Buncombe County and Asheville Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Asheville branch of the Salvation Army is committed to assisting families with gaining self-sufficiency, can develop and encourage people, and build healthy relationships. So they administer both short term assistance (such as food, money for rent and housing) while case managers work with clients on mid to long term stability. Some of the financial aid is offered directly by the Salvation Army centers in Buncombe County and other resources are provide by referrals or partnerships with other agencies.

Thrift or family stores are available for the general public in the Asheville/Buncombe region. The Salvation Army centers rely on the community. People can bring them donations of household goods and clothing. Hundreds of individuals and businesses from the community usually help over the course of the year. Many others volunteer to work at the store. These thrift stores rely upon all of that as well as employed staff and the support of the general public. All proceeds on the sale of goods from these stores are used to fund social services and financial assistance programs across the greater Asheville North Carolina area.

Buncombe County has two main facilities that serve as family stores. They allow people to purchase gently used goods. Or donate to the stores if you can. Contributions will help the organization “Do the Most Good” in the county. The Salvation Army will gladly accept gently used clothing (in any condition except wet), used furniture, housewares, unsoiled mattresses, school supplies, Christmas toys and just about anything else. All of your gifts will be tax-deductible.

Those who shop there come from all backgrounds, ages, and income levels. Sales on the goods are offered too at certain days of the week. For example, many goods are sold half off their regular, already discounted price. There are also senior discounts and more at these thrift stores. If the locations do not have what is needed, then find additional thrift stores to shop at.





Several other social services and emergency assistance programs are offered. The Salvation Army of Asheville North Carolina runs additional programs and resources for the low income and needy. Everything offered is designed to restore broken lives and develop stronger, self-sufficient families. Other services provided can include character building programs for youth, community-building and fellowship for adults, music training, summer camps, and more.

Housing assistance, including short term shelters, are available. Preventing homeless and supporting those with no place to go is always one of the objectives of any Salvation Army center, regardless of your state. The sites can provide someone with a place to stay for a night. In addition, clients can receive case management and other advice. This includes information on and access to Transitional Housing programs.

Those who are staying in a transitional housing unit or apartment can enroll into classes and workshops for life skills, job training, budgeting, and more. Housing and shelters will also provide a free, hot meal or information on longer term public support to those staying there. There are a number in the Asheville as well as western Carolina region. Learn more on transitional housing for the homeless and how they operate.

However the focus is always on homeless prevention. The Buncombe County community and the Salvation Army would rather people not need to go into a shelter. So if you are behind on your rent or facing eviction, call the Salvation Army to see if they can provide you with funds for paying housing costs. Contact them well in advance so you allow enough time to apply and have your situation reviewed. Or maybe landlord/tenant mediation may be offered.




Locations of Salvation Army in Buncombe County

Several centers and thrift stores are open in the region. For more information on the assistance programs and social services offered by The Salvation Army of Asheville, call 828-253-4723. Or stop by the Arden Family/Thrift Store. This is at 2247 Hendersonville Road. Another option is the Asheville Family Store at 91 New Leicester Highway.


By Jon McNamara

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