Cumberland and Robeson area Salvation Army assistance programs.

Low income families across the southern part of North Carolina can get help from the Salvation Army. Centers are located across the region, including in Cumberland, Robeson, Hoke, and nearby counties. Both short term, emergency assistance is offered (such as food, emergency rental assistance and housing) as well as longer term support, including case management and referrals to self-sufficiency programs.

A few emergency shelters are set up in the region, including in Fayetteville and Lumberton North Carolina. The centers can usually help almost 100 people. Not only can clients get access to a temporary shelter but other counseling is available to those in need as well. Social workers from the Salvation Army will also direct individuals to services that can help them find permanent housing or apartments in North Carolina. Also get information on security deposit and rental assistance. The Salvation Army shelters continue to fulfill the purpose of providing to the needy.

Christmas assistance programs were created so that every child, infant, senior, and those in nursing homes can experience the joy of the holiday season. Volunteers and the Salvation Army will try to provide a gift during the Christmas Season to anyone who needs it. They partner with non-profit agencies, local businesses in Moore and Cumberland, and they also rely on the generosity of the community.

Some of the Christmas programs include the Angel Tree, Adopt a Family, Christmas Kettles, and the Bill Shaw Fund. They also work closely with the Fayetteville Observer to provide to the community as well. The Salvation Army also is aware of other Christmas assistance from charities, as they are not the only source of free toys, meals, and dinners in the Cumberland County region.




Emergency Services and Financial Assistance is in high demand. Everyday there are low income and poor people faced with the fear of not being able to pay their bills. Thousands of families, including military members and their families, genuinely try to budget money every month but still struggle. Sometimes a child gets sick or other unexpected expenses arise, such as a car repair. When your income falls short of the budget, this is where the Salvation Army may be able to help.

Limited amounts of cash and grants are offered from the Emergency Services Department. This can include money for pay rent, cooling and energy bills, and other costs. Basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing assistance can be provided.





Senior citizens and the elderly can benefit from the League of Mercy. Assisting the so called forgotten often includes the ill and elderly in the community, including Robeson and Scotland County. Volunteers and staff from the League of Mercy visit local nursing homes, hospitals and other institutions. During the Christmas season, visits increase and gifts are distributed to impacted people as well. For people who are alone, patients or shut-ins, the Salvation Army League of Mercy provides them with a beacon of light and hope.

Disaster Relief Services are offered by the local Moore County and Fayetteville centers, as well as nationally. Major disasters can affect thousands of North Carolina people at one time (such as a hurricane) while small disasters (such as a house fire) are equally devastating to those families involved.

The Salvation Army will assist victims and also responders/emergency workers. A fleet of vehicles and volunteers are ready to mobilize to the site. They can set up a self generated mobile feeding canteen, provide food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies,. Or get referrals and short term shelter. Much more may be provided during a disaster as well.

The CARE Program is for victims of domestic violence and abused women in Cumberland. It will also help their families out of unsafe and serious situations. The innovative program provides a safe environment to women and their children so that they can get back on their feet through classes, employment opportunities, life skills training, free counseling and more.

Step-Up Semi Independent Living is a local program that was created in an effort to assist homeless men. Social workers will partner with them in an effort to reduce their public and government dependency. Assistance is offered to help them succeed in personal goals. The Independent Living program provides classes, counseling, information on job training, life skills training, and helps people obtain necessary housing.




Community Centers in Cumberland, Moore, Robeson, and Hoke County support the youth and at risk students. It can offer them Education, Recreation & Sports, an after-school care, computer lab, and other guidance. Another resource is the Kids 2 Kamp Summer Camping Experience. The program is for many low income North Carolina residents.

Feeding Assistance Programs, including soup kitchens and pantries, are available. Everyday, countless caring hands of volunteers from the greater Cumberland County area carefully prepare The Salvation Army’s Love Lunch. This will provide the needy and low income with a free, hot mid-day meal. It is currently being served at the Alexander Street location in Fayetteville NC. A dinner may also occasionally be served too. In addition, a pantry can provide groceries and canned goods to the community, as resources allow.

Local Salvation Army centers in southern North Carolina

The thrift stores and emergency services are offered from the following locations. It is recommended to call for an appointment. A formal application process will be following for anyone seeking financial help or even advice.

  • 220 E Russell St., Fayetteville, North Carolina, (910) 483-8119
  • 3621 Sycamore Dairy Rd, Fayetteville, NC, call (910) 764-1041 for information and intake.
  • 575 SE Broad St., Southern Pines, NC, phone (910) 725-1054
  • Center at 305 S Steele St., Sanford, North Carolina. Call (919) 776-2769 for details on financial aid and case management.




By Jon McNamara

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