National Coalition for the Homeless housing and prevention services.

Operating across the nation, the National Coalition for the Homeless is made up on hundreds of non-profits, individuals and government agencies. The network of partners is immense, and each and every one of them is focused on both preventing future episodes of homelessness, and also more importantly addressing the root cause of it and breaking the cycle.

Another goal is to try to get every individual and family into some form of safe and affordable housing, whether it is an apartment or some other type of center. They advocate on behalf of the poor and less fortunate, try to coordinate the countless assistance programs that are offered by government agencies and charities, and offer other support services as needed and as resources allow.

The fact is that the demand for affordable housing is very high. This is due to both the challenging economy as well as the constant increase in rent and living expenses that people are faced with. So while the National Coalition for the Homeless does its best to meet the needs of families, the fact is that no one group, or even partnership of them, can meet this need on their own. Some of the primary services that may be provided are below.

Housing solutions from the coalition

Prevention is always the first goal, as it is less impactful to the individual and it also costs less money to provide short term help then it does to provide shelter or other rehousing services. The National Coalition for the Homeless has some information on local agencies that can offer emergency financial help, whether it is grants for rental costs or a utility bill.

They also have information on government support, ranging from Emergency Solutions Grants to the hotel vouchers that are occasionally available in some states or cities. Other options for the homeless can include programs such as SSVF for veterans, funds for security deposits, or charity resources for single parents and domestic violence survivors.





NCH also has referrals to programs and services for the currently homeless. There may be resources such as free food or health care available. Also, short term support can range from shelter to placement into transitional housing. This is often combined with case management, which can lead to stability over the long term. Read more on temporary and transitional housing programs.

The National Coalition for the Homeless will strongly recommend that people contact a church or social service agency in their town or county. While a large percentage may not have funds, many will at least try to provide referrals or linkage to programs. As just one example, many community action agencies are part of the NCH nationwide network.

They also provide information to people that are facing imminent eviction. The coalition will recommend that a plan is put into place way in advance to when the actual event occurs. The individual should start to call upon friends or family to see if they can stay with them, and have a backup plan which will involve local shelter.

Other steps should be taken too. People should also pack some food into an emergency pack, and try to save small dollar amounts of money for any expenses they will be incurred with. Also, have a listing of places to o to for internet access so they can look for jobs and other social services.

Forms of assistance provided

After exploring the resources on this site, if there is additional need for information or to find support for preventing an eviction or foreclosure, then the coalition may be able to offer referrals themselves. They can also provide this service for anyone that is now homeless, such as living on the streets, in a park, or even in a shelter but maybe they need to find a permanent solution.





While the organization is small and limited in what they can do, individuals can email the homeless coalition at [email protected], and provide all applicable information such as name, city and state in question, and details on the need. Or find more information on the National Homeless Coalition. There may be a delay in response as NHC is very limited in resources and what they can offer, however they will try to help if and when possible.

By Jon McNamara

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