Earn money from Retail Merchandising.

What is Merchandising?

Merchandising encompasses the many different tasks that one does to support the movement of services and products out of a retailer's door. This includes having coupons, brochures, or other informational material available at or near the point of purchase to encourage the shopper to buy the item. Another key is ensuring attractive signage or other high quality promotional displays are on site where the product is displayed and having the items placed and arranged on a shelf or hangers. But there are many other activities that merchandising includes. It can go on to include ensuring that the proper product is out on the sales floor, in sufficient quantity, in the correct place, and that it is priced correctly.

A merchandiser will sometimes deliver sales or educational materials to a store, or even give some training on the items, so that the store employees will learn more about the retail product and how to sell it. The retail merchandiser also serves as a "goodwill ambassador" for the manufacturer, and needs to develop a positive relationship with the store which can often lead to securing better placement of, or additional orders for the product.




Income Opportunities From Being a Retail Merchandiser

While it can very well grow into a full time opportunity, if you do it as a part time, work from home type job, then a typical income will be as follows. Merchandising manufacturers or companies will usually pay you in one of two ways: 1) they pay an hourly wage for all the work that you perform for them, so the amount you can earn per assignment will vary with the amount of hours it takes. You will typically make $7-$16 per hour as a retail merchandiser, or 2) the company will pay you a flat rate per job (like they do in mystery shopping). And you get paid this rate whether it takes you five minutes or five hours to complete the merchandising job. They usually pay $9-$20 per job.

A major positive from retail merchandising is that it can be fairly regular work, but very flexible. You can typically select the days and hours you do the assignment within certain date ranges. And maybe best of all, many of the companies you work with will want you for ongoing assignments (provided you do a decent job), and they will offer you lots of different assignments on a regular basis. So it could potentially grow into a longer term, or maybe even full time job.





Since you will be at the retail establishment anyway, read about mystery shoppers, another work at home opportunity that you may also be able to perform during the visit. People often undertake retail merchandising and mystery shopping positions at the same time.

Retail Merchandising Companies

Many retailers advertise positions and will directly hire people to work for them. So check some major retailers in your local community for a job. Use and search job boards like indeed.com or monster.com, and search for positions.

In addition, some private companies in the industry may also have positions, or place people with national retailers. Before signing up with one of these private retail merchandising companies, read the fine print of any contract. Some of these companies include.

  • Spar Group - www.sparinc.com
  • Lawrence Merchandising - www.lmsvc.com
  • Retail Merchandising Services - www.rmservicing.com
  • Coyle Hospitality Group - This is a market leader in the industry. coylehospitality.com
  • Wal-Mart provides research opportunities. - www.walmart.com/cservice/ca_research.gsp
  • Beyond Hello - Another market leader in the merchandising business.



By Jon McNamara

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