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Housing for single mothers from CoAdobe.

A national non-profit organization known as CoAbode can help single mothers find affordable housing. They run programs that can provide single moms with the opportunity to save on their rent and housing expenses by sharing a home or apartment. The service does all it can to be safe in that background checks are done and also the sharing occurs with someone who is also a single mom.

CoAbode operates nationally. The are many benefits too it, not the least of which allows the parent to save money by sharing their rent costs. The service can also assist single mothers by allowing them to in effect pool their finances and resources with other single parents in the community.

The non-profit was founded several years ago when a single mother realized that sharing resources and finances may be the best way to save money on various housing expenses. It can help with reducing many bills, including rent. This provides families the ability to better provide for their children. The services offered act as a source of real help for single moms when it comes to finding safe and affordable living arrangements, no matter what state they live in.

Locate shared housing or apartments

CoAbode may be able to help single moms find compatible house mates in their local area. Many families are struggling with trying to find affordable housing without adequate financial support from the state or federal government, social service programs, or their family. Many of the single parents who enroll are also not receiving child support, or the amount is so low it is not helping them. Sharing housing or apartments will make all those expenses, such as rent, mortgage payments, utilities, and property taxes, shared as well.

Single mothers can find compatible housing partners using CoAbode. The non-profit covers the entire nation and all states. Contact them to find how to share utilities, rent, food, chores and baby sitting costs. It was focused mostly on people who already lease a home.

However even those moms without a current permanent home can find an appropriate housemate through the services offered. This will enable them to find a more affordable, larger and more comfortable home. So CoAbode may assist homeless mothers or those on the verge of eviction or a foreclosure.




One of the keys to the service is it will allow parents to provide for a higher standard of living than is possible when going it alone. This will of course benefit their child’s growth and development as well as future opportunities given to them. The services offered by CoAbode also offer those single moms who have a home already a way to stay in that residence by sharing its expense with another single-mom family.

The service is very easy to use, and there is no risk to exploring the site. Members can go about choosing  housing partners by reading other women’s backgrounds and profiles. They will then be able to contact other prospective single mom house mates that appeal to them through the site. All of the communication will be anonymous and it uses secure email service.

Housing assistance arranged for single moms by CoAbode

Various conditions and criteria are established by the organization as part of this process. Some off them include location, age, the number of children, and the moms ability to pay their bills. CoAbode will need proof that the participants can meet financial requirements like deposits, utilities, and monthly rent if they were to share those costs.

For those that qualify, a number of other services are offered on the website run by CoAdobe. It is basically a wealth of resources for parents who are facing a hardship. Get information on moving tips, health and parenting advice, local support groups for carpooling, baby sitting co-ops, government assistance, low income housing, childcare and emotional support as well.

There is also information on federal government HUD resources for struggling women. It can be difficult for a single mom to be pay for the rent or deposits on an apartment. Not to mention to keep up with future cost of living increases that many landlords will try to make them pay. Therefore they often need financial help, and there are many low income housing programs available to try.

No single mom is ever turned away from the service. The company is a 501c3 non profit organization. CoAbode allows a single mom to register for free. They will need to complete a profile though in order to explore what may be possible, and those initial searches are free.





However in order to make contact with another member for potential housing opportunities, the single mom will need to become an Active Member. That requires a one time donation, however there are several plans, including one for being sponsored. This will either greatly reduce those fees or even eliminate them in some cases.

Applying for CoAdobe housing

As noted, this shared housing program is only for single moms with children currently living with them. To learn more or to begin the search for housing, you need to visit the website of


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By Jon McNamara


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