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Financial assistance from Salvation Army in North Carolina.

The Salvation Army in North Carolina offers emergency help for low income families, the homeless and struggling individuals. There is everything from rent help to free school supplies, winter coats, Christmas toys, and financial assistance for electric or other bills. Or get free gas vouchers, transitional housing and other support. Find help from the Salvation Army near you in NC.

There are a few dozen centers located across North Carolina, most of which have Family Stores, food banks and give emergency financial assistance. Find information below on the social services they offer. Or learn where to apply for money from the Salvation Army in NC to help paying bills, crisis management, and other aid. Since resources are limited, the non-profit will focus on those who are so called most at risk, which is low income families with children, seniors citizens, and people facing a crisis.

Apply for financial help for bills from the NC Salvation Army

Emergency assistance from the Salvation Army may be provided to North Carolina families. Some of the support is financial, and other resources may be more material in nature. The Salvation Army may be able to offer some or all of the resources below if you are faced with a crisis. While funding is limited and not everyone will be able to qualify for help, families or individuals in need should call their local center to get more information or to apply.

  • Housing programs from the Salvation Army in North Carolina, including help with rent and/or mortgage payments.
  • Financial assistance with paying utility, light, electric or energy bills. This includes to help stop a shut off.
  • Free food for families, including pantries and help in applying for government assistance like TANF or WIC There are also soup kitchens at Salvation Army locations in NC.
  • Medical help such as prescription medication vouchers and referrals to clinics.
  • Free clothing, including free diapers, winter jackets and year round items. However there is an emphasis on work and school clothes as well as supplies for students.
  • Transportation assistance, including free gas or help for car repairs. Some Salvation Army centers in NC also give free vouchers for a car.
  • Many other free basic need programs operate, and they offer help in a crisis. Find more details on Salvation Army and other charities free items and household stuff.




Resources are always stretched thin, and every Salvation Army center across North Carolina will have different requirements that need to be met by applicants before providing such assistance. Many of the social services and emergency assistance programs also give priority to families with children, the elderly, and disabled in the state.

North Carolina Salvation Army help with transportation. The assistance may be offered on a very limited basis. From time to time someone may need free gas to get to a job interview or doctor appointment, or repair a car to make it to work, and this is where the Salvation Army in North Carolina may be able to help. There are free as well as cheap vehicle repairs for low-income families. More on cheap auto repair near you.

  • Any type of transportation is limited, is for addressing an emergency only, and it needs to help the client meet self-sufficiency goals, such help them get to a job. Volunteers may be able to drive someone, or centers may distribute vouchers for free gasoline. Call your center for details.

Across North Carolina are Hope & Family Homeless Shelters. These centers can provide free food, meals and emergency or short term transitional housing to women, families, or men in need. There are also Salvation Army shelters for veterans in NC. In addition to the short term housing, underlying this program is the goal of identifying the various causes of homelessness. Social workers and case managers will work to alleviate or eliminate homelessness at its source.

  • The Salvation Army in North Carolina also feeds people in the shelter. They may offer groceries, toiletries, and even snacks for children. The goal is to stop hunger, including among the very poor and homeless. There are many food banks in North Carolina.

North Carolina Salvation Army thrift stores - These centers rely on donations of household goods, food, and clothing from the community. All items sold are second hand and will be a bargain for low-income families and people living check to check in NC. The Family Stores have employed staff and volunteers and the support of the general public.

  • Salvation Army Family Stores provide those and other goods at low cost for people that truly need it in the community. The thrift stores also allow individuals a place to get information and guidance as they work towards self-sufficiency.





Seasonal Assistance, including free stuff at Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas – An array of holiday assistance programs are administered throughout the state of North Carolina. This type of holiday support from the Salvation Army includes offering assistance for the holidays, which can include free food for the holidays, toys and gifts for children, assistance with paying utilities during the colder winter months, and much more. Many centers provide hot Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, and baskets around Easter. Resources like that and much more, are distributed to the less fortunate during the holidays.

Salvation Army locations in NC help students and adults get the supplies they need for school. Kids from grade 0 to 12 can get backpacks, school clothes or uniforms, book bags, shoes and more. Adults too can get free educational stuff, ranging from a desk at home to a laptop or desktop computer. The free school supplies and backpacks in NC from the Salvation Army are seasonal in nature, with applications in the summer or fall.

Salvation Army guidance and self-sufficiency

Self-sufficiency and personal development is offered from these housing programs. Clients will be able to participate in various programs and workshops such as credit repair, budgeting, and job training. The Salvation Army tries to help clients transition into a more permanent housing situation or new apartments.

Salvation Army social workers in North Carolina also help with stuff needed for self-sufficiency. Whether an adult needs free clothes for work (or a job interview) or access to technology, assistance is offered. This includes information on getting a computer, furniture for an office, or high speed internet access, including from the government. Many resources are offered, and locate free internet connections for a job.

Locations of NC Salvation Army centers

There are Salvation Army Family Services and thrift stores in most counties. More information is below by county as well as by town.




There are other Salvation Army social service programs and thrift stores in NC as well. Use the search bar at the bottom of the page or in the Navigation bar to find a local near you for help.


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