Salvation Army free soup kitchens and meal programs.

Salvation Army soup kitchens and meal programs help feed the hungry as well as the low income. The Christian, faith based charity also provide assistances during an emergency, including disaster. Another service provided by the Salvation Army, which is listed below by state, will be free hot meals on the holidays and they also feed children during the summer months. The locations near you listed below will offer free Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday food boxes as well as hot meals.

Everything served by the charity is free to anyone in need, including households facing an emergency financial crisis, the homeless, and working poor. Also, in general, senior citizens, the disabled, and single moms or dads can often get a free hot meal from the Salvation Army regardless of their income. There are no income restrictions, age or faith requirements, or applications that need to be complete. However, every Salvation Army will not have a feeding program or soup kitchen on site. It is recommended to call in advance to learn more or to get hours, or to learn about other hunger prevention services.

Year round meals from Salvation Army

As noted, not every social service center offers them. Anyone in need should call a local Salvation Army near them for details on what meals may be served, the time, and any other needed information. But in general, what is offered is below.

Daily cold or hot nutritious meals may be served from a soup kitchen near you. Volunteers work at the Salvation Army locations and play a major role in offering this assistance to the needy. There may be breakfast, lunch, or dinner served. While the make up of each meal will vary based on location as well as what food has been donated, there may be some or all of the following served. A soup kitchen may serve meats, vegetables, dairy, and more to anyone that is hungry.





The Salvation Army also realizes some low income homebound individual can’t make it to a meal site. They will generally be senior citizens and/or the disabled. When this occurs the Salvation Army volunteers will either try to (1) deliver a free frozen or hot meal to the client or (2) refer the person to a local Meals on Wheels program.

Children can often get free snacks during the summer or vacations from the Salvation Army. Both pantries and soup kitchens may offer this form of assistance. It is not only for those who are at a summer camp that the Salvation Army runs, but the programs are generally open to anyone. The free snacks or even boxes of nutritious food can help battle hunger for children that rely on the USDA school lunch program. There are often also free meals as well as snacks for kids at the Salvation Army run summer camps.

Free holiday meal services

The Salvation Army administers a number of holiday assistance programs, including free hot meals from soup kitchens and holiday food boxes. In fact, this is when most of their services are in highest demand. The Christmas and Thanksgiving season in particular can be difficult for many families. Not only may a low income household struggle financially, but many people are also lonely during the holidays. It is also a challenging time for those in poverty trying to pay for meals or the disabled or seniors who live on a fixed income.

Free meal services are widely available during the various holidays, including emergency programs. In addition, the Salvation Army food pantries may also give out boxes of groceries during this timeframe. The soup kitchens and Salvation Army social services tend to serve the following meals around the holidays. It is always recommended to call in advance for locations and hours, as some of these holiday programs are run in partnership with other groups in the communities.





  • Easter – This is not as common to be served, but some centers give free Easter baskets for kids, candy, sweets, and more. A meal, when offered, is usually at lunchtime.
  • Thanksgiving – Almost every Salvation Army center serves free Thanksgiving meals with turkeys, vegetables, deserts, and all the sides.
  • Free Christmas meals – The Salvation Army will usually serve these around the holiday. Kids can get small toys and the entire family a free, hot Christmas lunch or dinner with all the toppings.

Salvation Army soup kitchens and feeding sites near you

No matter where you live, what state, county, or city, the vast majority of Salvation Army centers, including those near you, serve free meals to the needy. They combine that service with other social services, including applications to food stamp benefits, free groceries from a pantry, and other hunger prevention programs. Call or stop by a Salvation Army soup kitchen or social service office near you.









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By Jon McNamara

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