State and local charities and organizations that provide help.

Find local organizations and local charities, including at the state and county levels, that can help you with paying bills and debt. Find help with electric bills, food assistance, and other aid. In addition to the charities and organizations listed below.

  • Find assistance programs offered from your local and state government agencies, including rent assistance, mortgage and foreclosure help and more.
  • Your local community action agency may also be another place to turn to for aid. Many of these organization administer energy assistance and weatherization programs, provide rent assistance, and more.

Alaska - General Relief Assistance (GRA)
GRA will provide for many of the basic needs of Alaskans who are not eligible for other state assistance programs. Some of the help offered includes help with utility bills, shelter, limited assistance for clothing, food, transportation, medical expenses and burial.

Arizona - Home Energy Assistance Fund
This assistance program provides help to families who are undergoing financial hardship. Grants are provided to help pay overdue utility bills, and the funds can also be used to prevent potential electric or gas service shutoffs. Families can receive anywhere from $500 - $1000 for aid.



Colorado - Energy Outreach Colorado
This energy assistance program is dedicated to the efficient delivery of low cost energy assistance. The program provides both energy conservation and energy education for lower income, or struggling households. This aid will help those families maintain their self-sufficiency and well being.

Connecticut - Operation Fuel
This program provides emergency energy bill assistance to families who either do not qualify for, or have used up, all of their government assistance. Most of the clients of this group are not poor enough to receive government aid but, only because of a recent crisis in their lives, cannot make ends meet and need short term help. 860-243-2345










Indiana - Winter Assistance Fund
The Winter Assistance fund helps families who are not eligible for any other types of energy assistance programs. 317-923-1466

Louisiana - Outreach Center
This organization provides a variety of aid including job training, emergency shelters, and job placement, transportation, food and clothing distribution, transitional housing, financial assistance and grants to help with bills, life skills training, holiday meals, and toy distribution.

Maryland - Fuel Fund
The Fuel Fund of Maryland provides support and aid to vulnerable Maryland families to help them pay for heat and home utility needs. 410-821-3022











Nebraska - Pennies For Power
This fund will help struggling individuals and families pay energy bills. It will provide emergency aid, help fix heating and cooling equipment, and may pay for energy saving home improvements. 1-888-890-9569


Nevada - Project REACH (Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships)
A program that was created to help vulnerable adults over the age of 62, medically fragile people, seniors who are isolated, and to also aid deployed reserve and National Guard members in need of emergency energy assistance. 455-7051

Nevada - Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE)
An assistance program for low-income customers, and it is administered by Community Services Agency. 775-882-8448


New Jersey


New York


North Carolina




Oregon - Oregon HEAT
This organization is a statewide fund that was designed to prevent disconnection of utility service during inclement weather by providing heating and utility bill payment assistance to low income households in emergency situations. Oregon HEAT works closely with social service, charities, and other agencies across the state to review requests for assistance from customers of PGE, Pacific Power, and West Oregon Electric Cooperative. Oregon HEAT also has a recovered oil program and the program will help households pay for all fuels such as propane, gas and wood. 503-612-3790







Rhode Island - Good Neighbor Energy Fund
This fund is available to any families in Rhode Island who are experiencing a temporary financial difficulty and therefore can’t pay their energy bills, and it can also help those who have not qualified for or received any other energy assistance funds. 401-421-0956


Rhode Island - UniBank Fuel Assistance Fund
Grants may be available to help families who do not qualify for other aid under traditional income guidelines. Assistance may also be provided to those who can’t afford the standard 100-gallon minimum delivery amount, and also to people who may have already reached their annual maximum for other fuel oil benefits. 508-754-1176


South Carolina








West Virginia - Utility Assistance Program - Dollar Energy Fund
This charity program was created to assists with paying residents heating, gas, electric and water bills. A one time cash grant is paid. Aid is available if the applicant is not eligible for any other aid programs. (800) 683-7036

Wisconsin - Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund (KWWF)
KWWF is a community based aid program that was created to meet the need for energy bill assistance to low income people.


By Jon McNamara

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