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Operation Round Up assistance programs.

Operation Round Up is a charitable program that is offered by many utility and electric companies across the country, including smaller local cooperatives. The program provides grant money to people, non-profits, and other organizations. The funds can help with housing, medical needs, transportation and other bills - sometimes electric. Find how to get help from Operation Round Up near you.

Charitable funds from Operation Round Up

Note that it can sometimes by called different names by your utility company, but the concept will always be the same. Operation Round Up, was designed to provide financial assistance to families (and sometimes non-profits) in need of help. It is a volunteer, charity driven program in which customers agree to have their utility bill “rounded up” to the next whole dollar amount. The extra money paid on a utility bill, which is really a donation, goes towards helping the less fortunate pay their bills.

The average contribution for utility customers is just 50 cents a month. While that may not seem like a lot of money for offering financial help to those that are struggling, you need to multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of people across the country who contribute to an Operation Round Up service. All of these generous donations and contributions from the public, foundations and businesses allow Operation Round Up to be able to provide assistance to families in need.

Grants available

The resulting funds raised from customers, which are often supplemented by donations from utility companies and local businesses, are put into a special account. The money collected through this program are pooled together. The funds are then paid out as a grant, and the money is used to assist local individuals and nonprofit organizations across the country with crucial needs. In general, a foundation overseas the disbursement of the Operation Round grants.

Tens of thousands of individuals, low-income families and non-profits get financial help from Operation Round Up every year. Many of those who receive financial help are low income families with children, seniors, and someone just facing a short term crisis. The grants can help pay for a wide variety of needs.




In some cases, the charity or foundation run program also provides cash grants to community projects and local nonprofit organizations such as food shelves, volunteer fire departments and rural ambulance services. A major goal of the grant money from an Operation Round Up is to invest in the community - both individuals and local projects.

In addition, assistance is also provided directly to individuals. Operation Round Up can help with paying for utility bills, rent, food, shelter, health care, clothing, heating bill, emergency services, education, job training, and charitable or foundation causes. Funds are never provided for any political purpose and donated money will not go towards paying the programs administrative costs.

How to apply for Operation Roundup

A request for assistance from this program is made by completing a grant application with the utility company or the charity foundation that runs the program. The Operation Round Up applications are then reviewed on a case by case basis for approval. Financial awards vary by state and utility company, but they can range from a few dollars to help pay an electric bill up to $20,000 or more for organizations. Typically the funding for Operation Round Up programs are limited, so apply for help as early as possible.

Non-profit community action agencies are often a great place for referrals to all sorts of financial help and stability services. You can contact your local community action agency to ask if any local utility companies offer the program. As noted, this Operation Round Up type concept goes by different names in different states, so the program may be called a different name by each and every energy company. The case managers who work at these non-profit organizations often have a wealth of knowledge on local resources and energy assistance programs. More on community action agency.

Or ask your utility company directly about Operation Round Up. Or any similar charity programs or foundations, as noted the name may vary by energy company. While not every single utility company will offer an Operation Round Up Service (or an equivalent program) it is worthwhile to inquire. Ask about any local foundation, grant money or charitable resources.





  • Also, as noted, keep in mind that in some states the program may go by a different name, such as Project Share or Neighbor to Neighbor. In addition to Operation Roundup, most utility companies offer some other type of financial assistance or conservation programs for their customers. Get access to cash grants, weatherization assistance, free LIHEAP grants for the low income, and other aid.

There are also many other resources for utility bills. Learn about Operation Round Up and others, and click here for more information on energy bill assistance. Many resources are offered by your local utility or gas company. Or they can often direct individuals to state and federal government assistance programs.


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