Assistance with bills from Life Beyond Cancer.

This relatively new organization was formed with the mission of helping cancer patients with paying their bills and expenses as they receive the care they need. The Life Beyond Cancer Foundation is an organization that is strongly dedicated to fulfilling and assisting the unmet needs of cancer patients. They will aid people in all states across the country.

The non-profit organization will provide patients with information on, as well as access to various resources and services. They will provide them with help for financial issues, such as their everyday bills and living expenses. While that is the goal, funding is limited and qualifications will need to be met.

In addition, the foundation can offer emotional support and counseling to cancer patients. They work closely with other charities and non-profit organizations, and together they fund various educational programs in conjunction with other established community organizations, hospitals, and health care providers. The goal is to both prevent cancer and encourage early detection.

Types of financial assistance offered by Life Beyond Cancer Foundation

They offer numerous programs and options for cancer patients. Some of the financial assistance and grants that are provided can be used to pay for all types of bills people may incur, and not just medical costs. For example, applicants may be able to find money that can be used to pay for every day living expenses and basic needs such as utility and heating bills, mortgage, food, rent, car payments and insurance. The grants are available for cancer patients who meet income criteria and that are also currently in active treatment.

The financial assistance program was designed to keep patients on track with their treatment and to ensure they receive the support they need. It accomplishes this by helping to alleviate the financial stressors of everyday life. So by providing money and other forms of emotional support that patients can use for other expenses, this will allow cancer patients to focus on their own medical bills and debts.





Often times the expenses incurred can be extensive, and financial aid will only pay for a portion of those bills or debts incurred. After all, the Life Beyond Cancer Foundation or other non-profits can only do so much. In these cases of extreme hardship, some people may even be able to settle their medical debts. Learn more.

The primary goal and the main mission of Life Beyond Cancer Foundation is to help cancer patients by providing the support they need or other forms of guidance. It does so by enhancing cancer care in local communities by removing barriers to prevention, early detection of cancer, education, treatment and survivorship.

The cornerstones of the foundation includes cancer prevention and awareness. In addition, there may also be some limited financial assistance for paying every day bills and living expenses, and meaningful assistance programs for cancer survivors.

Contact the foundation at 1-800-282-5223 to learn more or apply for help with your cancer bills and other expenses.


By Jon McNamara

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