Find how to earn extra money from work at home positions, the gig economy, job training programs and other opportunities.

There are a number of different part or full time jobs that can be done from home. There are also ways to turn a hobby into some extra cash or to maybe find some type of side job in the gig economy that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Or maybe you need some new skills or career advice. Below you will find a number of different employment resources, information on work from home as well as freelance positions, government job training programs, side gig jobs, and much more.

Maybe you work 9 to 5 during the weekdays and so does your spouse, but even after doing that, both of your paychecks are not enough money to pay for all your bills or to save for a future. This is when a work from home type job or even a hobby may be financially rewarding. People are able to make a few extra dollars on a part time basis or to either find a new job, or gain new work skills. Making a few extra dollars from a legitimate work at home or side job, or even from say your smart phone, can help offset those costs.

These jobs tend to supplement an income. They are not always high paying. That is why, in addition to the side gig or other job, including work from home positions, there are also many job training programs available as well as free resources to help gig workers. If you are finding it difficult to make ends meet, you can bring in additional income by one of these suggestions.  Most programs are free to sign up for, so that is a huge benefit.

Online market research or surveys from your home

Taking online surveys, trying free products, and performing market research is another way to earn fairly easy money from home. The services will both allow you to make some extra cash as well as provide savings, coupons, and other incentives. Some companies will even allow you to save 5% at Wal-Mart and other national retailers just by signing up (and there is no cost!). Many people will make less than $100 per month, but if you put in some time and effort, you can make up to a few hundred dollars per month, or even more.





After you sign up for these sites, we suggest you visit their forums to see how real cash is being made and also read the FAQ guides. ABC News and other legit national publications also write about the benefits of these online surveys. Read more on online market research and surveys.

Write “simple” online articles for Website owners

Another fairly easy way to make money online is to create content for local or national businesses. Online companies and businesses need articles, blog content and more original material in order to attract website visitors. This work will help those companies grow their revenue and entice sales. Or you can blog to make extra money.

If you can write at a basic level, this could be the easy opportunity you need to increase your income. Writing online articles is a stress-free business opportunity, with an increasing demand, that you can do either part time or full time, and earn as much as you want or as little as you need. In general, you do not need to be an expert or novelist. The articles can be straightforward, “basic” articles.

In addition, we at needhelppayingbills are looking for contributors and will pay for articles. We have blog that can always use content, and we may have other work at home opportunities. Please email us at We would like to see a sample article in advance as well. Or visit the blog for additional information on everything from income opportunities to tips on saving, budgeting, and more. Read more needhelppayingbills blog.





Make money at home and in daily life using your phone or computer

A number of smart phone apps and websites will allow you to either (1) make extra money or (2) save. It is possible to earn some cash or even rewards like gift cards from the comfort of your home or from activities you do in your daily life. If you shop, go on the Internet, like to pay games, take marketing surveys from your home, want to monetize a hobby you do from home, or do any other of countless activities, you can earn money from these activities. Find iPhone and Android apps for making money.

Turn a hobby into money

It is possible to turn some hobbies into an extra source of income for your family. Many of these activities can also be done from the comfort of your own home. You can combine the income with a real job, or maybe the hobby can eventually turn into a full time business. After all, doing something you enjoy is never a bad way to make some extra cash for paying bills, saving, taking a vacation, or anything you need. Find a list of hobbies you can do from your home for extra money.

There are side hustle and gig economy jobs too. Working from home or on your own terms also gives you the ability to see if you have what it takes to do a position full time, and maybe become an entrepreneur. If you work hard, are lucky, and the business takes off, you can definitely make it a full time job and quit the 9 to 5 grind! Or if you still work full time and what some extra income, try a side hustle job.

Recurring Passive Income

There are many ways to start a recurring stream of income (that pays you each and every month) with some up front work. It is a job, but the income is recurring over the long term. Do things such as sell photos, create lesson plans, rent out possessions, cash back shopping, and more, Find how to make a free passive income.

Online contractor, side gig and freelancing positions

There are a number of online staffing companies that match job seekers with hiring companies. Or simple, quick and legitimate side gig jobs that can be done from home. Many of the freelance positions are project based and allow a significant amount of flexibility, including working from home and/or part time work. The positions can allow individuals to supplement their income while they look for other, maybe full time work. Read more on side gig jobs from home.




Not only can a few extra dollars be made by working from home, but many people use these online exchanges and build a career out of them by taking on multiple projects. In some cases the positions may lead to either recurring work assignments or full time opportunities. So the opportunity can help pay a bill that is due in an emergency, or help provide more long term, recurring opportunities. Find more details on freelance work from home jobs.

Free job training and help in finding employment

A number of job training programs are offered by Goodwill Industries. They focus on helping the less fortunate, such as seniors, veterans, the working poor, disabled, and others. However a number of programs and resources are offered for people of all backgrounds. Access free online computer training and labs, job placement programs, resume review, and much more. While services offered will vary by state, get more information on examples of some of the services offered. More on Goodwill job training programs.

Additional resources are offered by the Federal Government. One of the primary options is the Workforce Investment Act. This service is for people who are unemployed or whose current job doesn’t pay them enough money to become self-sufficient. The government can provide people with the skills, counseling, and even items like paid internships and on the job training. Clients can also get referrals to financial aid programs from the WIA Act. All of these are free job placement and training resources, and learn more on WIA Workforce Investment Act.

Veterans can also receive job training and compensation from the VRAP retraining assistance program. Former military members who are unemployed, actively seeking work, and who meet other guidelines may qualify for help. The program will help veterans receive a degree, certification, or technical training for one of many careers that are in high demand. There are companies that may have full time positions, or part time, work from home jobs. More details on federal government Veterans Retraining Assistance Program.

Employment centers located across the nation can help job seekers and people looking to acquire new skills. The federal government works with state and local municipalities to fund the centers. Clients are able to attend career counseling sessions, sign up for adult education services, receive free on the job training at local employers and much more. The objective is to ensure individuals get the skills they need in order to find employment in today’s challenging economy. Read more about One-Stop Career Centers.

Get free help in starting a business. A national non-profit organization known as SCORE provides advice, tips, referrals to local programs, and other resources to entrepreneurs or someone just seeking to start a small work from home business. The mentoring process is free to anyone who is interested, and many chapters also offer workshops as well as online tutorials. Whether it is help in planning or raising money, assistance is available. Find more information on how to start a business.

Preparing for an interview is critical. It is also very important how an applicant first contacts a potential employer. First impressions make a big difference when seeking a decent paying job, whether it is a work from home position or an office job. There are non-profits that can help during this process. Locate tips and programs for job interviews.





Jobs for entry level workers, people with no college degree or GED, immigrants as well as the un skilled only are also offered. Find entry level as well as limited skill positions. They can be gateways that allow the employees to gain skills and maybe go down a career path. Continue with entry level job opportunities.

Jobs for those who are 55 or older or disabled

A federal government grant has paid for a resource known as the Senior Community Service Employment Program, or SCSEP. Individuals who are 55 years of age or older, who meet income guidelines and other conditions may be able to benefit from this program. It combines many different type of jobs, including working from home or part time positions.

They will be placed into a part time job with a local business, such as a non-profit, community service organization, or similar company. The long term objective of the program is for the participant to gain skills and experience from the part time job, which will then lead to full time employment. Find details on Senior Community Service Employment Program.

Senior citizens, retirees, the disabled and injured often need a lower stress job to or some other way to make money. There are positions for their needs. Everything from work from home to hobbies, apps and technology tools and others. These work from home as well as other positions tend to be “easier and lower stress” and can be done on an as needed basis. Find information on income opportunities for seniors and the disabled.

Employment for single mothers

There are a number of jobs that may be a great fit for single moms. The positions may offer flexibility, provide benefits like health insurance and other support. The jobs can be side gigs, a second job, or full time positions. In addition, job training can also help single mothers gain new skills or increase their income. Find details on jobs for single moms.

Review court cases from home as an Online Juror

You can make extra income by being an online juror and make from $20-$60 per case reviewed. The opportunity can be recurring as well, which allows the extra income to be used over the long term for paying bills. As an eligible online juror who is working from home you can be requested to perform an online review of court cases that are filed in your local county or federal district. Learn about online jurors and the career opportunities in the field.






There are work from home jobs to be had out there, companies are hiring, and there are ways to make extra money. In addition to “home shoring”, which is the trend of jobs coming back to the United States from overseas, there are many other opportunities to earn extra money working from home part time, or even full time.

  • These opportunities can be full time. Find details on call center homeshoring jobs and legitimate call center opportunities.
  • Convergys Corporation and Alpine Access are company’s that are aggressively hiring workers for “home shoring” jobs. Find details on call center companies including Convergys and Alpine.

Examples of other work from home jobs

Any work from home positions can be difficult to find, and never sign up for any “questionable” service that may be a scam. But there are several things to consider if you are considering to work from home or starting your own business to help with paying your bills.

In addition to part-time employment at home, there are other flexible, part time jobs to consider as well. There are positions that can be very flexible when it comes to hours, and these jobs may be a great fit for groups such as single moms or even senior citizens. Examples of these jobs include donating plasma for money, driving for a ride sharing service such as Uber, and many others. Or if you lost your job because yours was transferred overseas or outsourced, you may also be eligible for additional job training and unemployment funds from the federal governments Trade Adjustment Assistance Program.

1. You need to decide whether to joining a company’s affiliate program or go after another opportunity, maybe your own. There are many different paths to starting to work from home or in starting your own home business. Our suggestion is to start with only one opportunity, research it and learn as much about it so that you are not overwhelmed with training and information.

If you are just starting out on this path, while there is a lot to learn, it is not difficult. It just takes a little time. Support from a companies affiliate program can help you with the learning curve. There are also examples of people that have had success. Read about real life working from home success stories.

2. You need to research and do your homework before selecting a company that you will work with. No one wants to spend effort, time, or maybe even money working for a company, or building a business, only to end up with a product that is not the best, or no longer available. How and when they will pay you needs to be considered. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau? Is the service or the products something you would buy? How long have they been in business? How much help and training do they provide? These are some of the questions you need to ask.

Be aware of scams and fraud. When doing this research, it is possible to run across a work from home job opportunity that sounds to good to be true. Unfortunately there are many companies that try to take advantage of people, ask for significant up front fees, and more. Research these jobs closely, and find examples of scams in the work at home industry.

3. Make sure the company you select provides support and training. This will be a huge benefit if you are just starting out. Once you learn about the company, service, and product, you can find your own specialty or niche and maybe even become the next home business guru! That extra income and expertise will of course go a long way towards helping with bills.

4. What are some examples of work from home jobs that can help me with my bills?  They are listed below, or find more details on how to get emergency cash without borrowing money.





  • Online Surveys - Pay: Up to a few hundred dollars per month.
    Job Description: Sign up for free products, take online marketing research surveys from the comfort of your home, shop using a certain retailer for rebates, or easily start a survey business by referring friends, family, and others. Online surveys are a survey tool in which companies gather, analyze, and report on information that they may use to solve a problem or provide knowledge on a specific service or product. Be sure to use one of the legitimate companies. Find about about online surveys that pay, and learn more about these companies and surveys.
  • Sell your hair: Pay: Tens or hundreds of dollars per year.
    Job Description: There are several website and applications that can be used for selling hair. It is possible to make hundreds (maybe even a few thousand) dollars per year doing this, and of course it can be done from your home. Learn more on selling hair for cash.
  • Home Call Center Jobs - Pay $8 to $14
    Job Description: These work at home positions handle airline and hotel reservations, roadside assistance, sales calls, and tech support. The industry is growing still, even in the challenging economy. Read more work from home call center jobs.
  • Retail Merchandising - Pay: Up to $16 per hour, and $20 per job
    Job Description: Visit retail establishments to ensure displays are in order, promotions are selling well, staff is aware of product, and other activities. Continue with retail merchandising.
  • Mystery Shopping - Pay: Typically $20-$100 per assignment
    Job Description: You “pretend” to be an actual retail customer, and mystery shop to ensure a high level of customer service at the establishment. Other jobs may involve reviewing a companies website, from the comfort of your own home or testing a 1800 toll free line. Mystery shopping can include various activities. Continue with Mystery Shopping.
  • Answering Service - Pay: $9.46 to $12.69
    Job Description: You can answer incoming calls from offices (i.e. apartment complex, doctors offices, etc.) after normal business hours and then you relay that information per specific account protocol.
  • Write Online Articles - Pay :Minimum of several dollars per thousand page views, and several dollars (or much more) per article. Continue with earning money by writing articles.
    Job Description : Writing online articles for websites such as ehow, associated content, examiner, and many others. There are ways to get paid per article, and also get paid when people view your articles.
  • Medical Biller - Pay: $11.88 to $15.72
    Job Description: Medical billing and its related health care field occupations are one of the fastest growing opportunities in medical care. The government and insurance companies are spending more money and time researching and controlling claims’ fraud, theft, abusive practices, and medical necessity issues. Because of this need for help from these companies, doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers are hiring more.
  • Sell or license photo - Pay: Recurring revenue of hundreds of dollars per year in subsequent years.
    Job Description: Anyone can do this, even beginners. Any pictures you take during the course of the day, using even a smartphone, can be sold or licensed. It is free to list the photos, and it can be done from home or even using a phone app. Find how to sell pictures for extra cash.
  • Pre Paid Legal Plans - Pay: Up to several hundred dollars (o more!) per month
    Job Description: Market legal insurance plans for this publicly held company. They have recently had their 100th member earn One Million Dollars.
  • Read and review books - Pay: Up to $70 in cash or gift cards
    Job Description: If you like to read books and think you can write a decent review of them, then this work from home job may be for you. You can get paid for this hobby or interest you have. Read more on get paid for book reviews.
  • Scheduler - Pay: $11.92 to $17.51
    Job Description: You will handles client calendars and also updates appointments as needed. This can all be available as a work from home position. You may also potentially process bills.





  • Tutor - Pay: $10.90 to $18.85
    Job Description: Provide group or one-on-one instruction and help. You can help and tutor individuals directly from your home. Find information on tutoring online as a freelancer.
  • Childcare Worker/Babysitter - Pay: $7.82 - $10.18
    Job Description: Work from home and help care for children. Employees may also organize and participate in their recreational activities, discipline children, etc. At-home childcare workers will sometimes also provide before and after school care.

There are many flexible and side gig type jobs, as well as work from home positions. We have a list of many resources above. Or a site to try is also, as they focus on the industry.

Add a comment or Need Additional Help? Include email address and state. It is never shared. It is needed to send a reply to your request for work from home opportunities or job training. Or visit or register in the community forum (link on bottom) and we will reply to your message there. Send an email to  Include your state.


By Jon McNamara

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