility of companionship to offset isolation and/or loneliness experienced by many (in particular seniors) living alone.

Studies show and feedback from clients show that Home Sharing programs can offer a more effective and secure alternative to just finding a roommate. A key reason being that interviews and background checks are completed. Personal references are also followed up on. Professional social workers and staff thoroughly screen and check the references of all guest applicants and hosts. Staff will do their best to ensure that matches are made that will have the best possible likelihood of long-term success, and they will try to ensure people are compatible.

In addition, in an effort to help facilitate potential hosts and guests in determining their willingness to be matched in a shared living arrangement with one another, the staff from many agencies will schedule and attend meetings between program participants. In addition, prior to moving in, the Homeshare Programs will also create a written agreement to help hosts and the sharers have security and level of confidence in their shared living arrangements. This will include how expenses, including rent or the mortgage, will be addressed and paid for.





Key Benefits of HomeShare

People of all ages and backgrounds can sign up. While many seniors benefit from the service, others can sign up as well. It will provide financial help and improve participants economics. It does this as it offers additional income for home providers, shares housing expenses (such as your mortgage payment), is an alternative to long waiting lists for subsidized housing, and offers affordable rent for home seekers. It should be safer than using a more traditional roommate service.

If you are older, elderly, or a senior citizen, then the HomeShare program will match an older adult who wants to remain in their own home with another adult of any age who is in need of housing. Independence is offered for seniors, as they can remain in their homes. Companionship may be another benefit, as well as mutual support or some minor household tasks. HomeShare is a simple solution that offers great benefit to seniors and those seeking more affordable housing.

Even if a match doesn’t occur, HomeShare may also be able to provide housing consultations and referrals to younger adults and seniors who are in need of affordable housing. The primary programs are below, however new agencies are always being added. Call (214) 821-8510 or (734) 998-9339 to get more information or referrals, especially if a state is not identified.


Human Investment Project, Inc. (HIP Housing)
San Mateo, California. Call 650.348.6660
The location operates a shared housing program and also so called group shares for families with children and single women.

Senior Network Services - Shared Housing Program
Address is Santa Cruz, CA, call 831.462.6788

Catholic Charities Homesharing Program
Sonora, CA. Main phone 209.532.7632

Peninsula HomeShare Consultants
Pacific Grove, CA
Telephone number: 831.241.2333
The objective is to help senior citizen and elderly homeowners remain where they want to be, in their homes or apartments, by introducing them to carefully screened, compatible people who wish to help out in exchange for paying the rent or possibly reduced monthly rent. No live-in caregiving arrangements are offered.




Home Share of Ventura
Primary address: Ventura, CA, phone: 805.477.7324
This program is sponsored by Housing Authority of Ventura.

Elder Help of San Diego - Homeshare Program
The is for the greater San Diego California area. Call 619.284.9281

Affordable Living for the Aging
Los Angeles , CA. Call 323.650.7988
Homeshare as well as a specialty Shared Living Residence Program are available.

Human Investment Project, Inc. (HIP Housing)
Location is San Mateo, CA
Phone number is 650.348.6660
The center operates group shares for families with children as well as a shared housing program for others.

Catholic Charities In San Jose and Santa Clara
Based in San Jose, California
Call 408.325.5208


Boomer Optioneers
Aurora, Colorado
Call 303.895.5864


Friendship Homes For You
Newark, Delaware, telephone 800.390.0401
Runs Homeshare, match-up and shared living residences for seniors and those looking to help pay rent in the state of Delaware. Residences in nearby Pennsylvania will be coming soon.


Roommate Referrals/Roommate Finders
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Dial 954.776.5999 / 800.364.4144
This service is a roommate service finder that is involved in matching people of all ages for a nominal fee.

Home Share of Pinellas County
Based out of Tarpon Springs, FL. Call 727.945.1528


HOME (Housing Opportunities & Maintenance for the Elderly) offers the Shared Living Residence Chicago, Illinois
Call 773.921.3200





Resources for Community Living
Rolling Meadows, IL, 847.701.1554

The Center of Concern
Park Ridge, Illinois. Telephone - 847.823.0453
The service territory is Cook County Illinois. Resources and Homesharing is offered for people of all ages. Other programs administered include transitional housing with supportive services, rent help and homelessness prevention assistance. This center also serves as a Salvation Army extension site for financial assistance such as utility/gasoline vouchers, etc.

Homesharing Program of Open Communities is located in Winnetka, IL

Center on Halsted
Location is Chicago, IL
Main phone 773.472.6469 x 445

LGBT intergenerational - Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging
Address is Kankakee, Illinois
Phone number - 815.939.0727
Serves as a resource center and offers referrals services for older persons and seniors. Provides senior housing advocacy and information, legal aid, congregate and home-delivered meals, case management, homemaker, and elder abuse assistance.


Neighborhood Enhanced Adult Residences, Inc.
Address: Merrillville, Indiana
Call 219.613.6278
Homeshare is offered for seniors 55+ in northwest Indiana. Also offers medication monitoring, housing with supportive services including meals, grooming, and miscellaneous recreational activities.


Shared Housing of New Orleans
Main office is in New Orleans, Louisiana. 504.896.2575


Homeshare, Inc.
South Thomaston, ME, 207.354.7077


St. Ambrose Homesharing
Baltimore, MD, phone 410.366.6180
The non-profit organization runs a match service for homeowners, and will help them find compatible tenants to rent a room and share expenses.


Shared Housing Consultant
Dorchester, Massachusetts
Call 617.265.7479






Housing Bureau for Seniors
Ann Arbor, MI. Call 734.998.9345
Offers Homeshare, property tax, and housing information. Emergency rent assistance may be offered in the form of elderly eviction prevention. Serves residents of Washtenaw County and other regions.

Allen Neighborhood Center
Address: Lansing, MI


Local Investment Commission Homesharing Program
Kansas City, MO

New Hampshire

Moore Options for Seniors
Manchester, New Hampshire. Call 603.206.2826

New Jersey

Women's Rights Information Center - Shared Housing
Englewood , NJ
Phone number is 201.568.1166 x 15
Housemates who try to sign up must be able to share financial obligations (including rent or mortgage) and need to be able to meet their own basic needs. In some cases, additional services such as senior care, housekeeping, or childcare are bartered for a reduced financial share.

Homesharing, Inc.
Bridgewater, NJ, 908.526.4663

S.H.A.R.E., Inc., or Shared Living Residence Program
Address is Ridgewood, New Jersey
Main phone: 201.670.9605
Operates Prospect Place senior residences as well as Cottage Place.

Knoll Shared Housing, Shared Living Residence Program
Address: Sparta , New Jersey
Telephone: 973.729.4311

Cooperative Housing Corporation of Somerville, NJ
Somerville, NJ, call 908.526.8130

New York

New York Foundation for Senior Citizens, Inc.
Address: New York, NY, 212.962.7653
Any match by this Homeshare program must include person 60 or over. Also helps people living with a developmental disability.

HomeShare/Long Island
Services are offered for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
Address is Mineola, NY, Telephone: 516.292.1300 x 2312 or x2235

Richmond Senior Services, Inc.
Staten Island, New York
Call 718.816.1811

Richmond Senior Services, Inc. - Shared Living Residence Program
Address is Staten Island , NY
Call 718.816.1811

Fairport Baptist Homes Community Ministries offers a Shared Living Residence Program
Address: Fairport, NY
Call 585.377.0350




Syracuse, NY
Main phone: 315.679.4855

Kimmel Housing Development Foundation, Inc.
Address is Great Neck, NY. Dial 516.977.3402

A New Way Home
Address is Syracuse, New York. Call 315.744.4865
This organization offers information only. It serves as a clearinghouse for information and referrals to non-traditional housing options for elder persons and senior citizens residing in Central and Upstate New York.

Address: New York City, NY, call 646.543.0495


Lets Share Housing
Address: Milwaukie, OR
Telephone 503.719.5444
The centers has information on and access to a nationwide and state of Oregon web-based matching program. It allows members and local families the ability to create their own unique shared households or apartments.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Call 503.225.9924


Shared Housing Program - Match-up Homesharing Program
Location is Exton, PA. Call 610.647.5256
This is a program of PA Home of the Sparrow.


Shared Housing Center - Living Residence Program and also offers the Match-up Homesharing Program
Dallas, Texas, phone: 214.821.8510
All services are for people aged 21 and over. Another program is the Shared Living Residence, and that is a 12-month service for older adults and homeless single-parent families. Match-up offered is considered a transitional and permanent housing solution.


HomeShare Vermont
Address: Burlington, VT, call 802.863.5625
The program matches disabled and elderly homeowners with caregivers & home sharers in the region.

HomeShare Now
Barre, VT. Telephone 802.479.8544


Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission
Charlottesville, Virginia. Call 434.979.7310 x230


Shared Housing Services, Match-up Homesharing Program
Main address: Tacoma, WA, phone 253.272.1532
This location helps people across Pierce County. The Homeshare Program offered here works with people of all ages, focusing on elderly and low-income/disabled and/or elderly. Another service is the Transitional Family Housing Program, which supports low-income homeless families in the region.

Fidalgo Island Share A Home
Anacortes, Washington, dial 360.293.2993
This program also offers motel voucher and runs shelter as well as transitional housing.

Housing Resources Board
Address: Bainbridge Island, WA, call 206.842.1909
Will match up individuals so they can share rent, mortgage, and other housing expenses or bills.

Whidbey Island Share a Home
Freeland, WA, phone 360.331.5910





More information

As noted, for additional Homesharing agencies and locations in other states, call (214) 821-8510 or another number to try is (734) 998-9339.

By Jon McNamara

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