Free school supplies in the Portland Oregon area.

Students from Kindergarten to high school age in the Portland Oregon area can get free back to school supplies. There are events, charities, and agencies that give away items to students from low income families. The free school supplies that are give away each summer and fall are based on donations and volunteers, and the availability will fluctuate each year. Note the list of organizations below is only a sampling of places to get help from. Find other options from free clothing closets in Multnomah County or free clothing banks in Washington County.

The back to school supply giveaway events are located across the Portland Oregon area, including Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah County. Some of the items given away include, but are not limited to free backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks, scissors, highlighters, clothes, uniforms and even gift certificates. Free school supply assistance programs may also include binders, arts and craft supplies, glue and so much more.

Note items are limited and the demand is high. The dates of the Portland Oregon free school supply giveaway events vary and the list of charities that pass out items may change. Referrals may also be given.

Schoolhouse Supplies
Address is 4916 NE 122nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97230
For information on the programs, dial (503) 249-9933
A leading, and maybe the largest organization, is Schoolhouse Supplies of Portland Oregon. They help teachers, students, single mothers, and others. There are online supplies, deliveries, a Free Store for Teachers, and more.

Salvation Army Family Services in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington County
A leading, faith based charity that helps anyone in need. They giveaway everything from back to school supplies to toys, meals, food, and even financial aid. It is based on donations and volunteers. There may be free gift cards, writing materials, books, shoes or sneakers for students, book bags, and so much more. More on Oregon Salvation Army assistance programs.





Sunshine Division Clothing Closet
687 N Thompson St
Portland, Oregon 97227
Telephone number is (503) 823-2102

SnowCap Community Charities
Location 17788 SE Pine St.
Portland, OR 97233
There is a free clothing closet. Call (503) 674-8785
There is free food, school supplies,  clothes for work or school, educational supplies, and more. The charity may also have textbooks, tablets, as well as after school programs.

Children's Club School Programs
Location is 3520 SE Yamhill Street
Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 233-2246
They help kids teenage and younger. Whether clothes, school supplies, diapers, and other items, they assist low income parents with students.

Love Inc.
They have multiple centers in Hillsboro, Portland, and other cities. One is at 8660 N Willamette Blvd, Portland, OR 97203. There are household items, school supplies, furniture, hygiene items, winter coats for students, help for single moms and so much more. Dial (503) 289-3299 or (503) 648-0700.





Portland Oregon PTA Clothing Center
Address is 3901 SE 91st Ave, Room C-56
Referrals are needed. Talk to your teacher at school about it. There may be supplies for students or clothes, even including winter hats, slacks, pants, gloves, shorts for gym class, and more. Even schools such as Reynolds School District  and Gresham participate.

William Tempe House
Main address is 2023 NW Hoyt Street
Portland, OR 97209
This charity is located in Multnomah County. There are free back to school supplies as well as material goods or children’s clothing. There may be over-the-counter medications, school supplies including notebooks, backpacks, writing material and more. The clothing bank also has personal care and hygiene items for kids.

Oregon Department of Education - state aid
They give items to homeless children, those on welfare, and kids living in poverty. There is everything from free school breakfast or lunches, school clothes and supplies, affordable health care, public assistance and more. Continue with public aid in Oregon.

North Clackamas School District
6031 SE King Road Wichita Center
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222
Phone number is 503-353-5663
This is only for North Clackamas School District. There is a clothing bank, hygiene, or school supplies, and more.

By Jon McNamara

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